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What Women Really Think When You Tell Them Not To Cut Their Hair

November 12, 2014
What Women Really Think When You Tell Them Not To Cut Their Hair #PixieCut #ShortHair #ProtectiveStyling

Don’t cut your hair, they say.

You won’t look as cute as you do with long hair, they say.

I say shut up fools! Reinventing yourself can never be wrong. Besides, if it doesn’t look good, I can just uninstall this fierce pixie cut. Yep, I sure did spill all my hair tea. This is nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned quick weave. I didn’t cut my natural hair, but folks still got their panties in a bunch at the near thought of me wearing shorter hair.  

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When you baby haters start telling women not to cut their hair, you’re usually doing one of two things: 

1. projecting your own personal fears of change on said woman that’s about to cut her hair 

2. exhibiting a smidgen of baby jealousy (you’ve always had) towards said person about to cut their hair

It may even be both. Here’s what [strong] women really are thinking when you start spewing that crazy talk out of your mouth:

They Say: You’ll look like a mom! 
We Think: Welp, I am a mom…a hot one at that! Besides, didn’t you get the memo that I’m a MILF? 

They Say: It won’t fit your face. 
We Think: Well that 22 inch indian hair weave has never fit properly on your head. Have you heard me complain about your “set up” looking weave?!?

They Say: Men like long hair.
We Think: If a man is disinterested solely because of my hair, he isn’t the man for me. He’s probably the man for YOU!

They Say: You want to cut your hair, you must be going through something.
We Think: Yeah, AND?!?!?! Who isn’t going through something? I just want to try something different.

They Say:You’ll look like a dude.
We Think: Hunty, I will NEVER look like a dude! EVER! 

What Women Really Think When You Tell Them Not To Cut Their Hair #PixieCut #ShortHair #ProtectiveStyling

hair: outre indian tara (2 packs)  // lipstick: nyx mls19 euro trash matte lipstick // lip liner: nyx 809 mahogany lip liner // concealer: nuance front + center concealer and brightener // foundation: nuance mineral foundation // mascara: nyx za za zu fiber infused luscious volume 

It’s true, a lot of women do cut their hair off as they age. Mothers frequent this look a lot too, and I totally get why.

Look closer at my first image (above). I could only snap a picture while my son (on the left) was napping. I can’t even use the restroom in peace, without these kids banging on the bathroom door screaming for me. So you know doing my hair and looking halfway decent is a complete luxury. Less maintenance, like this cute weaved pixie cut (cutting your natural hair may be more work on a daily), is highly desired.

People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out. -Warren Bennis

Ladies, don’t wait until you’re 50 to reinvent yourself and try something new. Live life on your own terms and not someone else’s opinions. If you’ve been secretly lusting over shorter hair, try it. Flip the bird to anyone, including yourself, that stands in your way!

What’s your hair cutting story? What would be your answers to the “They Say/We Think” exercise above? Have you ever been the baby hater telling folks to not cut their hair? Or are you the type to cultivate reinvention for all?

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  • Iris Kirkland

    I love this! Short hair works for you. So did you cut it yourself or it came cut? I am ready to get this pixie cut for the winter to protect my on hair.

    • Marie Young

      Sorry it took me so long to respond. I didn’t catch this comment in my cue!

      It came layered in the packaging. All I did was lay the tracks. All my hard work was already done with the hair. I snipped a lil near my side burns and edges, but that’s it. Did you ever try it for winter?

      • Iris Kirkland

        I am always nervous to wear wigs. I am not sure why. But when I saw this I thought maybe I can rock it.

  • Kristen @ PBUrbanistas

    Girl, this cut is FABULOUS! I wish I could pull it off. I might give this weaved look a try though…

    • Marie Young

      Girl, we in the same city now! Come sit in my chair…I got you!

  • Reginia Cordell

    I think people should wear their hair in a way that suits them; long, short, or in between. Short hair rocks for some people, like my sister. She looks fantastic with it. I’ve seen so many sleek short styles and heard equally antiquated comments. Some people really think that in order to be a “woman” one must have long hair.

    • Marie Young

      Yes they do. I can remember my dad KEEPING in the beauty salon at the tender age of 10 to keep my crop looking decent. We [the world] must do better!

  • shacs

    Love it and the cut looks great on you! If you wouldn’t have mentioned you were wearing a quick weave, I would have never known. I chopped my hair to go natural right after getting a relaxer and my family that I literally lost my mind, I got clowned for a few months until my hair grew out to a reasonable length; some felt I looked like one of my drug addicted relatives and others thought I resembled a little boy. Now that my hair has some great length to it, they suggest I go short. SMH.

    • Marie Young

      GIrrrrrrrrrrl, your folks is WRONG for that! Peoples opinions though #thestruggle.

  • The Chic SAHM

    That look is so pretty on you! I have cut my hair several times over the years. When I was pregnant with my first baby I was inspired by Solange and did a buzz cut. It was so fierce and helped me immediately embrace my natural beauty. I’m all about a short ‘do or a bangin’ weave. Gotta do what works for you!

    • Marie Young

      A buzz cut??????? WOW! That is bold girl. Embracing your natural beauty is no easy task, but once accomplished, it’s so rewarding! Good for you girly. Thanks for stopping by my dear!

  • Diana

    I cut my hair Halle Berry circa Boomerang length 5 years ago and never looked back. I was 24 and of course people thought I was crazy. Particularly for “haters” who say that short hair will make you look like a dude, TUH! Most of the compliments I get about my hair come from men. And honestly, I’ve never felt more womanly than when I cut it; which may seem odd but there’s just something about being able to see & admire the face without the distraction of hair. Rock on with your newly cropped hair and enjoy it! :-)

    • Marie Young

      I hate the whole dude comment. Absolutely HATE IT. Like what dude as all these curves and grace? I love your strength mama. Pass it on to someone else reading!

  • Jass

    You look great with short hair. Different but very sexy. It’s funny you mentioned that women cut their hair as they age because I first cut my hair when I was 13 and wore it short since then but rocked weaves off and on, of course I love my weaves. Now, I’m growing my hair out to try something different since I’m natural now. Reinventing yourself is a part of life; we don’t live life to find ourselves, we live to create ourselves, which is ten times the fun!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you Jass! I can’t get enough of weaves. They’re so much fun, as long as I can go back to that oh so sweet natural! Thanks for stopping by love!

  • MsCareyLee

    Listen to me, you look gorgeous and I know you know this because look at all that face :) Love the look girl! FIERCE *snaps fingers*

    What’s life without change? Mi like it.


    • Marie Young

      Thank you sweets! What is life w/o change?!?!? Nothing AT ALL!

  • Mylah Stanton

    When I cut my waist length hair off a few years ago, you would have thought I committed a crime! I pushed through the negativity and the “homicide investigations” and embraced those comments that were positive! Now, I’m growing my hair out because I want to…not because of what people said. :-) Bonus: I know I can pull off short hair!

    • Marie Young

      Folks be tripping. People act as though change is an absolute crime?!?!?

      Grow it girl, grow it!

  • Charlotte Betts

    I loved reading this lol! So true! And I, much like Dre who commented, cut my hair in the early 90’s to resemble Pam from Total! I think it’s good to switch up once in a while! Great post mama! xoxo

    • Marie Young

      Pam was/is the absolute ISH! “sitting homeeeee thinking of youuuuuuuu” ahahahaha. I miss that girl group! It’s always good to do the ol’ switch-a-roo on em’. ALWAYS! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kurves

    You own this hairdo Ms. Marie and wear it so darn good. I hear this from my family anytime I get a shorter cut or even when I wash my hair and brush it down smooth. . . “You look manly”. HELLO. . .a man does not have these curves and this sass!! Enjoy your Life.

    • Marie Young

      You took the words (a man does not have these curves and this sass), sans the “s” in sass)! LOL. Folks be all trippin way too hard and need to know to start having several seats!

  • Baby Shopaholic

    I love the short hair on you! I’m thinking about a big chop!

    • Marie Young

      I feel like I’ve seen yours short before. Haven’t you cut it once? Either way, I know it will look good on you. I haven’t seen a style or hairstyle that didn’t look fierce on you! DO IT!

    • Bernetta

      Do it Trina!!
      Marie I think it’s cute! I rock a short quick weave often! It’s cute and easy! Love them! Love is post too!

      • Marie Young

        Thank you Bernetta! You know I’ve been peeping’ your short do for some time now. You truly are the inspiration! #fearless

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Well, you slayed this look! ALL the way! Go girl! Love the look on you.

    • Marie Young

      Thanks sis!

  • Dre Davis

    Aww man. I’ve heard all of these! I cut my hair in high school (trying to look like Pam from Total lol) and again after having my oldest child (and folks swore I must have been losing it). I tell folks all the time IT’S JUST HAIR. Seems like no matter if it’s short, long, wavy, relaxed, natural, or weaved up, somebody’s gonna have something to say. I say, it’s your hair, do what you want! BTW, I’m loving your shorty ‘do!

    • Marie Young

      Well thank you! I say the exact same too! I appreciate you stopping by and giving your two cents love!

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