When Your Mind Politely Asks You To ‘Lose Yourself’, Comply

Let’s start this reading off with a small quiz, and do yourself a favor, be brutally honest.

When you’re driving in the car and your favorite song comes on, what do you do?

A) Gently tap the wheel and lip sync along to the lyrics
B) Light twerk-age in your seat, until the next driver pulls up
C) Turn up the music, full on theatrical face, and you do what you can to pull off your best Justin Timberlake [back in his NSYNC days] moves; at least as much as you can do within the confines of your seat belt.

Ok, hold on to your answer and keep reading…


The realities that we’ve managed to create for ourselves are, to say the least, dismal. Work, traffic, unnecessary dumb-ass meetings, the silly processes within processes, making sure your ‘representative’ is perfectly prim and proper, and the world’s uncanny ability to require a sense of political correctness to just about everything, has the tendency to make life, well, a bit tiring, not to mention unbearable!

I never really put into perspective how I’ve always been the girl who was never afraid to drop it like it’s hot, found enjoyment spitting bars with my homegirls on the phone when we were bored, or had the tendency to take a girls’ night out super seriously; disowning any female in the crew who took it upon herself to be a wallflower [#YouCantSitWithUs].   


Taking the time to unplug, what I like to refer to as ‘loosing yourself’, is very important business. Your energy and spirit depend on it. Yes, we have an obligation to operate within the ‘realities’ of this world, but you do yourself a disservice by not giving your mind, body, and spirit what it needs to heal and restore from the harshness of this world.

In fact, historically laughter, song, and dance have all proven to have immense healing effects on our mood. Who knew that my burning desire to perfect my twerk has a direct connection with restoring my energy, balance an emotional state?!?!?  

When Your Mind Politely Asks You To 'Lose Yourself', Comply

From Native Americans partaking in the Hopi dance, helping them to restore their personal harmony to the Zar ritual dance in the Middle East, helping women connect and share knowledge through dance – or loosing yourself – has proven to renew balance in women since the beginning of time. Why go against history? 

You wonder why so many women are flocking to twerk studios and taking group pole dancing lessons, and it’s not just the weight-loss benefits either! I know you’re gasping, wondering how dare I compare traditional ritualistic song and dance with ass-clapping and gyrating. Get your nose out the air and remember that twerking is NOT a new concept. Since the beginning of time gyrating has been a dance of choice, the only difference now-a-days is what we wear while shaking our money makers. However, that’s another blog post for another day.


IF YOU ANSWERED A: If we met in real life, we wouldn’t be friends!  I imagine that you’re the chick that’s more worried about how you’re perceived – like all the time – than about your own happiness. You’re the wallflower in the club, you don’t even realize that your resting bitch face is permanently on, and is constantly offending people. Remember, you receive the same energy that you put out into the world. 


IF YOU ANSWERED B: You’re on the right track, but you’ve got to stop minimizing your spirit and your energy. You’re probably one of those people that totally loses it, in your mind, however, when your favorite song comes on, if you’re not in the confines of your shower, where your lip syncing is usually done, you’re slightly worried about what others think of your Mariah Carey voice.

IF YOU ANSWERED C: Girl, you totally get the bigger picture. Life is too short to not allow yourself to experience EVERY experience. At any given moment you may break out into full song and dance. Of course you know how to not embarrass yourself, but every chance you get, you may be liable to be found: 1) embarrassing the person standing next to you; 2) getting lost in the experience; and 3) putting your hyena laugh on full display! 

TRUTH IS, this message isn’t only about how often you allow yourself to ‘whip and nae nae’ in these streets, which I FULLY ENDORSE by the way! The bigger takeaway here, allow your body to take over in an effort to help you to restore.

So the next time you hear some Luke come on, don’t turn into a wallflower and “don’t stop, pop that, pop that!” Remember, it’s your cultural duty…

How did you do on the quiz?

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  • Charlotte Betts

    C all the way ! I knew I liked you for a reason. Truth be told , I was A for a long time, reserved and unafraid to unleash the real me, out of fear of “what if the car behind me pulls up and thinks I’m crazy for singing along to Maroon 5 out loud” fear of what people thought of me. Nowadays, I rap (very loudly) when my favorite car comes on ( gansta hand gestures included) and I’m ok with it… Most importantly I’m ok with me! Love this post Mama!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Hahahah, looks like we’ll be doing a car duet sometime soon! Good to know you’re a C. I have high hopes that every woman I come into existence with is a C! I can’t stand having to entertain A’s for longer than a few minutes, they play too much!