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When to Hire A Graphic Designer To Brand Your Blog + Who To Call

When to Hire A Graphic Designer To Brand Your Blog + Who To Call

| On 18, Aug 2014

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When to Hire A Graphic Designer To Brand Your Blog + Who To Call #BloggerGoodz

When I started blogging, I thought I’d just write my thoughts in the visual editor, press submit and BAM, I’d have a million hits in no time.

Yeah, about that…It didn’t quite work out that way and after going through the motions of too many failed attempts at branding my blog myself, I learned one thing. 

Stick To Your Strengths1

So that’s exactly what I did. 

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My site went from this, to this, then this and finally, what you see before you. All I needed was a little direction.  

Running a successful blog comes with a lot of responsibilities, as you probably are learning. Between creating content, figuring out that brand new DSLR you just got and trying to detect which one of those pesky plugins is crashing your website, blogging has the ability to get all too real.

So why even waste your time doing something you’re not the best at it? Why bother when you’re not even good at it? I’m not saying don’t try your hand at some design at some point, but while you’re practicing your blog could be losing readers, even potential sponsors. Weigh the opportunity cost. Make the call.

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Over time, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to share digital time and space with a few of designs leading ladies and if you’re still reading, it’s probably best that you meet them.

So, without any further adieu, here are 5 branding beauties you should be calling to get your blog life all the way right:

1. Kimberly Marie of HNIK Design Boutique

Kimberly is in the business of helping women entrepreneurs build amazing brands, and you know what, I believe her. This girl has been saving some serious souls in these blog streets. Check her resume!

Kimberly also has the good habit of detailing her design process with her current and past clients on her blog, which I love. Reading her blog really helps a potential client let their guard down and get a good feel of how her mind works.

After you get your blog branded by Kim, be sure to keep Kim's blog bookmarked because she has loads of beginning blogger and Wordpress tips to keep you in the know!


2. Darin of Darin Michelle

If I could explain Darin's style in one word it would be POP. I know you're looking at the screen like what in the world is this chick saying?!?!  

Yes, I said POP and I mean POP because everything that Darin spits out of her mind and creates has just the POP you and your brand will need. She's a fresh, out-of-the-box type spirit and it shows in her work. 

Darin specializes in website theme customization, print design, branding and merchandise design for a blog or company.

Darin also offers tons of resources to beginning bloggers and she definitely isn't greedy, as she offers tons of cool freebies to help keep your blog POPPIN'!


3. Laura Providence of The Native New Yawker

Get this! Laura will critique your website before you even fork over any cash. Don't believe me? She details all her blog critiques on her blog for the world to see. So if you're shy and don't want to be "constructively" put on blast then need not apply, just hire her!

Laura also has a serious blog action planner/calendar that is clearly meant for blog champions and a host of blogger resources that any smart blogger knows better than to live without. 


4. Kimberly Merilus of Design Her Goods

Kimberly is nothing short of amazing! She's helped to rebrand and build a slew of top quality sites such as Charlamange The GodAll The Many LayersTwenties Unscripted and even yours truly. She's got talent for days!

Since I've had the pleasure of working with Kimberly, I'd love to remind you all that she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I didn't have to ask for ANYTHING. Kimberly was on her A-Game throughout our entire transaction, which I must say was such a relief!


5. Tiffani of Tiffani Ink

Tiffani is seriously a jack of all trades. You could probably go to her with any creative request and she's going to come back with something of value that will help your blog grow. 

What I love most about Tiffani is if you're one of those bloggers that is on the cusp of transitioning your blog from just a hobby to a full fledged business, Tiffani has the experience to get you from point A to point B. She has no shortage of experience working with small, mid-size and large businesses alike.

Tiffani specializes in graphic design, web development, blog design, illustrations, print design and case studies. Don't believe she's the absolute truth? See for yourself!


img source: toffblog

When did you decide to brand/rebrand your blog and how did it go? If any of these queens spruced up your site, go ahead and add the link to your site in the comments!


Marie Young

I am all about experience, travel, good living and enjoying life!
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  • Kristen | PBU

    This is so helpful. I DIY’ed our whole blog to start off, but I know that my specialty lies only in the basics of web design. Right now I’m just focused on producing great content that I love, and seeing how well it benefits our target readership. We’re in the beginner stages of blogging, but I hope that it grows. When that day arrives to transform it into something greater, I’ve already got my eye on Kimberly Luxe especially. Checking out the rest of these ladies here as well… so many talented resources!!

    xo, Krist |

    • Marie Young

      Hahahahah, girl go ahead, DIY away! Your focus is right on target. Content is always KING (well, QUEEN with the absence of a king in our case). If you’re in the beginning stages, you’re really in a good place, because your blog looks FAB!

  • Robin Hardeman

    Kim is professional and quite knowledgeable about blogging and technology!

    • Marie Young

      Yes, yes she is! Thanks for your two cents. Much appreciated!

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    All great people to feature, but of course I’m biased when it comes to Kim! Love love love her, and so grateful to her for designing my blog.

    • Marie Young

      Hahahah you can be biased! She’s a doll!

  • afroniquely | shae

    Wow! How did I miss this? Great post!! Hoping soon in the future I can be added to the who to call list for design :)

    • Marie Young

      Reply with your link(s)! Thanks for stopping by and reading too!

      • afroniquely | shae

        They can visit my blog for now ( as I designed that and it’s graphics (logo, etc)

        My portfolio site is getting a revamp and should be back by end of Aug. A few of my work can be seen however on my fb page (

        And thanks, it’s always fun coming over here and reading through :)

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    YAY let’s here it for the brown girl creatives making beautiful things! While I love experimenting and making my own graphic goods, I would rather paint…so yeah I need to sell more paintings so I can hire a pro to help me get my entire VIRTUAL life real soon.

    • Marie Young

      Hhahahaha and your paintings are delightful too. You’re are one of the most creative chicks I know! #DestinedForSuccess

  • Courtney

    I read a quote from the founder of Spanx. She said something along the lines of, “As soon as you get money, hire out what you don’t well.” For me, I personally like learning about blog design, but if I didn’t or wasn’t interested, I’d pay someone for it. No shame in that!

    • Marie Young

      Personally, I like to learn about design too. But I don’t want to always put my design failures online for my readers too see hahahah.

      But that spanx lady is right though. Sometimes you just have to outsource things. This for me was one of them!

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your two cents!

  • kita

    I hired someone when I started because I knew it was going to be a mess. The hubs could build them from scratch but never got into the business, until recently so now I can get him to do sites. I call it pimping the hubs lol. I knew of Kim and will check the rest out.

    • Marie Young

      Girl you have you a cool lil setup with the hubs. I love it when you can crack the whip on the significant other. hahahah #giveandtake

  • VeePeeJay

    Love this post. I wish someone told me all this stuff when first started back in 2009 lol. But it has been fun figuring it out. I “rebranded” in May of this year but I’m a work in progress. I still have lots to do after a botched job which led me to the DIY lane lol, gotta get my coins right :) Love Kim. I’m also familiar with the other ladies. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Marie Young

      Girl, me too! I needed to hear it. I just got tired of seeing all this super awesome blogs and mine looking like “who did it???” LOL.

      I saw your redesign and I loved it. Sux to know it was botched though. I hope things are better for you now! And yes, get them coins IN ORDER boo (I’m on the same mission)!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • L.

    You are seriously too sweet. Thank you for the shout out. I really appreciate it. ;)

    • Marie Young

      You’re so welcome. It’s well deserved my queen! Keep up the good work. I SEE YOU!

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