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// G O O D L O O K N O U T // | April 7, 2014

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GLO's Weekly GOODS Vol.1 - // G O O D L O O K N O U T //

GLO’s Weekly GOODS Vol.1
Marie Young

Week of October 26, 2012 – November 2, 2012


MANOIR COLORE Giveaway by Simply Cyn

First, please know that you WILL be competing against me for this $100 Manoir Colore giveaway. The clothes are just way too cute to pass up.

Cynthia from Simply Cyn gives you a window into the mind of Manoir Colore’s creator Bayi de Souza as well as uniquely displaying her newly created Etsy site.

My favorite item from the Manoire Colore collection is the Le Jupe Corail skirt. I just love the colors. I hope I win the giveaway but if I don’t win then I hope a GLO reader wins. Good Luck!

Oia Jules Etsy Store

After leaving the Manoir Colore collection on Etsy, I found Oia Jules, which sells cute jewelry. I fell in love with the Chunky Gold Chain Link Bracelet with Black Agate.

The best part… the bracelet sells for a mere $35. I’m sure that it’s gold plated but it’s a signature piece that you could wear for special occasions and it could last a pretty long time. Long enough to get your $35 out of it, and some!

Good Chatter

Dear Annoying Ass Co-worker… by What Rose Redd Said

I love, love, love me some Rochelle, founder of What Rose Redd Said.I love her blog so much I’ve even referred to her previous articles on GoodLooknOut. However, her latest article titled “Dear Annoying Ass Co-Worker” takes the cake!

I almost pissed my pants after reading her not-so-nice remarks to her “good ol boy” annoying coworker! If this article doesn’t make your day… then your missing a funny gene or something LOL.


Wild Sunshine Bliss

I love my natural hair and lately I’ve been hell bent on learning as much as I can on keeping my hair healthy and natural. So, during my usual natural hair googling sessions I ran across the Wild Sunshine Bliss You Tube Channel.

Her hair texture is absolutely amazing and she has so many video’s offering a wide selection of natural hair styles (98 videos to be exact). After watching a few video’s I headed over to her web site, which is equally informative for us naturalista’s out here. What’s your favorite You Tube station for hair tutorials?

If you want to contribute your article, post or website for GLO’s Weekly Reads, please feel free to send me the link directly by clicking here!

What were some interesting reads you found this week? Don’t be shy.. place a link in the comments section. With GLO sharing is caring! LOL

  • Rochelle Sodipo Washington

    Marie! You are lovely like no student loan debt! Thanks so much for including me in your post!

    • MarieYoung

      Of course girly! I love that sense of humor. Don’t key anymore cars girl hahahaha

  • mamaviolet

    I entered too! I will let you and Tori borrow my winnings. :)

    • MarieYoung

      Hahahah @Mamaviolet! Let’s just see about that :)

  • Tori

    Jesus told me to enter.. he also told me to tell you not to be mad when I win.. That is all… LMAO!!! LOVE THIS!!!

    • MarieYoung

      First, tell Jesus I said ‘Whats UP!’ and that we will be chatting soon. Secondly, *hands rubbing together* I love a lil’ friendly competition!

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    Rochelle is a hot mess, but in a good way. She is just as funny off line too!

    • MarieYoung

      Yes she is Dee Dee! Gotta love her… Ummmm can you get your site up, like…. NOW?!?!?!?

      • Miss Foodie Fab

        LOL! I saw your comment on Kim’s blog. It’s almost ready.

        • Marie Young

          Geez… *hands thrown up in air*

        • MarieYoung

          Geez…”hands thrown up in air*

  • FASHION du jour


    • MarieYoung

      LOL… Yes, me too! I hope I win…