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8 Weave Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Natural Hair Grow

July 7, 2014
8 Weave Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Natural Hair Grow

I’m one of those naturals who will wear a weave. Yes, a super duper long, 20 inch, 100% Indian hair weave. Yes, it’s true, and guess what?!?!? You naysayers will deal!

I love it when folks are like “Marie your hair grew so much! How did it grow so much?” It’s a miracle people. The weave gods came down and bestowed favor upon my head. LOL.

I called myself chopping all my hair off for a cute bob look back in 2007 and it was only through a weave that my hair grow back. 

During this growth phase I adopted the phrase “weave it and leave it” and I’m sharing a few tips that I learned (the hard way) a long the way.

1. Its All In The Braids

Don’t allow just anyone to braid you up for your weave. If the person doesn’t lay your braids just right, then you’re wasting your time and money.

Your hair will not grow if you have some ill-equipped braids under those tracks. For example, braiding your hair into a beehive before you lay your tracks. NOT A GOOD IDEA.

8 Weave Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Natural Hair Grow

First off, you don’t want the braids too large (like what you see above) or your weave will look big and lumpy. Shoot for small to medium size braids to ensure your weave lays as flat as possible.

Also, where the braid ends at the crown of your head, you will notice that it will be hard to wash because of it being braided up into that tight circle. That area will be really tight and typically unmanageable during the wash and dry phase or your maintenance routine.
8 Weave Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Natural Hair Grow

It’s important to braid from left to right before you lay those tracks. Why? When you wash your hair you need to be able to get in between the tracks and scrub your scalp in order to ensure your hair is truly clean.

2. A Skull Cap Will Be Your Best Friend While You Sleep

Just like you buy the silk bonnet for your natural hair, you need to protect your weave with something appropriate as well. I use a skull cap similar to this here: 

8 Weave Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Natural Hair Grow

Sweatvac, $16


Wild sleeper? Just tie another silk scarf on top. The skull cap will just keep your weave perfectly wrapped while you sleep. It’s not the most attractive way to go to sleep, but a girl’s certainly has to do what a girls got to do, right?

3. Limit The Heat

Back in the day I used to KILL the pressing comb on my edges. After years of wearing a weave, my hair was long has heck in the back, but looking crackish in the front.

Please don’t feel like you have to straighten your hair every single day. If your hair is coarse, then you have to get creative with your styling techniques. Try rocking large curls, cute scarfs or lay your edges down with some hair wax. 

4. If It’s Packaged Hair, Leave It Alone Because It’s Probably Not 100% Real Hair

How many of you bought some alleged “human hair” from the beauty supply and after a few days it looked like there was a permanent hair ball on the side of your neck ?!?!? Stop lying! It happened to me too.  

Usually, to get that AUTHENTIC human hair you will end up buying it by the ounce and not prepackaged. Here’s where I buy my hair!  

If it says remi, brazillian, or malaysian chances are it’s laced with synthetic hair and you’ll be seeing that pesky “hair ball” in your near future. Beware ladies!

5. Buy A Diffuser

Never heard of a diffuser? It looks like this: 

8 Weave Maintenance Tips That Will Help Your Natural Hair Grow

You place it on the end of your hair dryer and while you’re blow drying your hair it will ensure that it’s completely dry. It’s typically used to define someones curls, but it will get your tracks dry and quickly!

Anytime you wash your hair or after an intense workout make sure that you thoroughly blow dry your hair to ward off that darn mildew-ish smell. 

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT just let your weave air dry, under ANY circumstances. Girl, people can smell that mess. It’s not a good look!

6. Don’t Leave It In Too Long

When I used to do weaves I used to be amazed at how long girls would leave their weaves in. Some upwards of 8 to 9 months. That’s NOT ok. Personally, I cannot and will not leave my weave in for any longer than 4 months. Even at 4 months, I’m having mental battles of me wanting to take it out,  however knowing that I’d miss my faux tresses!

You do not want mini dreadlocks in there, plus when your hair grows and the tracks are dragging to the floor it will hurt your hair more than help!

7. Trim Your Hair After Every Weave

I know you’re happy that you have some new growth after rocking that cute weave, but trust me you’re going to need to trim it. Our hair grows at it’s own pace and usually it grows uneven. S

Don’t be one of those girls walking around with 5 inches of split ends. Take care of your hair!

8. Let Your Hair Breathe

After every weave allow your hair to breathe for a couple of weeks. Three weeks minimum! 

I hope these tips will help your weave wearing this summer. They’ve certainly helped me over the years.

I promise if you stay true to these weave maintenance techniques, you’re natural hair will not be affected while you’re rocking your weave. Scouts honor!

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to taking selfies with my cutie pie son Joey! 

I know you’ve got some weave wearing tips you can share! Don’t be stingy. Please share with the rest of us! What hairstyle will you be rocking this summer?

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  • Tarah-Lynn

    These tips are so true! I do the same thing. Weave it and leave it. My hair grows pretty quickly but sew ins processes it even further. I haven’t heard of the skull cap but I will buy!

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for stopping by Tarah! I’ll check out your website soon!

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  • Robin Hardeman

    I just got tried my first full sew-in for my birthday. These are great tips I’ll keep in mind if I try it again. Thanks for sharing!

    • Marie Young

      Did you like it? I still have mine in. I’ve got a ton of new growth!!

  • Valla

    These are great tips. I wear weaves from time to time but this go round I just haven’t found the right person to not just install but also knows about natural hair too.

    • Marie Young

      I’ve started to rely on myself for my natural hair needs. Thank goodness for natural hair blogs! I used to braid and weave hair so I’m lucky enough to know when someone is trying to pull the “weave wool” over my eyes!

  • Charlotte Betts

    Weaves, they look so good but the way my scalp is set up- No can do. I’m itching to remove ’em the minute I put them in – but this heat has been too much for me to bother doing anything to this short hair! I’m considering giving my hair a break putting in some braids. We shall see. BTW that sweet boy!!! Swoon- so cute!

    • Marie Young

      Whenever a sentence starts with “the way my ________________ is set up…” I know that I’m going to start BUSTING UP! As I just did. I cannot with you! But, I’m here for it :)

      Yes, weave in the summer that is as long as mine is a risk, but I wanted to take that risk… I just needed something new! Thanks for stopping by lovie!

  • Kurves

    Thanks Big Sis. I have never worn a weave because I can’t style hair worth a damn, therefore I wear my hair very short. . .. .and Joey is too kuute.

    • Marie Young

      TY! Him my babyyyyyyyyy. I want to go short but I’m just too scared. I will do a short weave soon!

  • Joanne_

    I’m currently wearing a weave and another tip would be to make sure you purchase a dry shampoo to actually “wash” the weave, some people also prefer to wash it the regular with water and whatever shampoo but for a girl on the go dry shampoos are the bestest, ESPECIALLY after a workout. Whew, girl! that mildew smell is something horrid, back in the day when I was younger I used to think others couldn’t smell it, little did I know…lol

    • Marie Young

      Hahahahah RIGHT! Then, when you take the weave down and smell them tracks…..NO BUENO! You live and you learn. I know I did!

      Thanks for sharing Joanne!

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