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Is It Safe To Wet My Natural Hair Everyday?

January 26, 2013
Is It Safe To Wet My Natural Hair Everyday?

I started my natural hair journey back in April of 2012. It’s been a long journey and not until recently have I started to feel comfortable about my natural curls.

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One lurking question I’ve had since I began my natural hair journey has been whether or not its safe to wet my hair every day?!?! Not washing my hair, simply rinsing my hair every day.


Is It Safe To Wet My Natural Hair Everyday?

My Routine

Typically, I wear my hair in a curly afro. Because my hair is a coily and springy 4a (find your hair type here), I feel like I have to rinse (completely) and comb my hair everyday. I never seemed to master the pineapple method and my hair gets matted no matter how I wrap it up in my sleep.

After rinsing and combing my hair in the shower I put leave in conditioner and coconut oil to keep it moisturized. I let it air dry then I’m out the door.

Girl, Wet Your Hair as Much As You’d Like!

I searched high and low and I can’t find any reason, for any hair type, to not rinse or wet their hair every single day! Damage isn’t dependent on if you wet your hair daily, it’s how you wet your hair. When completely saturating your hair you have to play close attention to:

  • How you comb through your hair while it’s completely saturated. Most people, like me, like to detangle the hair while it’s wet and by doing this, you can cause a lot of breakage. It’s important to either detangle your hair with an appropriate brush or do like other naturalista’s and finger through their hair gently. Some would say that you should ONLY detangle you’re hair when it’s dry to prevent breakage. I really couldn’t be absolutely sure, but hey I’m sure you could find one of these options suitable for you.



  • How often you’re washing your hair. Don’t wash your hair everyday.Washing your hair daily can strip your hair of the moisturizing oils you need on a everyday basis. Also, women with coarser hair can wash their hair far more than a woman with fine hair.


  • Keeping your hair properly moisturized at all times. If you’re going to rinse/wet your hair on a daily basis it’s important to keep it protected and you can do this by applying a leave-in-conditioner after every rinse.


  • How you dry your hair. When drying your hair with a towel gently pat your hair dry, do not vigorously pat your hair dry. Excessive towel drying can be very abrasive and will eventually lead to breakage.

It took me half a year to figure this out so I hope I catch you early on in your natural hair journey! 

Do you rinse or completely wet your hair everyday before styling? If so, how do you think it’s affected your tresses?

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  • Streets

    Btw U use Obia Curl Moisture Cream and it works great for me

    • Streets

      Oops I meant “I” use that product not “u”

      • Marie Young

        I need to look up that brand! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Streets

    Amen! I’ve recently decided to go natural with my type 3-something hair. it’s currently short and I’ve also never mastered the pineapple business. This morning I decided I’m going to rinse my hair either everyday or every other day as I find it looks much better this way. My one issue with rinsing daily as you will see from the photo is my grey roots which I cover with Natural Instincts every two weeks. That’s one “natural” thing I refuse to accept.

    • Marie Young

      Your curls are marvelous! Girllllll, I love greys. Haven’t yo u heard of the blogger “Gorgeous n Grey”?!?!?! Anyhoo, I do understand though.

  • Lady I

    This Sept 7 made a year that I have been natural. I wet it often in the beginning then I got lazy and now I am working with dry and dead ends. I say water is my hair best friend along with oils.

    • Marie Young

      The operative word =”lazy”. I was the same way! Got to keep them ends oiled and lathered up!

  • Brittany BeBe Gwynn

    Just a couple shots of my hair today (in reference to my hair care comments above)

    • Marie Young

      Ohhhhh NICE! Our curl pattern is a little similar, but I have a TINY bit more kink at the roots! LOL. Thanks for sharing missy! Stay connected with me :)

  • Jen (nai1chronic1es)

    I’m a wash and go aficionado. I use a spray bottle with water and conditioner to moisten my hair daily, washing one a week.

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for sharing!

    • MissOptimistic

      It just seems easier to rewet in the shower. I do have my spray bottle ready to go with conditioner, oils and water. It comes in handy for these hot North Carolina Summers

  • KissyFace

    I’d like to go back to wetting/rinsing/cowashing my hair 5 days per week. I do spritz it often, but to fully wet it is harder for me to do because I forget and I’m pretty busy every day. I also hate styling it so I tend to wear a braid or two, or a bun and leave it for a couple of days at a time. Honestly, I think one day I’m just going to cut it all and wear a short afro. I get tired of medium-legnth hair issues. If my hair was only 2-3 inches long, I could easily cowash and detangle my hair without spending 1-2 hours in the bathroom.

    • Marie Young

      GIRLLLLLL, I can totally relate. I had to stop myself because I was just going to cut it all off the other day. I want this style:

      …so bad! I’m not ballsy enough just yet though!

  • Dorism

    I love to co wash, wet my hair everyday! But I’ve read something on Curly Niki saying the hair swells and cause cracks in the layers and makes the hair weak and easily broken. Is this truth??? My hair’s density has doubled, but I don’t see breakage. Maybe I am, I don’t really know because I’m suffering from protein overload, I don’t know should I continue this practice

    • Marie Young

      If you don’t see breakage then I think you should be ok. Every head is different! If you’re uncomfortable about co-washing everyday, do it every other day and in that skipped day, just moisturize your hair with water spritz, oil and a butter cream. That out to do it!

      Also, so for taking so long to respond to your comment. Some comments seem to slip through the cracks!

  • charlotte.quevedo

    I finger comb my hair as often as necessary when it is dry. Instead of raking if you move the hairs out sideways you can avoid breakage. Ktani Hair Sense Blog explains this. When I wash my hair every three days I comb first with a wooden wide tooth then with a medium tooth comb. I use conditioner to comb my hair because it gives me the slip I need. Another thing is sometimes it is better for the health of your hair to use something that works rather than being strictly on natural products. Pantene detangling spray is great when used with mineral oil. Ktani advised be my email about mineral oil since I had so much breakage. Do braid out’s when your hair is long enough as wash and go’s cause tangling as well. Braiding at night is also a good idea.

    • Marie Young

      All really great tips! Thanks for sharing too.

      Also, so for taking so long to respond to your comment. Some comments seem to slip through the cracks!

  • Ebony

    I wet my hair alot, but I have to detangle alot as well. That’s where most of my breakage occurs. What can i do to stop this? What should I use to detangle or should I not detangle every time i wet my hair?

    • Marie Young

      Hey Ebony! Well I noticed that when I have to detangle a lot its when I don’t properly tie my hair up at night and it gets matted. I started braiding my hair before bed if I knew I was going to do a wash n go the next morning. Some say you shouldn’t detangle every time you wet it but it seems unnatural NOt to for me, so I do it. I just detangle with a wide tooth comb and comb from the bottom to the root. I can’t tell you whats best for your hair type because it depends on your specific hair. Are you a 3c or 4a??!?!?

  • Wanda Moore

    Thanks for this post!! I am natural and for the life of me I am still trying to figure out what works best for me after 2 years!!! LOL

    • Marie Young

      How do you wear your hair? Do you wear wash-n-go’s a lot like myself?

  • Britton

    I don’t know WHAT I am going to do when I BC and become a full natural! Last night I took my braids out and it felt like it took forever to some twists! My hands were hurting! LOL! To answer your question though, from what I’ve read, it’s ok to wet everyday. :-)

    • Marie Young

      Hahaha I’ve been telling myself I’m going to do a two strand twist for two weeks now, but I’ve been rocking a wash n go the whole time. Just not enough time with a newborn!

  • Curls and Mo

    I think wetting your hair daily is fine. The problem (dryness) begins when you’re *washing* your hair daily if you’re natural. We need to retain as much moisture as possible and most shampoos will dry your hair out if they’re used everyday.

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

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