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The Millennial Mommy’s Guide To Increased Focus + Productivity

April 21, 2015
The Millennial Mommy’s Guide To Increased Focus + Productivity #KimK #KimKardashian #NorthWest

The Millennial Mommy’s Guide To Increased Focus + Productivity #KimK #KimKardashian #NorthWest

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My daughters daycare teacher pulled me to the side one day to tell me that my little one was having a hard time paying attention in class. The teacher detailed how she was working on getting my little girl, as well as the rest of the three and four year olds in her class, to focus for a period of 15 minutes. As my blood pressure started to rise, it took everything in my person to not open my mouth and say, “And how the heck do you plan on accomplishing that?!?!?” 15 minutes, eh?!?!? After I calmed down and was able to minimize the amount of times my eyes rolled to the back of my head, I had to let out a brief chuckle.

One, unless this teacher has some candy ducked taped to her forehead, this isn’t going to happen. Two, I don’t even know a handful of adults that can accomplish focusing for 15 minutes, starting with myself.

I realized, when it comes to my own personal goals, productivity and general level of focus, I’m suffering major losses. Life has this crazy way of turning a beautiful day into a complete rat race. There are only so many losses and being curled up in the fetal position screaming #FixItJesus one could take before you realize you have to get your life in order and figure out the best way to stay on course towards your own personal greatness.

Here are a few things I had to get a grip on:


Round of applause for Apple and their genius idea we know as iMessage. Yes, Apple, you’ve managed to simplify my life, however you’ve also become an accomplice in morphing me into a text messaging slave. Even when you silence your iPhone those sweet little text messages still weasel their way onto your Macbook and iPad screen.

If I receive a text message I get overly anxious and feel like I have to respond to it, like immediately. While I must admit, I have been known to drink the Apple Kool-Aid from time to time, I’ve been wising up. I’ll respond when I’m ready.

Do yourself the favor and disconnect from iMessage on your laptop and iPad when you really need to focus.


Start mapping out how you’re going to spend your day, on paper. Not possible? I feel you, at first…[[READ MORE]]

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