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One of my favorite sayings, “Once a word is said, it is not dead, it only begins to live,” has become even more poignant in recent days. I have been reminded over and over that a word said in haste can lead to long lasting effects.

In case you have find yourself in the same boat, I have five simple ideas to help “clean up” the words that come out of your mouth and those that run around in your mind:

1. Silence can be golden.

Some of us listen to respond instead of listening to understand. There may be a situation in your life right now that will only worsen if you do not take the time to be silent before responding.

The Sure Proof Guide To "CLEAN UP" The Negativity You Speak + Think

Don’t be afraid to be quiet. Listen and be still while your mind takes time to process.

2. Think before you speak.

Think of the best way to communicate what you need to say before you even open your mouth. Even while in the midst of a conversation, pausing to think can benefit all parties, as you would have made others aware that your words have value.

The Sure Proof Guide To "CLEAN UP" The Negativity You Speak + Think

Inevitably there will be times when you must have more time to collect your thoughts and determine how you want to respond. In that case, make it clear that you will respond (at a specific day/time) but that you want to gather more information first.

3. Refuse to complain.

Instead of framing your self talk in terms of what went wrong. Instead, ask yourself, “What could I have done differently to make the outcome more favorable?”

Complaining is counterproductive and is not helpful to anyone, especially you! Use what went wrong as fuel to figure out an even better way the next time around.

4. Celebrate instead of ruminate.

Write down your gratitude list and keep it handy. Make it a habit to point out the good things that are going on in your life, so that you do not find yourself focusing on the negative realities will inevitably come from time to time. This is where you will be able to show proof that the good is sure to outweigh the bad!

5. Speak your goals into existence.

One of the most common reasons many people never reach their goals is that they don’t really believe they can. At times, people even speak death instead of a life when it comes to birthing their ideas.

Speak positively about your life vision. “I will meet my goal by carrying out 1, 2 and 3 …”. Doubt may creep up (“There is NO way I can do that!” “Who am I to accomplish that?!”), refuse to speak those things out loud. Soon enough you will retrain your brain to think of the possibilities before jumping to the hurdles.


Identify specific occasions when your words can do more harm than good. What can you commit to do differently this week when it comes to how you use your words?


Carefully consider not only what you say but also how you say it. Your words have even more power than you think.

Any ideas you think you can add to the list?


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