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// G O O D L O O K N O U T // | August 8, 2014

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Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition

| On 27, Jan 2014

I went to New York for the holidays (sorry for posting so late) and although I knew the trip, in its entirety, would be well worth it, traveling with two children seemed like a total reason to call the whole trip off. The tandem stroller alone gives me nightmares?!?!?

Despite my negative attitude, we made it to NYC and was able to spendhhj hoi much needed time visiting family.

Family time was great and all but after a few days of being out of my living element and routine from home, I knew that I needed some time to myself. You know, regroup! 

Luckily, I found ONE day where I didn’t have to play mommy, cook or do family related activities. I decided to spend that one day in Brooklyn. It was the obvious choice. Who doesn’t LOVE Brooklyn?

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #HabanaWorks #SpeadLoveItsTheBrooklynWay

So of course I called my inspirational-blogger, life-coach Beatrice of Inspired by Beatrice Clay?!?!?!

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #InspiredByBeatriceClay #ForABeautifulLife

I just love this chick! She’s got so much life in her and every time we connect positive personality rubs off on me. Plus, she’s so creative and I knew she would be the best person to help me get my life. I talk about her a lot here on the blog so check her out!

When I told her I would be visiting, she dropped all her big city plans just to show me around. She asked me what I wanted to do while in the city and of course my reply was to shop, eat and more importantly CHILL OUT!

We started off at Sweet Chick to have some chicken and waffles for breakfast. I usually give other chicken and waffles establishments the total side eye, thinking that no one can ever live up to the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles hype, but I was DEAD WRONG. Sweet Chick is NOT to be second guessed.

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #SweetChick #ChickenAndWaffles #Restaurant

Sweet Chick‘s line out front looks like this (see picture below) before it even opens up. These folks, including us, waited in the freezing cold to get a spot in their cozy dining room. 

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #SweetChick #ChickenAndWaffles #Restaurant

But you’d wait for this too…

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #SweetChick #ChickenAndWaffles #Restaurant

Is your mouth-watering yet? Yep, I almost forgot to take the photo’s before I dug in. I had to turn the chicken on its side to take this photo. I couldn’t resist taking a bite!

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition #SweetChick #ChickenAndWaffles #Restaurant

You guys have to try Sweet Chick’s out. It was a bit small and you have to wait in line, but it’s well worth it. The food gave me the complete itis, the staff was sweet and the vibe in there was awesome. 

Sweet Chick

164 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 725-4793

As we were leaving Sweet Chick, I ran into these lovely ladies and I feel in love with their hair.  Every time I head back east, I always get complete hair envy. It’s probably because in Sacramento, I don’t see many women rocking their natural hair. If I’m wrong prove it to me? I’d like to meet a few naturalista’s in my area. 

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #NaturalHair #BrownBeauties #BlackIsBeautiful

They were so gorgeous. I loved how they looked so effortlessly beautiful in such freezing cold weather. I just had to stop and shine a lil’ light on them. For them to get in that 2 degree weather with their fro’s looking this banging they needed a bit of spotlight!

Beatrice took me site seeing after lunch, mostly to get rid of that itis I’d gotten from Sweet Chick of course. We did a little thrifting, but we were in the part of Brooklyn were they charged way too much for second-hand goods. I didn’t buy anything so I’m going to fast forward to that lovely cup of coffee I had at the Hungry Ghost to get me ready to drive back to Long Island that evening. 

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  // Blogger Edition #HungryGhost #Coffee #Tea #Cafe #FortGreene

I’ve always been a fan of pretty spaces and the Hungry Ghost was aesthetically pleasing. 

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition #HungryGhost #Coffee #Tea #Cafe #FortGreene

The latte was perfection too. Starbucks NEVER makes that pretty little leaf in my foam either. Presentation is always key. Well, at least for me!

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #HungryGhost #Coffee #Tea #Cafe #FortGreene

Hungry Ghost

781 Fulton Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 483-8666

Beatrice probably had no clue how this ONE DAY helped totally ‘get my life’. No ripping, no running, no irritations, no kids and totally going with the flow!

Most Bloggers Skip Therapy For Brunch // Brooklyn Edition  #MarieYoung #GoodLooknOut #InspiredByBeatriceClay #Blogger

We ate, laughed, shopped, shared stories and of course a few blogger rants were thrown in there. The best day in Brooklyn I’ve ever had.

Thank you for spreading love the Brooklyn way Ms. Clay. 

Would you rather brunch or pay for a therapy session when you’re pushed beyond your limits? How do you prefer to ‘get your life’?


Marie Young

I am all about experience, travel, good living and enjoying life!
  • Cherese

    Ummm, I’m definitely choosing brunch over paying for a therapy session any day! I’ll also take a little retail therapy, as well :) This looks like a fabulous time, I would love to see New York someday.

    • Marie Young

      Where are you @Cherese?

      • Cherese

        I’m currently stationed in Pensacola, FL.

        • Marie Young

          NICE! Love me some FL girl! Enjoy wonderful. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Toia B.

    Oh, great pics!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you!

  • Toia B.

    Wow! So cool that you BLMGirls hooked up. :-) I’ve lived in Brooklyn pretty darn much all my life and haven’t really taken in all that it has to offer… GOTTA try Sweet Chick. May drag the hubby there this evening. So funny, on my way back from the Bx Sat night, I spotted Hungry Ghost & remarked on what an odd name for an establishment that was, wondering what was sold there. I’ll be hitting that up too! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Marie Young

      Wish you could have come. We opened it up to the whole group, but it was last minute so you know?!?!?

      Yes, you have to try both of them. Plus they’re gorge inside. I love pretty spaces!!!

      Thanks for stopping by! BTW, what’s your blog name, just to make sure I have you on my list of blogs to follow.

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    I AM SO FREAKING JEALOUS! Even though you ditched me in Sacramento. *licks wounds* I am so glad you had fun with one of my faves.

    • Marie Young

      I knowwwwwww. I hated that I missed you. We would of turned Sacramento OUT!

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Looks so fun! Ms. BC looking flawless!!

    • Marie Young

      Per her usual!

  • Kiwi

    Brunch is way cheaper than Therapy! I loved all the pictures my dear!!! I love the BLMGirls get togethers. What a blessing!

    Beatrice looks adorbs!

    • Marie Young

      Doesn’t she! I loved her tangerine jacket. It really picked up her hair and her complexion.

      I love all the relationships I’ve made with my #BlmGirls too. Thanks for stopping by!