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Bloggers Like Me #SEO Twitter Chat Summary

September 7, 2013
Bloggers Like Me #SEO Twitter Chat Summary


I did it y’all!!!!! I moderated my first twitter chat, this week, covering the topic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) via Bloggers Like Me (#BlmGirls) and it was such an amazing experience! I want to thank all the beautiful ladies who took the time from their busy days to participate and I even want to thank all the ladies who didn’t make it to the twitter chat but are following up with this handy recap of the event. So here we go!

Here are the answers to the ladies additional questions asked in question 5:

General SEO Tips

  1. Start monitoring your blog to learn more about where your visitors come from (aka referrers) and what search terms they’re using to get to your site (keywords)  from using Google Analytics <~~~ You will learn sooooo much about your readers this way, I promise!
  2. Create a sitemap for your blog. Why? All those keywords on one page, thats why. Plus it’s like a cheat sheet for the search engine crawlers. They don’t have to work as hard to figure out what useful information is on your site!
  3. Use Keywords EVERYWHERE (at least three times in your post, URLS, title tags, alt tags, header tags, and links)
  4. Change your permalink options and make your URL keyword friendly
  5. Crank out VALUABLE content and continue to update your previous content
  6. Use as many forms of social media as you can
  7. Link to others often and form great relationships with other bloggers in your niche
  8. Create inbound links on your own (creating backlinks by referencing and linking your old posts) and create web relationship with others so that they will create inbound links for you as well

Where to Find Link Ups?

Join blogger communities on Facebook (like#BlmGirls) and Google+. You will find a link up or blog hop in these communities weekly.

Every time you go on to blog, pay attention to that blogs sidebar for link up and blog hop badges that you can join. The badge will link you back to the owner of the link up/blog hop and the rules for joining in.

Lastly, try directories. Here are a few to try: Random Dealz, The Second Thought or Society of Socialprenuers

What Can Hurt Your SEO?

Overdoing your keywords can actually work against you in SEO. The search engines may think that you’re doing something fishy. Make your keywords look natural and let them flow within your article. Not doing so will dilute your SEO effectiveness.

Avoid duplicating content and placing it on more than one page. Why? This is something spammers do so if you do it search engines will think you’re a spammer and ignore your content.

Don’t use too many links in your article. Make sure that all of your links relate to your content. Search engines are hip to this and will demote your page if this occurs.

Should We Approve All  Trackbacks?

I wouldn’t! A lot of spammers like to duplicate your content and often they can get the credit SEO-wise for content you’re producing. I’m not saying deny all trackbacks, but check each one and make sure that the URL it’s linked to is legit first.

Using Keywords Effectively with Google Keyword Tool

This is such a big topic, there is no way I can cover this in a single post. We need a SERIES Of posts. However, look here, here and here for more help on this topic! Hey, maybe one day I will do another post on this exclusively!

Inbound Links and No Follow

The supplemental text in the the twitter recap above should give you a better understanding of what inbound links are. If you still need more help try reading this article for more clarification.

No follow links are links within a page that tells search engines not follow that individual link. What types of links should be ignored?

  1. Untrusted content (comments and guestbook comments)
  2. For paid links
  3. When linking to your RSS Feeds
  4. Internal pages (contact page, privacy policy page, and registration page)

Source: Search Engine Journal & Google Support

To enable no follow links on WordPress try this plugin. For those of you on the Blogger platform, try this article for help.

Ladies, I hope this SEO for dummies crash course serves your blogs well! Remember, SEO is not something you can just do in one day and that’s it. It’s an ongoing process. It’s every single day. If you want to get to the top 5 ranking in Google or any other search engine, you’re gonna have to play to their rules!

If you have a more questions regarding SEO or WordPress feel free to reach out to me anytime!









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  • Marie Young

    What does that have to do with SEO?

  • Toia B.

    This was really good! I missed the chat so I’m happy to be able to glean something from the discussion. It’s not until attending Blogging While Brown that I heard so much about SEO & its importance. I’m still learning about all this SEO stuff but I’ll be giving it more attention when writing going fwd. I’ll definitely need to bookmark & reread this!

    • Marie Young

      I don’t understand blogging while brown. I signed up but it seems like there is no interaction outside of their large event. Am I wrong?

      I’m happy to know you learned something! If you have more questions, email me. I’m starting a monthly series on the blog to help other bloggers with better blogging! Your questions actually help me!

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    You did such an awesome job on this!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you. Thanks for all your advice too. Appreciate you boo!

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  • Dumpy Duchess

    aww man! How did I miss this chat? I gotta keep up! Thanks for posting the highlights though! Awesome stuff!

    • Marie Young

      *Arms folded across chest* Yes you did….hahahah jk. Don’t trip. That’s why I did the recap. LIFE happens to all of us. No shade here. More questions? Shoot me an email!

  • Kurves

    Thanks Big Sis. I will be reading and re-reading this post ’til next month. THANKS.

    • Marie Young

      You know #bigsisalwayslooknout!!! If you still have questions let me know!

  • kestrel ambrose

    You really did an awesome job with this chat Simona! I learned so much! Great recap as well! You’ll definitely get more questions from me in the near future because I’m still learning!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you I appreciate you participating too girly! Stay in touch mamas :)

  • Karen Curtis

    Great basics of SEO! I probably have a million additional questions I am going to harass you about! Get prepared!

    • Marie Young

      Keep the questions coming. I’m here as a servant to you! hehehe

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