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// G O O D L O O K N O U T // | August 22, 2014

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{Inspiration Dose} I NEED Senegalese Twists, Like NOW!

{Inspiration Dose} I NEED Senegalese Twists, Like NOW!
Marie Young
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Sunday I had a very relaxing holiday and we took it very easy. With the move to Sacramento, we’ve all been super busy and I’ve been flat out exhausted. One thing that has been taking a backseat since our big move is my HAIR *head drops to palms and shakes in despair*.

So you know what I need while I get my new humble abode suitable?!? Yep, a protective style! I’ve been contemplating what style I wanted for a while but so far, I’ve been drawing ONLY blanks. That is until I saw her…

{Inspiration Dose} I NEED Senegalese Twists, Like NOW!

“Her” is @m_n_p and it was like love at first sight. No, not with her but with her Senegalese Twists. They were heavenly! I just had to stop her and see who did her braids because I needed THAT VERY SAME PERSON to hook me up!!! The ends are what’s got me. They look so natural and they weren’t all big and bulky.

It’s not that I’ve never seen twists before but everyone is into box braids so tough now, twists sort of slipped my mind. I mean, everyone has box braids from Solange, to Baddie Bey and even Janet Jackson has them now and again. I love box braids but I am over them after my last go round this past summer.

{Inspiration Dose} I NEED Senegalese Twists, Like NOW!

I’m most likely going to go get my twists done soon and when I do I will be sure to post how they turned out and who did them. For your enjoyment here are some inspirational Senegalese Twist photo’s!


Also, here a few video how-to’s to help you DIY!



If you’re a stylist that knows how to do Senegalese Twists or you want to recommend a stylist, please do us all the favor and leave four things in the comment box for us GLO Girls:

  1. Name of Stylist
  2. Best Way to Contact Stylist
  3. City/State of Stylist
  4. Website (optional)

Don’t be shy either. You may even post some pictures of your designs in the comments by clicking the picture upload button on the bottom left hand side of the comment box!

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  • Sentrell

    I’ve actually had both styles. I used to get Senegalese twists back in college (2006-2011) and I LOVED them. Now, I really in love with the box braids but this post brought back so many memories. I may have to revisit the Senegalese twists asap.

    • Marie Young

      Yes, pls do and when you do, tweet me some photo’s! @gdlknoutblog

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  • Vaneice

    Heeyyyy!!!! I just these Singalese twist last week….didn’t expect for mine to be almost the size of micros or for them to take 8 hrs but none the less I Love Them!!!! They are very neat and you can style them so many different ways with them being smaller:-)))
    Done by Abbi in Atlanta, Ga 404-484-7279

    • MarieYoung

      Reply and upload a pic!

  • KoKoa Magazine

    I like the twists and it looks easier to take out.

    • MarieYoung

      True true! Having you ever tried box braids?

  • Britton

    Here’s one:
    My stylist’s info:
    Affoue African Hair Braiding

    • MarieYoung

      Ohh yeah! I love that look on you :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Britton

    I have twists in right now and I love them! I will actually be getting them re-installed this weekend. I love them and they are so convenient. Mine are small, but I think I’m gonna go for some bigger ones this time around.

    • MarieYoung

      Really!?! Can you reply and link your photo?!? I’d love to check them out. Also leave your stylist info for glo girls in your city!

  • J. Jehanne

    hahaha get out of my head! I actually was just talking to Elle about 3 weeks ago about it and hvae my appt on Saturday to get twists! and some of the pics you posted were my inspiration… I want mine SMALL though… there is a girl on youtube that I love and she has small ones. I cant wait to see how they turn out on me… so over weaves as my protective style

    • MarieYoung

      Girl me too! I need my hair to get some air through it and weaves are not the business when it comes to letting your scalp breathe. Leave your stylists who is doing your braids info in the comments if you can!

      • J. Jehanne

        agreed… so over weaves right now. I have NEVER ever had braids or twists so this is going to be new for me. Vivi from Heart Print Style is doing mine

        • MarieYoung

          Ohh ok cool. Love me some Vivi!!!!

  • kim

    YES! I think we both had our box braids around the same time last year and I was DYING to try the twists this year. I just need to find the right person because everyone isn’t able to do these neatly. They look a little more elegant to me than the box braids. I am definitely having these installed sometime in the summer time. And I am in LOVE with the first girl’s style!

    • MarieYoung

      @13f861713d21f31da28bd24bf0fff525:disqus If you go to that same picture on my instagram there is a stylist on there named @princessgray in Los Angeles area that probably can do it for you! Check it out love :)

      • kim

        thank you! I am going to hit her up. I thought I was going to have to fly to Sacramento LOL!

        • MarieYoung

          hahaha it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away on a flight lol

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