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The Sam Fine Cut: What's in Your Make-Up Bag?!?

The Sam Fine Cut: What’s in Your Make-Up Bag?!?

| On 12, Jul 2012

I recently read an article with celebrity make-up artist Sam Fine, in Fashion Bomb Daily. His main remark to women of color (WOC), was that they “needed” to start wearing make-up. According to Fine women of color and their lack of make up is ultimately leading their “swagoo” downfall. My first reaction was “HOW RUDE?!?!”, but when I gave if further thought…Fine definitely has a point!

Well My Mama Said…

Growing up, I was taught  wearing make-up was not the end-all-be-all to a beautiful woman. It was always preached to me that the harm it can do your face is irreversible.

However, over the years my complexion has dulled, I’ve accrued more blemishes than I would like to say and overall, my face is losing it’s youth. I guess this is to be expected, as it is apart of the aging process.

When Fine was asked to expound on why he felt WOC’s needed to start wearing make-up, peep his response:

“…And I think a lot of WOC are scared that makeup is going to make [them] look fake, “It’s not gonna look like me, they’re not going to have my color.” I think that they just tend to step away from the category when a brand like Fashion Fair, is releasing a liquid foundation in July to add to the range of colors. Nineteen shades! There will be 17 shades in liquid! And if you look at that, that’s not a range that’s broken up for general market vs. African Americans. So you really are getting a wealth of coverage options and colors. I think the biggest mistake is not participating in the game at all.”

Fine then went on to say what products he felt all women, especially WOC’s, should be carrying with them on a daily basis.

“It’s a lifelong process of getting to these five pieces. I just named a few. Pressed powder, mascara, and lip gloss, because I think those things aren’t intimidating, once you get past the shade of powder, I think that becomes easy to apply. But if I had to go two steps further, I always start out with some kind of a coverage product. A concealer, or a foundation that you can use as a concealer. Underneath the eyes is the thinnest area of skin, so you really want to make sure that any redness or discoloration can be covered.  Also powder. Powder’s going to set the foundation or the concealer so it can stay on longer. I always say powder is to foundation what topcoat is to nail polish. It really holds it in place and keeps it from rubbing off and settling in fine lines.” 

How Does My Make-Up Bag Compare?

So, I thought to myself, what make-up do I carry with me day in and day out? Well, I didn’t start really wearing make-up until I was out of college, once I started seeing my skin change for the worse.

I never wanted to look like my make-up was caked on my face and to be completely honest I didn’t know what I was doing. 

The Sam Fine Cut: What's in Your Make-Up Bag?!? #BlackIsBeautiful #Face #MakeUp

My Purse

1. Mauve Lip Gloss
For my everyday wear I love to wear neutral colors that compliment my skin tone.
2. Sephora Eyebrow Pencil
My brows are very light and think. I slightly darken then to give them more definition (SO NECESSARY!)
3. Mac Mineral Foundation
Just a bit of light coverage to complete my foundation.
4. Mac Mineral Concealer
My skin tone can at times be uneven, concealer gives me the right amount of coverage.
5. Mac Mineral Powder Blush
I feel naked without my blush. I like my rosy cheeks!

Looks like the only thing I did not list is mascara. Hey, I only had five choices. Seems I didn’t make the Fine Cut!

Let’s Test A Few Others…

After, I really analyzed what was in my purse I asked a few girlfriends the same question.

My girlfriend Kandice, with whom I have been friends with since childhood, has the best skin complexion ever! What’s funny, is that she looks just as beautiful, even better when she puts make-up on. Make-up only seems to enhance how beautiful her face really is.

The Sam Fine Cut: What's in Your Make-Up Bag?!? #BlackIsBeautiful #Face #MakeUp

Kandice’s Purse

Ain’t she fly?!?!? Yeah, I know… LOL. When asked what were her top 5 make-up items in her purse, she replied:

1. Carmex Chapstick
2. Benefit Lip Gloss
Mac Mineral Blush (Amber Rose)
4. Make Up Closet Eyebrow Kit
5. Mac Mineral Foundation

Looks like Kandice didn’t make the Fine Cut either. She is missing the same thing I’m missing… Mascara. She even doubled up on her lip gloss.

Domonique, is my east coast buddy and she is equally as beautiful as Kandice. Every single time I hang out with her I am always in awe with how beautiful her skin looks, with or without make-up.

The Sam Fine Cut: What's in Your Make-Up Bag?!? #BlackIsBeautiful #Face #MakeUp

Domonique’s Purse

1. MAC Matchmaster Foundation in 8.0
This stuff matches like second skin.
2. MAC Blush in Gleeful
This blush brings my cheeks to life and blends well with the bronzer. I wear this on weekends and nights out.
3. MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze
A few swipes on the cheeks helps me look polished enough but not too overdone for everyday wear.
4. MAC Spiked Brow Pencil
Recently added this to the collection and I’m now addicted. I carry this everywhere and nearly cried when I ran out last week! It’s not too dark or too light and helps to perk up my sparse brows.
5. Maybeline Volume Express Mascara
I’ve been using this for years. I love that the formula makes my lashes pop and I can bend the brush to fit the curve of my eyes.

Wow, it looks like Domonique made the cut! She has every single item Fine suggested!

Looks like as WOC’s, we all keep similar products with us every where we go. We also held ALMOST true to Fine’s recommendations of what should be in your make-up bag. No matter what, whatever we’re keeping in our bags, I don’t think we’ve done half bad. Hopefully Mr. Fine would agree… LOL!

To learn more about Fine, what he considers the basics of beauty and how to properly apply these products be sure to check out his latest video for sale Fine: The Basics of Beauty

Look inside your purse. Did you make the Sam Fine cut? Do you agree with Fine’s remarks and recommendations? 


Marie Young

I am all about experience, travel, good living and enjoying life!
  • jaiepicure

    I really like this post. Many WOC feel that makeup takes away from their beauty but what they don’t understand is that it is an art form that enhances beauty. Overtime our skin changes and to get the “natural glow” or to dim the “ultra glow” from oily skin, makeup is an advocate.

    • Marie Young

      I so agree! I still don’t want to get to that point where I feel I can’t live without it. A lil coverage won’t kill nobody though…

  • Marie Young

    Lmbo! I definitely agree with the whole self esteem thing. I wear make up but 2-3 times out the week I will purposely NOT wear make up just so I don’t fall into that. It’s so easy to fall into it.

    Thanks for your opinion though :)

  • Teems

    Not really. My mind began to wander so ignored his comment as looked into everyones bag being nosey. lol I don’t wear make up everyday so thats why I don’t feel think we need to. I see make up just fun and a way of expression and coverage that we use as we please. It could be everyday, or just on occasion. Perhaps when I feel the need for more coverage my opinion will change. I just don’t want to be dependent on make up for my self esteem.

    As for Fine…he needs to keep up his job, so that could be another reason WOC “need” make up too! hehe

    And I did try a Sephora pencil a few months ago and I have to agree. I was just referring to spiked being main brow pencil a lot of people have from MAC.

  • Marie Young

    Teems I just use a sephora pencil for my brows. It’s half the cost and it works pretty well for me. What did you think about Fine’s comments about WOC’s? Did you agree?

  • Teems

    I enjoyed this post. I feel like ‘Spiked’ is the universal MAC brow pencil. lol