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"Queen Sized" Fashion Bloggers...

“Queen Sized” Fashion Bloggers…

| On 15, Jan 2013

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I have come to terms that my high school size two, eat anything and never work out self is pretty much dead. I’ve embraced my noticeably bubble butt, can only wear certain shirts because of my booming ta-ta’s and in the gym 4 times a week self and kept it pushing. Yep, I’m a curvy girl  and I love every curve on my lovely body. I also love another curvy, confident woman who embraces her body as well.

Lately I’ve been discovering some awesome fashion bloggers who don’t quite fit the the American girl size two” bill and they’ve been putting those tiny little runway wanna-be fashion bloggers to shame with their vicious curves.

As my job is to deliver you all things great, here are few curvy fashion bloggers that I find to be absolutely stunning:

Musings of a Curvy Lady


“Being a lady is more than just being female. Truly being a lady is an art form. Embrace the way of the lady & you can do just about anything.” 

Creator of Musings of a Curvy Lady, Thamarr (pronounced Ta-Mar), has definitely mastered the art of being a lady! Ever since coming across Thamarr’s blog, I’ve been so smitten with her adorable dimples, genuine style and her awesome picture taking skills. I’m over here taking notes on how to be as sexy as she behind the camera <~~ a class I am for sure failing!

Thamarr truly defines plus size, or as Thamarr say’s “Queen Sized” fashion by showing curvy fashionistas that’s it’s possible to look fabulous in mainstream fashion!

Learn More About Thamarr

Facebook | Blog


Michelle of Eat.Style.Play is one mean cook and foodie blogger, but if you’ve fingered through her site you would also know that she has some mean style too. A DC Native, Michelle has taken plus sized fashion to a whole new level. She isn’t afraid to take what you see in the fashion magazines and translate it to her classic individual style.


“I’m a 20 something born and raised in DC as a result of transplanted islanders. I hope you enjoy my love of cooking,style,and exploration!”

I love her blog’s witty conversation writing style, making me feel like I am talking to a true girlfriend about what I love most about fashion, food and where to go to have a good time.

Learn More About Michelle

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Bloglovin | Tumblr

Naturally Fashionable

I found Naturally Fashionable a few weeks ago and I have to say, she really has me sold. I love it when a woman with curves, such as Naturally Fashionable, can find clothing suitable for a curvy body type. There is nothing worse than a curvy woman who doesn’t wear things that compliment her.

naturally fashionable

“I am a curvy girl who loves, hair, makeup and all things fashion!”

Not only is this chick fashionable, but she is what I like to call a “bugetnista”, meaning what you find on her blog won’t break the bank. She finds the cutest things at places like JCPenny’s, ASOS and forever 21. I gravitate to people or places that will help me save a buck or two. This is probably what has me stalking her blog now… LOL.

Learn More About Naturally Fashionable

Blog | Bloglovin | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | You Tube

Gabi Fresh

Not too long after Gabi Gregg of Gabi Fresh was featured in the New York Times for debuting her luscious curves in a two piece bikini on her fashion blog, she gained world wide attention to her fashionable style.


“If you love fashion but you’re sick of being told to wear A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints, this is the blog for you.”

After reading the article and then checking out her blog, I was hooked on her style. First, I checked out how she looked in the two piece… which she kill’t. Then, I fell in love with her vibrant natural hair and her willingness to test the waters!

Learn More About Gabbi Fresh

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest | You Tube

Nadia Aboulhosn

It was through the same New York Times article that I learned about Lebanese fashion blogger, fashion designer and model Nadia Aboulhosn and let me tell you, this girl is HAWT! Don’t believe me, see for yourself (see below)!


“An outfit can only be worn the way I envision it…”

Nadia has been featured in numerous big name websites such as Lucky Magazine, Refinery 29 and Coco Perez.This girl is on FIRE! She’s clearly beautiful, has curves in all the right places and tests our societies views on body image and what exactly true “beauty” really is when it comes to it!

Learn More About Nadia

Blog | Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Bloglovin | Instagram

The ladies that I’ve just listed are just a few of my favorites. For a full list of full figured blogging beauties I’ve found a comprehensive list for you, which you can view here.

So ladies, which one of these ladies do you think is the Best Curvy Queen? Who are some other plus size bloggers that you find fantabulous, who give you the inspiration to look your curvy best?


Marie Young

I am all about experience, travel, good living and enjoying life!
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  • Miss Foodie Fab

    I absolutely loved this post. Thanks for showing us curvy girls some love.

    • MarieYoung

      Yes, I love the curves!

  • Vivi N

    I truly like posts like these because now I have more blogs to (stalk) check out. Musings of a Curvy Lady is new to me so I will be heading to her page as soon as I finish this comment. lolol.

    It’s so hard to vote from this list! All of the ladies are awesome.

    • MarieYoung

      Yes they are awesome!

  • Eat.Style.Play

    What is bad to vote for myself? ….kidding…but seriously! Coming second to Gabi is alright by me! I practically stalk her blog and all the rest of the lovely ladies featured! Thanks so much for adding me to the mix!! <3

    • MarieYoung

      Yeah, Gabi is pretty hawt…of course next to you heheheh

  • Alisha

    They all look awesome!!! I’m short and trying to embrace these new curves and their style is def making me want to flaunt them more. :D

    • MarieYoung

      As you should girl!

  • Nellie

    Amazing post, all of these curvy ladies are just so BEAUTIFUL! I wish I have half the style they do!

    • MarieYoung

      Me as well… I’m working on it with their help of course! LOL

  • Janae Holmes

    Love all of these ladies! They inspire me daily in my fashion journey!

    • MarieYoung

      Me as well :)

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