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Every time I twist my hair at night I sing Beyonce’s song ” Flawless.” Its kind of a funny joke in our home because I go to sleep and wake up, looking everything but flawless. A lot of that has to do with my nighttime hairstyle. Every night like most natural girls, I twist my hair in a bunch of unsightly twists to keep it from breaking and tangling up at night.

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The next morning I usually take the twists out or if I plan on having a chill day indoors or around my neighborhood, I try and find a cute style to wear them in. Using a vintage headscarf is an easy way to keep the twists in place all the while adding a bit of cute to the unsightly twist.

Hide Unsightly Twists In 5 Simple Steps #LaTonyaYvette #Headwrap #Turban


I have a few of these twist-hiding styles that I can’t wait to share. Do you have any? Also, do you like my one cat eye? Yeah, I definitely rocked this for an entire day, unbeknowst to me! Hashtag momproblems. 

How do you hide your unsightly twists? Did you try my head wrap style? What did you think?

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