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// G O O D L O O K N O U T // | April 18, 2014

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Pinspiration: Healthy Breakfast Options - // G O O D L O O K N O U T //

Pinspiration: Healthy Breakfast Options
Marie Young

I try to live by the saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. However, I usually end up doing the exact opposite. My morning breakfast is scarce, my dinner is way too much and let’s not even talk about lunch…if I even have one!

woman overeating

Since I’m going to be starting the Bloggers Like Me Get Fit Challenge January 7th, I’ve been forced to take a good look at my nutrition, or lack thereof, and how it’s been affecting my weight. My head isn’t in the clouds. I know that I won’t be able to lose weight by doing some extreme diet or some weight loss set of shots. I’m completely aware that I won’t be able to lose weight UNLESS I have the proper nutrition and I exercise OFTEN.

This morning, while making breakfast I stood there and stared in the refrigerator for like 5 minutes in complete disgust of what my options were for breakfast. It then hit me that it wasn’t the options to choose from that was my issue, it was my limited cooking skill set. This sent me into an immediate Pinterest spree looking for healthy options for breakfast and this is what I found:

Healthy Morning Muffins

With ingredients like carrots, bananas and raisins I knew this would be a great option for me. Even on those mornings where I am rushing out the door, I can grab one of these with some fruit and it will for sure last me until it’s snack time!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Eggs, Avocado & Salsa Over a English Muffin

This recipe is a shot out for my husband. Why? I won’t TOUCH scrambled eggs with a 10 foot pole. I don’t know why, something about the consistency. My husband on the other hand loves them. This one is as easy as it looks too just stuff all the ingredients into an English muffin and wha-lah!

                                                                      Source: via Meghan on Pinterest


Breakfast Salad

This one looks so good if I had it sitting in front of me I probably wouldn’t even eat it. It looks so cute, I would put it on the kitchen table as decoration. But for real, I love Arugula salad and as strange as it sounds (as I previously stated I can’t stand scrambled eggs) I can tear up some poached hard or boiled eggs. Yep, I’m a little mental different! LOL.

                                                             Source: via Reem | Simply Reem on Pinterest


Shamrock Breakfast Sandwich

Now this one is my absolute favorite! I don’t know about you but sometimes I have to stop myself from eating a burger for breakfast. Something about them is just so insatiable…

                                                               Source: via Heather on Pinterest

This sandwich looks just like a burger that I would demolish too. It’s also roving the whole king thing in the saying “eat like a king for breakfast…” I don’t mind testing out that theory with a breakfast option like this either!

Needless to say I will be trying some much needed new breakfast recipes in preparation for my Bloggers Like Me Get Fit Challenge. Lets not forget to mention I just HAVE to expand my cooking options. The family and I are tired of my signature cream of wheat, bacon and eggs. Yep, I’m steppin my game up!

To learn more about Bloggers Like Me (BLM) CLICK HERE! BLM is a closed facebook group and in order to take part of the Get Fit Challenge (#BLMGetFit) you must be a member of the group.Also,  you can learn more about the BLM Get Fit Challenge by searching the hashtag #BLMGetFit on twitter.I encourage all bloggers to apply!!!!

Ohh yeah… Happy New Years!

What’s on the menu for breakfast at your house?!?!

  • L.

    I don’t know why it never occurred to me to try a breakfast salad. Definitely will be trying that now!

  • Dre Davis

    I needed to see this because my breakfast food ain’t never really healthy lol. That breakfast burger looks like my kinda food though! Thanks for subliminally making me crave a burger and log in to my Pinterest account at the same time haha :-)

    • MarieYoung

      Hahahah I do what I can, when I can. I actually gawked at the burger picture for 5 minutes before I could actually start writing about it… it looked sooooo yummy!

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    You wrong for that breakfast sandwich. I just want to eat my screen.

    • MarieYoung

      lol….. you right…my bad!!! hehehe

  • Nellie

    All of this looks so YUMMAY! I tend to get in a breakfast rut, so these are great options!!

    • MarieYoung

      Thanks for stopping by Nellie! Are you participating in #blmgetfit?

  • Britton

    The breakfast salad looks reeeeeally good! Good luck with the challenge! I’m excited! :-)

    • MarieYoung

      Good luck to you as well! I’m already mentally preparing myself! LOL

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Eww to Kale! Everything else looks delicious!!!

    • MarieYoung

      LOL I love Kale. I even can eat it raw (it’s sooooo crunchy)! I know what NOT to make you when you visit me!

  • Tai Nycole @ StrandedHHJ

    These meals look delicious! Way to make me drool at work lol.

    • MarieYoung

      Hahahahah. No licking the screen now…