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The only reason I haven’t written off Kim Kardashian, is because of her thick, beautiful, Armenian eyebrows. I live for her brow’s. The first thing I look at, in all her photo’s, are those not too thick, not too small, beautiful eyebrows. For years, I’ve tried to replicate her signature bitchin’ brows, with no success.

Finally, The Perfect Eyebrows Sans Concealer! #concealer #eyebrows #kimmy #kimkardashian #eyebrows

Then I slowly came to the realization that I’ll never have full, perfectly shaped Kimmy K. eyebrows and I can probably thank too many years of letting random folks completely annihilate my interestingly shaped eyebrows through waxing. 

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Now, I see a lot of women lining the top and bottom of their brows with concealer, then filling them in for this signature look: 

Finally, The Perfect Eyebrows Sans Concealer! #concealer #eyebrows #redlip #blueeyes #sceptum

A very desirable look, but for days that I don’t want to wear a full face of makeup this look doesn’t quite cut it. You’ll always need that thick layer of concealer to create the contrast in your brows. Unfortunately, if you wear the concealer on your brows without your face completely beat, you’ll look silly.

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Finally, The Perfect Eyebrow Sans Concealer! #concealer #eyebrows

Here’s a good tutorial for that natural look I go for with my everyday wear:








If you’re a reality television star or someone that will be behind a camera all day, you get the eternal pass when sculpting your brows with concealer. I get it, you ladies need that extra contrast when on film. I know it’s different strokes for different folks, so by all means live your life. I’ll stick to a more natural look, since nan major network is beating my door down to be featured on their award winning show… lol.

How do you rock your eyebrows? Do you wear concealer everyday to sculpt your brows? Which look do you prefer? Sculpted or Natural?

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