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Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

October 24, 2012
Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

A few weeks ago I was in a frenzy trying to find a new line of make up with extreme urgency. Why such urgency? Well, my Mac make up supply was approaching empty and around this time I’ve been hearing how bad Mac Cosmetics could potentially be for your face. I was adamant on not spending an arm and a leg on a new product line, so I took my pregnant self right on down to CVS and went to work looking for a new product line.

Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

After searching, then sampling (not sure if you can even do that at the drug store), and more searching I came across Selma Hayek’s new cosmetics line called Nuance. On paper everything checked out and more importantly the line offered selections in my complexion. You would be surprised how many make up lines are only offered to women with “fair skin”, it’s kind of ridiculous!

I promised readers that I would give it a try and see how it worked on my hormonal/preggars face, so here it goes:

Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation

THE GOOD: I used a liquid foundation with Mac before making this switch, so I’m used to how it lays on the skin. The foundation laid on smoothly and did not feel clumpy or thick once applied.Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

With Mac I found that I had to use the foundation all over my face however, one must know that with any good liquid foundation should be used on a “as-needed” basis. With the Nuance foundation I was able to use it on an “as-needed” basis, which was great for me.

THE NOT SO GOOD: I didn’t experience anything bad with this foundation. Every time I wore it, I received compliment after compliment of how clear my skin was if they ONLY knew whats underneath this Nuance layer LOL.

Front and Center Concealer + Brightener

THE GOOD: The biggest GOOD is that it comes with a concealer and brightener all in one. I typically don’t wear concealer or brightener but like I stated before, my hormones are all out of wack and it has in turn left me with more blemishes than my mini narcissistic mind can handle. So concealer is a must at this point.Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

I can say that after coupling the concealer with the foundation and powder Nuance provided me with a flawless finish. Very minimal blemish recognition, if any at all.

THE NOT SO GOOD: Since I used the concealer more often than the brightener, I didn’t see too much value in the brightener. I’ve never used brightener before purchasing this product and this could be the reason I didn’t see too much value in it. This could be different for someone else though.

Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation

The GOOD: The title flawless is a clear representation of this foundation. It went on smooth and did what I needed it to, not look super cake-ish on my skin. Everything blended well and it didn’t give me that ‘ASHY’ (dry looking) feeling that some product lines tend to do for WOC’s (women of color).Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

Also, at the end of the day I didn’t feel like a glow stick from my oily skin. It kept the shine to a low minimum.

THE NOT SO GOOD: None found!

Flawless Mineral Cheek Trio

THE GOOD: The pigments shined through as the product promises and I so agree with Nuances description of the blushes finish as “velvety”.Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With

There was nothing necessarily wrong with my previous blush with Mac and I  wanted something that mirrored this finish. I’ve used some products that just looked ALL WRONG, mainly due to lack of quality pigments. I’ve had NO complaints with the cheek trio however.

THE NOT SO GOOD: Besides the fact that it fell out of my purse onto the floor and I lost half of the powder….NONE!

Flawless Mineral Cheek Trio

Nuance Cosmetics Makeup Review: Finally A Brand I Can Stick With I will let you make the final call. Before doing so, let me first point out that I am not the type of person who wears make up for fun or that person with the latest make up trends. THAT’S NOT ME! I wear make up sparingly, so in my photo’s it may look like I barely have anything on. This is done purposefully. I personally believe make up should ONLY enhance your own physical beauty not alter or change it!

You can already tell from my tone within the article that I like the Nuance product line, so me restating everything I previously discussed is a waste of your time.

I tried my best to get the lighting to match up perfectly, but as you can see I was unsuccessful. I still think that both pictures are clear enough for you to make a final judgement call.

Have you tried Nuance before? Tell me the good the bad and everything in between!


img source: time to save workshops

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  • Demetria

    You’re gorgeous in both! But the Nuance seems smoother…like you’re not wearing anything at all!


    • Marie Young

      That’s what I love about it too. I can’t do too much make up on my face!

  • Roxy

    I like them both..gosh your pretty!! 😉

    • Marie Young

      Thanks Roxy!!!!

  • Britton

    I like them both! Very natural-looking!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you :)

  • Kimberly Marie

    ohhhh pretty!!! You look pretty in both, but the Nuance face looks really FRESH! I love it and now I need to go try me some too lol.

    • Marie Young

      Thank you Kimberly! Tell me how you like it once you do!!!

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Girllllllll! i like both, but i like the second one more? i dont know you look great in both pictures to me.

    • Marie Young

      Thanks girly! All I know is that I’m keeping Nuance for a good lil while!

  • Curls and Mo

    you better #WERK in both of those pictures. and, excuse me but why does your turban look so dope?

  • Dom

    They both look good! It’s nice to know you can do it for less with Nuance though, so I have to give them the edge on price alone.

    • Marie Young

      Thanks Dom! I like Nuance because I wasn’t unhappy with my Mac finished look, I just didn’t want all the negatives that came along with the Mac line. So for me its a win win!

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