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Hello! My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom...

Hello! My Name is Marie and I’m a #MotherFunny NickMom…

| On 28, Oct 2013


I usually let my daughter Lola watch TV right before she goes to bed and her station of choice is usually Nickelodeon. When she’s watching, I noticed that around 7:30pm she get’s unusually antsy. My silly self didn’t realize Nickelodeon transitions into NickMom and Lola can’t stand watching TV unless it’s cartoons. Lola’s just starts channeling her inner sweet Georgia brown thinking AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO’ DAT!

Once NickMom comes on it’s usually my cue to start steering her into bed. Once I get her all tucked in and off to sleep, I typically just keep on watching. At first, I thought I did this because I couldn’t find the remote control, but then I realized that I was outright out laughing uncontrollably. These shows are just hilarious or as NickMom says #MotherFunny!

One night while watching I saw a commercial for this new show, starring Tia Mowry-Hardict, called Instant Mom. Now, I’m 29 and I grew up watching Tia on Sister Sister so it was only a natural instinct for my interests to be peaked.

I figured at my next mom’s night in with the girls, I’d introduce them to Instant Mom and get their opinion on it! Back before I had kids, I would get all my girls together and watch Tia on The Game, so I figured I could start a new tradition with my mommy girlfriends and watch Tia on Instant Mom.

I rounded up my girls, some drinks and it was on!

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

(From left to right)

Edrena | Lisette | Christina 

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

Evonne | Keturah | Your’s Truly 

We tried my signature mommy drinks for the evening. One for the experienced lushette, like myself, and another for the reserved mommies (hey, some moms like to get tore up in the confines of their own home and not for all to see).

Hennessy & Apple Juice 

1 oz Hennessy
3 oz Apple Juice

*Not for the weak hearted*

Staying-In Spritzer 

1/2 Cup Ice Cubes
5 oz White Wine, Chilled
3 oz Club Soda
2 or 3 Watermelon or Cantaloupe Balls, For Garnish

After some serious sipping and a few bites to eat we took it to the living room and of course I introduced them to Instant Mom to see what they thought about the show.

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom...

Most of the conversation was geared towards how in awe we were with Tia and how beautiful she looked, what show her husband in the show used to play on and how beautiful Tia’s hair was (typical girl stuff).

Instant Mom, Fourty-Two Inches of Pure Evil 
Get More: Instant Mom and explore all things funny, just for moms at NickMom

I thought Instant Mom was actually pretty #MotherFunny! Sheryl Lee Ralph looked like she didn’t age one bit since her role in Moesha and those kids were cute as heck. It was nice seeing Tia being lighthearted and funny again. I also loved how the show puts a positive spin on blended families, especially since blended families are becoming the new normal.

Instant Mom is going to be a wonderful addition to my NickMom addiction. Lately, all I’ve been watching is The New Adventures of New Christine and Take Me To Your Mother. I’m also super pumped to start watching Sherri Shepard as she hosts her new series Mom’s Night Out.

All the girls seemed to love it just as much as me, with most of them saying they’re going to set Instant Mom to record on their DVR too (just in case mommy duties go into overtime and they accidentally miss a show LOL) .

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

My Name is Marie and I'm a #MotherFunny NickMom... #NickMom #Shop #Cbias

Y’all know I had to bring the GOOD news to you about this new show on NickMom, plus I just adore Tia Mowry-Hardict!

Learn more about NickMom & Instant Mom here:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instant Mom Twitter

I know I’m not the ONLY #MotherFunny mom on there on the blogosphere! What are your favorite shows on Nick Mom? What did you think of Instant Mom? Would you tune in again?


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  • Miss Foodie Fab

    Looks like y’all had a blast!

  • Taylor

    This is such a cute post and you all are gorgeous!! I’m childless, but will definitely be staying in with one of those Staying In Spritzers. SOUNDS DELIC!

    • Marie Young

      Hahahah, girl it all works! Let me know what you think about it when you do try it! #TweetMe!

  • Baby Teems

    Wow. This was so nice. Why do you have to be on the west coast now? I should have been invited. lol I haven’t been into the stand up comedy much but I do catch Instant Mom and I like it. Its on my DVR. Sheryl really doesn’t age but her character is more over the top than I like though.

    • Marie Young

      Right! Where are you again? Girl we can do a #motherfunny google hangout hahahahahah.

      Sheryl is a bit over the top but it makes for good tv I guess. Plus its good to see her get out of the Moesha mom role. Thats what I usually see her playing.

      Thanks for checking me out girly!

  • Summer Len Davis

    I have so much to say right now it isn’t even funny, but I’ve got to start with, OH my GOODNESS! You have the prettiest group of friends I think I’ve ever seen! you ladies could be in a magazine selling Hennessy and Apple Juice as the next big mom addiction and I’d totally buy in. Totally. Second, You throw a good party! Melon balls? Aren’t those only for golf clubs? Real people serve them too? I’m coming to your next party! I completely agree, Tia looks absolutely amazing and I love that she has revived her comedic side. I miss Sister Sister! I can sing the theme song still, wanna hear? #client

    • Marie Young

      Thank you Summer! You’re so sweet to say so! I LOVE me some Henny and Apple Juice. You’ve GOT to try it and let me know what you think.

      Yes, the melon balls were fantastical and you’re so invited to any party of mine.

      Yes, Tia does look hawt. I hove her and her sister. They’re so organic and sweet. They’re just infectious!

      Thanks for stopping and by and showing some love :)

  • Kita

    I had no idea she had a show. Sounds like a great evening I need to watch more shows on Nick my kids know all the shows but I have no idea what’s on there

    • Marie Young

      It was! Yeah, I started watching by default but Instant Mom and the rest of the line up is pretty dope! I watch religiously.

  • Antionette Blake

    oh what a nice evening….I liked Tia on the Game and also watched Sister Sister, but haven’t caught this show. I’ll hace to check it out with a glass of Sweet Red. Thanks for sharing!

    • Marie Young

      I really enjoyed myself and enjoy the show when you do watch. Thanks for stopping by!

  • andrea

    I totally forgot about that show. I intermittently watch Tia & Tamara on Style and remembered Tia talking about the show. Haven’t seen an episode yet. But let’s get to the really real, you’re sipping on Henn-Dogg and Apple Juice??? Gurl, you better go. I vowed to never drink dark liquor after a most unusual stint in Atlanta 2007. Haven’t fooled with it since. RIP Henn-Dogg.

    • Marie Young

      Bwahahahahahah I need to hear that story in December! LMBO!

      I love me some Tia Mowrey though. Her and her sister are so sweet (well at least their public personalities)!

  • Priscilla Katerena

    Congrats..I myself am not a Mommy but I LOVE IT!!!

    • Marie Young

      Ohhhh thank you! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  • Cherese

    How fun! You all looked like you had a GOOD time :) Although, I’m not a Mom yet, I enjoyed the show and will definitely be tuning in. Thanks sis!

    • Marie Young

      Let me know what you think when you do!