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Natural, Strong, Bold… and Tapered!

August 21, 2013
Natural, Strong, Bold....Tapered

As of yesterday, I see why women cut all their hair off after having kids. My kids pulled, tugged and yanked my poor little strands to smithereens. Not even a bun could save me from the wrath of their tiny, yet surprisingly strong fingers.

I cut my hair once, back in 2007, but I wasn’t natural, which meant I was straightening my cute little pixy bob every 3-4 days (I don’t wish that life on anybody).

Flash forward to today, I’m natural and I’ve been digging my natural curl pattern something serious, having loads of fun exploring new natural hairstyles. Its a bit addicting…

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Even though I love my longer hair, at times I want to run off to my local barber and dabble in that “natural tapered life”…

Natural, Strong, Bold... and Tapered!

These ladies are SERVING LIFE with this short hair and I’ve been searching Pinterest boards every other day trying to find the perfect tapered hairstyles that might persuade me to do a big chop. Check out THIS BOARD out by @SushiiMa. Her natural tapered board is one of my favorites!

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For me, there’s so much more than just the cut. Your face needs to be the right shape. The texture of your hair must be appropriate. You have to know what your side profile would look with a cut like this. If there was a way to wear this style in a weave first, I would do it just to see what I would look like before I made the big chop [update — I ended up trying it]. I’m putting way too much into this, huh?!?!

I’m tired of my kids abusing my hair but I’m going to have to shelve this look, for now. I LOVE it but…I’m just not ready!

What do you think about the natural tapered look? Could you see yourself cutting your hair into one of these cute hairstyles? If you’re as bold as these ladies above, show me your tapered natural cut. Just upload your picture in the comments below. I’d love to see!

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  • monee daniels

    Heres my big chop and my tapered cut

    • Marie Young

      Ohhhh me likey! #sharing

  • Crystel Roberts

    The natural tapered cuts do look really fierce, especially on women who have a good curl pattern and face structure combo. When I did my big chop, I decided not to get it tapered because I wasn’t sure how such an edgy cut would look on me and I was also concerned about my hair growing evenly (since the purpose of cutting my hair was to let it grown evenly). Sometimes I wish I would have experimented with the tapered look though, especially when I see someone killing the look. Anyways, here is a pic of my cut.

    • Marie Young

      GURLLLL, who does your brows though?!?!? So cute! I love your big chop too. It totally compliments your face. My girl @MyBBLife:disqus did the same as you… i believe!

      • Crystel Roberts

        I actually shape them myself, but I use an eyebrow brush to fill them in. Eyebrow brushes does wonders.

        • Marie Young

          I’m learning! Got my first eyebrow kit at the age of 28 LOL. #Dontjudgeme hehahaha

  • Arelis Cintron

    I LOVE #3 and the last one! I cut my hair super short in college and I miss it. Growing it long now so I can have hair for my wedding day …whenever that is and as soon as the first baby comes, i’m donating it! I love these tapered cuts!

    • Marie Young

      I love the one second to last. Ohh you’re bold to say you’re going to cut after baby. After I had my baby I was such THE MESS I couldn’t make any bold moves with regards to how I looked. My mind wasn’t right!

  • Victoria Armijo

    When I was pregnant with my first daughter my hair went down to almost my hip, I was definitely ready for a change and her being born in August in FL the heat was killing me, so I went for it a few months before she was born. It was a big change, but definitely worth it! Did it again after I had my second little one :) I say go for it and then share with us :)

    • Marie Young

      If I do you knowwww I’m going to post it on the site! In the meantime share yours too!

  • GrowingUpMadison

    I’m actually thinking of doing this. My hair is terribly damaged and I’m planning on cutting it off maybe next weekend. I’ll have to post my look on Twitter because it’s going to be drastic. :)

    • Marie Young

      Make sure you tag me! You know I want to see it!

  • Roxy

    I love my tapered natural hair cut…easy on the go hair!

    • Marie Young

      You straighten yours? Show us and upload a pic!!! #peerpressure lol

  • Mimi

    I had a very short hair cut before I had children. I used to go the barber and get it cut. I am looking forward to getting back there. I don’t particularly care for hair and I despise the beauty salon. I would rather just sit in the barbers chair and get it over with. My husband is the only deterrent right now. But in 3 more years I’m going low!

    • Marie Young

      My husband starts looking sideways when I start talking BC too. I know I’m going cut one day, I’m just waiting in the shadows waiting for my time to let it all hang out!

      • L.

        LMAO! I’ve been talking about a taper cut since like last year. My hair has shown me it can grow. Hurray. Now it must GO. Time to trim and taper!

        • Marie Young

          Youuuuuu knowwwww whaaaaaaat Miss Providence?!?!? *Logs OFF*

  • L.

    Just took my Havana Twist out and I’ve been wondering what to do with my hair. Yea, this post and seeing these ladies has just confirmed it. Yea, I want to taper cut my hair down. I probably won’t got as low as most of them on the sides, but I want in. I’ve been wanting in. Now is the time.

    • Marie Young

      I want to see your hair out of twists. SHOW MEEEEEEE!

      • L.

        This it how it looks now in all of it’s tangled glor-ray.

        • Marie Young

          Glory be thy name girl! Love!!!

  • Shanda Webb

    I have BEEN obsessed with natural tapered cuts! This is my second one since being natural. Thanks for allowing me to share my style with you and your readers!

    • Marie Young

      No, thank you! I love this cut on you. I wish I had the guts to do this. I love, love LOVE!

    • Marie Young

      Ohhh I found another cute one of you too: <~~~ Sorry for stalking you hehehe

      • Shanda Webb

        Ha Ha! Stalk away! I didn’t think people visited my tumblr. Thanks hun!

        • Marie Young

          Well, you’ve got one new follower. I think I even reblogged you too!

    • Britton

      I LOVE this look on you Shanda!

  • Lynn

    I absolutely love these cuts… I’m getting my hair cut this weekend and but I’m going back to the creamy crack (don’t judge me) so we will see how this works out. I just hope & pray my head is NOT too too big! lol

    • Marie Young

      Your head is just fin! Cant wait to see your results on the blog!