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Why Your #NaturalHair Regimen Isn’t Working

January 27, 2015
Why Your #NaturalHair Regimen Isn’t Working + 4 Tips To Get You Back On Track

The moment you decided to come back to natural, is unforgettable. It empowering when you’ve allowed your curly, kinky, coily tresses to make its debut appearance to the world. First, you go through the phase of how do I style my hair, how do I treat my hair, how do I take care of my hair, etc… Where do I start!?!?!?

You hurry to the YouTube University and start looking up natural hair related videos. You try some of the lessons out and your results are nothing like the teacher. Not even close!

You either just keep going or you take a look at your hair in frustration and decide to hide it away, even worse go back to the creamy crack. It’s this exact experience that leads many women to feel being natural is just not for them. I feel it’s for everyone, when you have a bullet proof regimen.

The lack of a hair regimen is where a lot of naturals goes wrong and becomes discouraged in their journey. Every natural should have an intact hair regimen to the point when:

  • If something is off you know exactly what the cause is.
  • You breakage under surveillance at all times
  • You know what matters to your natural hair

When it comes to your natural hair, just like in life it needs structure. Without structure what level of success can you really have? Having a set regimen shows discipline and it tells your natural hair you are serious about the health and prosperity of it.

Grab a pen and paper then write out your regimen (or type it out). Let’s see how it measures up. Here are 4 important signs I discovered helps a natural know if her hair care regimen works.


Is your natural hair regimen working? No for real, is it really?

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