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3 Style Bloggers Offer 9 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your "Mommy Sexy" #MilknHonee

“Have a baby,” they say. “It’ll be fun,” they say. Mmmmm  hmmmmm. Yeah, well they forget to mention that after your little bundle of joy pops out, nothing about your body will ever be the same. Your breasts aren’t as perky as they used to be, your butt will deflate and those last minute little touches you used to be able to give yourself while you’re getting ready for your day won’t exist anymore. Yep, motherhood and your body will “TRY IT” with every chance it gets!

As I slowly made it back to my regular self, I’ve learned a few important style lessons along the way. You realize that you’re now a mom, and most circumstances won’t allow for that mini skirt paired with the crop top you used to always wear. Folks at the daycare will probably look at you a little funny!

However, I will NOT allow myself to go downhill. Nope, not on my watch! I also have three style bloggers that didn’t throw in the towel either. 

3 Style Bloggers Offer 9 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your "Mommy Sexy" #MilkNHonee #DiariesOfAWannaBeRichKid #BabyShopaholic

Join me, Trina, Lauren and Char as we provide a few tips that will effortlessly UPGRADE YOUR SEXY, at least until your kids start packing up for college! 

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