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The other day I was flipping through Huffington Post on my tablet and I stumbled across this post about this new app for girls called Lulu, which is being hailed as the new “yelp on men”. On Lulu girls can now rate their exe’s, friends, and hook-ups with a SAFE way to share their insights on love and life.

We created Lulu to unleash the value of girl talk and to empower girls to make smarter decisions on topics ranging from relationships to beauty and health.

– Alexandra Chong, Founder

Lulu pulls all the men you know from your Facebook profile allowing you to review and score your exe’s on everything from how sweet they are to how good they’re in bed… #JesusTakeTheWheel.

So I logged in and I was immediately sucked in.

Lulu: The Dating App Every Girl Needs, Or Do We?!? #Dating #Love #Relationships

They have the site with a gridded gallery layout with a mixture of all my male friends on Facebook and other men that are already trending on Lulu.  I immediately felt my “little Tami”, aka Tami Roman from Basketball Wives, trying to peek out for a half a moment and I wanted to start looking up people I knew. Did I want to put some folk on blast??? My little Tami smiled, but I took the high road. To please her, I did do a quick search on the hubby, but to my surprise (and to my husbands good fortune) his profile came back empty.

Still, I kept sifting and I decided to click on a random person, just to see how the rating system worked. Then I stumbled across this guy:

Lulu: The Dating App Every Girl Needs, Or Do We?!? #Dating #Love #Relationships

The descriptive hashtags are so hilarious to me. Apparently this guy believes in love, makes his bed AND is a man child who gets high.

What’s bad is that he’s been in a relationship, at least for the past 7 months and then two “friends” pop up with reviews AFTER his girl (I assume) provided her own review. At this point I’ve grabbed my popcorn.

Let’s see what his girl the third reviewer had to say about him.

Lulu: The Dating App Every Girl Needs, Or Do We?!? #Dating #Love #Relationships

His “girl” gave him stellar scores EXCEPT in the kissing and sex department. Now that’s just COLD BLOODED! I can’t with these women nowadays. Somethings you should just keep to yourself!


The Pros

  • Empowers girls to make a smarter decision when dating a guy
  • All multiple choice – Can’t just write any ol’ thing
  • If guys don’t want to be seen by others they can remove their profile by visiting THIS PAGE.
  • It’s not for kids (must be 17+ to review)
  • The agree and disagree button help protect accuracy of each review
  • Hey, I have to admit, it’s pretty fun (says my little Tami)

[/one_half]The Cons

  • Public embarrassment (on the guys behalf)
  • Sexual content
  • Treats guys like meat (wait, this could be considered a pro since guys treat women this way all the time)
  • Women could place false reviews even with the agree/disagree buttons





Looks like the pros outweigh the cons, but I’m still looking at this app with the side-eye. Here’s why:

Too Much Emphasis on Sex

Whats sad is that most of the people who would utilize this app will be school aged young adults (even with the age requirement) and last thing they need to be shoved in their face is more talk on casual “hook ups.”

Double Standard 

If this app was created as a yelp for women, we’d have all types of feminist groups going ape-sh%t crazy, right?!?!?

It’s Just Down Right Messy

I can just see “the girlfriend” logging on here and periodically checking their man’s profile and see women going on Lulu saying that they “hooked up” with their guy and putting all their hot & steamy details.

At first, I was all for that. Dirty dogs need to be caught, right? Then after I thought about it a person doesn’t put in the date of their encounter with this gentleman, it only shows the date they did the review. This can stir up unnecessary drama. I guess it’s no different than Facebook though.

I don’t know if I can get jiggy with this ladies. To me Lulu is just taking things a bit it too far, but then again I think the same thing about Love & Hip Hop and I still find myself tuning in every Monday night…

Check it out for yourselves though. Maybe I’m just getting too old!?!?!

So how many of you have been on Lulu?  What are you thoughts on it? Have you seen any of your exe’s on there and if so, would you do a review on him? What would you add to my list of pros and cons?

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