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A few years back I was fortunate to travel to Hawaii on a girls trip. I did a number of fun activities, but the one that was most memorable was when had the chance to go surfing!

Get A Surfer Chic's Body Without Even Getting Wet!

I was the only one from my crew who actually opted to take the lesson (black women and their hair LOL).  I had so much fun but I didn’t realize what I would be getting myself into. Every bone in my body ached and my muscles were beyond sore (similar to the feeling I had after my first pole dancing class). I’ve never been so worn out in my life. It almost put a major dent in my vacation, but I just threw on some tiger balm, took a bath and kept it moving. The experience was more than worth it!

The type of workout I received from a simple lesson in surfing was tougher than me spending an hour and a half working out in the gym. There was something about the movement and all that work trying to balance myself on that surfboard that made my body really feel the workout. This is probably what Mike Hartwick, owner of SurfSet Fitness, was thinking when he created the RipSurfer X.

Since Hartwick’s creation of the RipSurfer X, fitness enthusiasts around the world have recognized the extreme benefits of his board and what surfing does for the body, creating a new form of INDOOR SURFING for those looking for a lean and toned physique.

When I say INDOOR SURFING, I am not referring to that big ride that you see at the water parks that look like this:

Get A Surfer Chic's Body Without Even Getting Wet!

This new form of INDOOR SURFING requires NO WATER what-so-ever. All you need is a surfer board, like this:Get A Surfer Chic's Body Without Even Getting Wet!

Indoor Surfing Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits you can receive with a workout like indoor surfing:

  • Core strengthening = vibrant six pack
  • Burn 450-800 calories per workout
  • Providing lean muscle mass
  • Increased bone strength and density
  • Reduction of body fat
  • Hardens joints
  • Speeds up metabolism

Get A Surfer Chic's Body Without Even Getting Wet!

Indoor surfing has become so popular in parts of the world, it has even caught Steve Harvey’s attention and he’s given it a try too:

Where Can You Get It…

Although this type of indoor surfing has become increasingly popular it is not as popular as that of zumba or yoga. You will soon be able to get indoor surfing lessons in 2013 through SurfSet Fitness at a studio near you. Stay involved by checking their website for future classes in the area.

Again, you can purchase the RipSufer X directly through SurfSet Fitness for about $450. It is recommended that you also purchase the resistance kit for an additional $30 to compliment the training.

As you can see the Los Angeles region’s class availability is pretty much non-existent, for right now. You can get certified to teach a indoor surfing class for $295 as well as open you own indoor surfing studio with the help of Mike Hartwick and his company SurfSet!

How many of you ladies have braved-up and gone surfing before? Tell me how you liked it! If not, would you give indoor surfing a try? Also, if your an indoor fitness instructor in the Los Angeles area drop a comment with your studio information!

img source: tumblr + SurfSet Fitness

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