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The “black creatives” [figurative] lunch table seats some serious film juggernauts, such as the scandalous Shonda Rhimes, Mara Brock Akil, Ava DuVernay and the very talented Whoopi Goldberg. Much respect is given, and due, to these accomplished queens, however these ladies need to make some much needed room at the cinema lunch table for some new voices in black film and cinemas, starting with “In The Morning” writer and director Nefertite Nguvu

"In The Morning" Movie Review: Nefertite Nguvu Speaks To The Human In You

Writer + Director Nefertite Nguvu Looking Uber Jazzy at her West Coast Film Debut for her Film “In The Morning”

  A few weeks ago Nguvu celebrated her east coast release of “In The Morning” at the Urban World Film Festival, and now us west coasters had the chance to catch the film, as it debuted at the 2015 Pan African Film Festival here in LA.

Love’s Inescapable Journey Reviewed

When I first realized that the Pan African Film Festival was being held at the old Magic Johnson Theaters, now Rave Cinemas, in Baldwin Hills, I was a lil’ uneasy. No, not because it’s a few blocks from the jungles (Clueless? Then go watch Training Day again with Denzel Washington), but because the Magic Johnson Theaters were notorious for folks talking to the movie, starting drama and why I stopped going back in 95’! 

That was neither here nor there, because I had nan issues when I watched “In The Morning” and let me tell you this movie is excellent! 

Love’s inescapable journey plagues each and every one of us and Nguvu captured each and every complexity within it, with such creative texture. It was brilliant. Plus, her message was so timely for me, as I’m on the tail end of my own divorce. This movie ministered to my heart so deeply, it was unreal. 

"In The Morning" Movie Review: Nefertite Nguvu Speaks To The Human In You

“In The Morning” Writer and director Nefertite Nguvu [left] and yours truly.

 It’s crazy because I identified with just about every [female] character in her film. From being the serial dater, having missed calls from his wife, knowing you’re being cheated on and where I’m at this very moment, where unequivocal happiness is the only thing I need right now. 

The Cast

"In The Morning" Movie Review: Nefertite Nguvu Speaks To The Human In You

Star studded cast of “In The Morning” participating in questions and answers following the Los Angeles screening at the Pan African Film Festival.

 Nguvu secured an excellent cast for her film, each person bringing their own distinct flavor. I was a little upset not all the characters made it out to the LA screening, but the existing cast completely made up for it with charm and wit.

The original lead singer of the Black Eyed Pea’s, Kim Hill [pictured below, right], was nothing short of miraculous in this film. I had a chance to chat with her after the movie and her realness that I felt in person, was definitely felt on screen in her character Harper. 

"In The Morning" Movie Review: Nefertite Nguvu Speaks To The Human In You

Fellow Fashion and Natural Hair blogger Jana’e Holmes of NaturallyCurlyKinky.com and Kim Hill.

 It was a little hard to keep my eye’s off of Jacky Ido as Malik. I hate to compare, but he was giving me that Idris-y feeling on screen, within his own right of course. Any man that can articulate emotional vulnerability, authentically, is a winner in my book. Ohh, I love a good love story!

Award winning actress Emayatzy Corinealdi, playing Cadence in the film was serving life for haters and lovers alike in this film. Her wardrobe had me taking notes in the theaters, and she definitely had me hanging on to every word as she played opposite to that other fine specimen, Jacky Ido.

JoNell Kennedy (Amara) was a force to be reckoned with in this film. Not only is she stunning in the film, and in person, her work on screen is undeniably the “ISH”. She had this “woman scorned” ferocity, yet regal-ness that made you love her role.

C.J. Lindsay (Leal) and De’Adre Aziza (Zuri) mastered what I liked to refer to as the “Seven Pound Effect.” I know you’re reading saying what the heck is this girl talking about?!?! Remember Will Smith in the movie Seven Pounds? He did all that intense “face acting,” saying few words?!?!? Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt about Lindsay and Aziza, with all that extreme facial emotion. These two were so intense, they got on my last nerve. I didn’t know if I wanted to hug them or slap the dog mess out of them, so you know that was some good acting. You have to watch these two in action!

Numa Perrier (Bly), Alonzo Slade (Fez) and Hoji Fortuna (Ravi) roles weren’t as heavy in this movie, but they were the pieces to the puzzle that made “In The Morning” complete.

Perrier offered the “lightness” of the character who just hasn’t met the right one, but is hopeful about love. Not tainted just yet.

You always need the cool as a cucumber type dude on the scene, like Fez, who is sly as the devil,  but knows he too will have to journey down love’s inescapable past at some point in the near future.

Then there’s Ravi, the man that every woman has but is kept at a comfortable distance. We’ve all had one of those at some point or another. He was so gentle, I loved his character!

All in all, I give “In The Morning” solid pound, dap and two thumbs up. It will speak to the human in you. No matter how much you try and escape love, it will always find you. For love is all things.  Check out a few more photo’s from the premiere…

"In The Morning" Movie Review: Nefertite Nguvu Speaks To The Human In You

Nefertite Nguvu Shares a few Notes With the Audience!

"In The Morning" Movie Review: Nefertite Nguvu Speaks To The Human In You

Nefertite Nguvu, A few Supporters and Moi!


Learn more about In The Morning:

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