How To Take Coconut Oil Orally

How To Take Coconut Oil Orally

Everyday I get a huge web response from a previous post I wrote on coconut oil and its benefits on the body. Although the post is very informative about the benefits of coconut oil, but I know some of you are looking around wondering how do you actually eat or consumer coconut oil. It’s really easy, don’t worry!


First, you should know that as long as you are taking coconut oil in its purest form, which is usually virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, then you are doing yourself the best of favors.


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Dr. Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, explains the difference between virgin, extra-virgin and regular (RBG or refined and bleached) coconut oil best in the following video–> CLICK HERE!


How To Take Coconut Oil OrallyPicture courtesy of Vegangela


Second, although there are types of coconut oil that you can take, but it is recommended that you take virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil in solid or liquid form. Dr. Fife gives the proper dosage recommendation in the following video:



Lastly, please remember that if you opt to take coconut oil as Dr. Fife has suggested in the video, you may want to start taking it in lower dosages at first. Why? Besides the oily taste you have to get past, if you take more than one tablespoon it will have a serious effect on your stomach. How do I say this lightly? IT WILL CLEAN YOU OUT!


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For those of you who don’t want it working as a natural laxative, my recommendation is to keep it at one tablespoon per day and then work your way up to two, maybe three (if you can hang).

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I am interested to know, what has motivated you to start a coconut oil regimen and more importantly, how is is working out for you? Don’t be afraid to share your good or bad news…

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