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How To Take Coconut Oil Orally

July 7, 2012
How To Take Coconut Oil Orally

How To Take Coconut Oil Orally

Everyday I get a huge web response from a previous post I wrote on coconut oil and its benefits on the body. Although the post is very informative about the benefits of coconut oil, but I know some of you are looking around wondering how do you actually eat or consumer coconut oil. It’s really easy, don’t worry!

First, you should know that as long as you are taking coconut oil in its purest form, which is usually virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, then you are doing yourself the best of favors.

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Dr. Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, explains the difference between virgin, extra-virgin and regular (RBG or refined and bleached) coconut oil best in the following video–> CLICK HERE!

How To Take Coconut Oil OrallyPicture courtesy of Vegangela

Second, although there are types of coconut oil that you can take, but it is recommended that you take virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil in solid or liquid form. Dr. Fife gives the proper dosage recommendation in the following video:

Lastly, please remember that if you opt to take coconut oil as Dr. Fife has suggested in the video, you may want to start taking it in lower dosages at first. Why? Besides the oily taste you have to get past, if you take more than one tablespoon it will have a serious effect on your stomach. How do I say this lightly? IT WILL CLEAN YOU OUT!

Sick? Ditch The Cough Medicine And Opt for Some Coconut Oil Therapy!

For those of you who don’t want it working as a natural laxative, my recommendation is to keep it at one tablespoon per day and then work your way up to two, maybe three (if you can hang).

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I am interested to know, what has motivated you to start a coconut oil regimen and more importantly, how is is working out for you? Don’t be afraid to share your good or bad news…

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  • ShittyParker

    PS – I LOVE your bio pic (and apologize for my rude handle, LOL! I’m usually commenting on cruder blogs…)

  • ShittyParker

    I have colitis and have been putting a spoonful into my morning smoothies for a few weeks now – I usually don’t consume more than that each day (I was lucky enough to be warned of the slow start advice, thanks for doing the same for your readers!) Not entirely sure how effective it is because I’m on prednisone and trying to incorporate other anti-inflammatory foods (pineapple, turmeric) into my diet as well, but at least it’s not making anything worse, knock on wood! Hopefully my next scope shows lower inflammation. I wanted to mention that I’ve used it as a moisturizer, my boyfriend puts it in his hair, and I’ve even slapped a little “down there” when I’ve suspected a yeast infection coming on and it sends that itch packing. In short, imo, coconut oil is the ish!

    • Marie Young

      Hahahhahah, I think your handle is pretty funny! Thanks for sharing your Coconut Oil story and I had NO IDEA about the yeast infection benefits. ALL WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THAT, so thanks for sharing!

  • Brenda

    I just started taking coconut oil. I’m trying to eat as much organic and natural foods as possible. I don’t mind the taste but I wish I had known to start out with a smaller dosage. My stomach was not happy and it gave me a lot of gas so I stopped taking it. Will wait a few days and start again with a smaller amount.

    • Marie Young

      Yeah, it will work as a sure laxative and that can happen. Check back and tell me how it goes on round two!

      • Jenna

        I had a similar experience: about 2 tsp and I was in PAIN! So many sites telling me how to use it, and this is the first that warned me about a side-effect. Think I’ll stick to using it in baking.

  • Natalia

    Started taking it for weight loss.

    • Marie Young

      Make sure you stop back by and tell us your findings!

  • Natalia

    I started taking 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil every morning 3 days ago. Didn’t know if I could stomach it but I love it. It taste really good. You are right, it does make me go to the bathroom but I can hang. Lol Hopping to notice other benefits from this regime. Wanted your opinion on whether I should take more per day or stick to the 3 tblsp. Every morning?

    • Marie Young

      I love the taste too! Sorry for responding so late (this comment got lost in the matrix), but I would recommend taking 1-2 tablespoons every morning. 3 May be too much!

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  • TDashfield

    I’ve been using it for hair and skin but not internally…yet. I may try and sneak some in to some cooking and see how it goes over.

    • Marie Young

      I love the way it tastes with just a tea spoon. Soooooo goooooood! Let me know how you like it!

  • hopeful human

    I have hpv … and I believe if I start eating natural and start cleaning my body from all the toxins I’ve put in my body for over the past 20 years, I’m hopeful that I can get rid of, if not reverse my symptoms. If you really know how the food industry works, its really killing us. ‘Salt sugar fat’ proves it, ‘forks over knives’ shows it, as well as ‘food Inc.’ …. nature gives us the ingredients to cure and better our bodies and minds, we just have to open our eyes and use them.

    • Marie Young

      Well they do say that it goes away on its own. Thanks for being so vunerable and sharing your status with us. Also, look into SuperFoods by Dr.Shultz in Marina Del Rey, CA. I love his stuff and it would work wonders for the body!

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