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This is the first summer I’ve fully welcomed and explored the feelings of complete liberation. It’s like I’m a brand new woman.

A Liberating Summer + A Few Things I've Been Swooning Over
Maybe it’s because I’m staring 30 dead in the face (turning 30 in September) or maybe I’m realizing that I’m finally spreading my wings. Either way, I’m here for it and I don’t mind taking all summer to explore my new found freedom from limits. 

 Here are a few things that I’ve been swooning my life over: 

>> Summer Reading List

I don’t get to read much but when I do I want to read something of value. I just went into the bookstore the other day and left flustered because I was just so indecisive.

A Liberating Summer + A Few Things I've Been Swooning Over

Then I stumbled across Dara’s, of Love Darbie, wonderful summer reading list and felt a sense of relief. She put together an awesome selection. 

I can’t wait to make my first pick. I think you’ll like her list just as much as I did. 

>> DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant 

I just wrote an article about coconut oil, so my mind is already on the sweat tasting beach nut. I’m not shy to lathering my body, from the rooter to the tooter, with Coconut Oil, but Deodorant?!?! I don’t know about this one.

I’ve been on a mad mission to limit the amount of harmful things I put in and on my body, so I think Coconut Oil Deodorant would be an interesting endeavor. 

A Liberating Summer + A Few Things I've Been Swooning Over

Although I’m skeptical, I’m going to take a stab at it. Keep my pits in your prayers though. I’ll report back to y’all to see if it’s worth replicating.

>> Choosing Happiness – Inspiration 

As you get older, the pressures of life to wear thin on your happiness. Again, Dara of Love Darbie totally Iyanla Vanzant’ed me, getting my life, with her poignant viewpoints on achieving and maintaining your own happiness.

A Liberating Summer + A Few Things I've Been Swooning Over

After reading, I had to give her the solid THANK YOU, because her reminders where much needed for me. Dara said it best: HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE.

>> Longitude + Latitude Bracelet  

Like I said earlier, this has been one of the most liberating summers for me. I really want to commemorate my experience and this cute Longitude + Latitude Bracelet seems like the perfect keepsake. 

A Liberating Summer + A Few Things I've Been Swooning Over

It’s a classic bracelet so I can wear it for as long as I can keep up with it. Hopefully, it will always remind me of the summer I started doing more of ME!

>> The Little Black Book of Rules For Curly Girls

I’ve never been into reading about natural hair. Mostly because I feel like each person’s hair is so unique, no one can make sweeping generalizations about how to maintain different hair types. 

A Liberating Summer + A Few Things I've Been Swooning Over

However, when people start branding themselves as the curly “hair doctor,”as professional natural hairstylist Tameeka McNeil Johnson has,  you’ve got my attention. Plus, I know I could use some tips to help me maintain my natural with all this summer heat.

Looks like I’m going to have to cop me a copy of this book since I won’t be able to get my butt in Tameeka’s chair anytime soon (she’s based out of NYC). 

Ladies, I hope your first few days of summer have been as wonderful as mine. I look forward to sharing more goodies with you too. 

What have you been swooning over this summer? Have any goodies you’d like to share? Drop the link in the comments. 


img sources: love darbie + jaded tresses + narkrowell

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