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blogger goods I’ve been saying that I was going to start writing more tips for beginning bloggers, using WordPress, but I never got around to it…until NOW! 

I’m going to commit to you all to give you blogging tidbits on how to grow your blogs for the better. 

Which brings me to this really cool website that any beginning blogger, on WordPress, needs to know. Are you ready, because I’m about to give you the keys to the kingdom here?!?!?

The website I’m referring to is What WordPress Theme is That? Have you been here? If not, you’re in for a treat. 

What WordPress Theme is That? allows you to, basically, steal borrow from any blog is hosted on WordPress. Hey, there’s no shame in my game when I copy Pablo Picasso’s widely acclaimed quote “good artists borrow, great artists steal!” 

So here’s how you use it: 

Step One – Head on Over to www.whatwordpressthemeisthat.com


Step Two –  Enter Your URL

We can use my website for kicks. Yes, I’m giving you all my little secrets. LOL.


Step Three – Take What You Need!

From here on, everything is yours for the taking. 

1. Theme Homepage: If you like the websites theme, you can peek around at the demo created for it.  

2. You may like it but don’t want to necessarily buy the same one you’re viewing. You can see what other themes the developer has to offer. 

Blogger Goodies

3. See what plugin’s the person has downloaded. Remember not all plugins are created equal so if you download a boat load of plugins after stalking other people’s sites, know that at least one of them won’t be compatible with your theme. Not all themes are created equal. 

Now that you know all my blogger secrets, go forth and try to add a few new tools to your WordPress dashboard and get your blog looking awesome!

Have you tried What WordPress Theme is That before? Do you know of any other alternative online tools similar to this? Have a blogger question? Don’t be shy. Ask me in the comments or email me directly! 

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