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Why Being A Gold Digger Will Get You Closer To Success + Happiness

I’ll come right out and say it. I’m a GOLD DIGGER! I get a figurative high chasing gold. I know what you’re thinking, but please do me a favor and calm your nerves. Just so we’re clear, I’m nothing like the girls Yeezy is rapping about. If anything I’m what you’d consider a New Age Gold Digger. Plus, the gold I’m referring to is much different than what you probably have in mind.

Why Being A Gold Digger Will Get You Closer To Success + Happiness #KanyeWest

Why Being A Gold Digger Will Get You Closer To Success + Happiness #KanyeWest


No, I’m not trying to find a man to pay all my bills and take care of me. I’m not checking for the latest Christian Louboutin’s and I’ve never needed to keep up with any of the Jones’. 

My “gold” is more of a lifestyle than that of material possessions. It’s a lifestyle of living HAPPY and FULFILLED. I equate success and wealth with happiness and whatever I have to do to achieve this lifestyle, will be done. 

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Last week I was fortunate enough to celebrate my 30th birthday and I don’t know about you, but around birthday’s I can get a tad bit sensitive. I usually start comparing my life to that of other seemingly successful people in my age range, being hard on myself. However, this year I’ve been on that simple life” path I always talk about. Nah, my life isn’t all peaches and cream, however I’m certain that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.

Happy isn’t something that just falls in your lap, even though the concept would be really nice. We have to create our happy. How do I create my happy you ask? I create my happy by setting life goals that are aligned with what I’m most passionate about and putting in the hard work to achieve these goals. 

Here’s how I’m working towards my happy:

// ONE // Determine what your life goals are: Trust me, once you get past this first step, everything else will be a walk in the park. When I first started this process, I wrote down the word “goals” on the top of the page, and literally looked the sheet for 20 minutes with a blank stare. When you take yourself to this place, it may be scary, but press on. 

Examine your life in the following areas to see what’s most important to you: 

1. Personal Development
2. Health & Wellness
3. Spiritually
4. Professionally (career and business)
5. Wealth

For each area, ask yourself what would make you the HAPPIEST and then write down whatever comes to mind, even if it sounds silly. Review your list and pinpoint 3-5 goals that you feel the most passionate about.

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TIP: If you’re unsure, keep your list where it’s at and let’s perform a little test. Spend a month researching and carrying out some of the goals on this list that you’re unsure of, chances are there’s something on the list you’re not as passionate about as you may have initially thought. Remove whatever doesn’t pass the test.

// TWO // Double and triple check that your goals truly aligned with what you’re most passionate about: If you read the tip, then there shouldn’t be anything on your list that isn’t adding value to your “larger” goals in life.  No more wasting your time doing things that aren’t building value in your world. Start living on purpose and with intent. 

As I set goals for myself, I’ll ask myself two important questions: 

  1. Does the goal excite me?
  2. Does the goal feel potentially life-changing?

If the answers I get from these questions don’t make sense, I’ll cut my losses.

// THREE // Figure out a date you’d like to see each goal accomplished: This means you should have 3-5 goal completion dates on your calendar. Some of your goals may be long-term, while others will be much shorter. That’s ok. Set a realistic expectations for yourself and commit.

// FOUR // Set actionable tasks for each goal: For each goal set monthly tasks that will inch you closer and closer to accomplishing it. If you’re really “bout it, bout it” (listened to way too much Master P in high school), you could set up bi-monthly tasks for each goal.

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This would work best with shorter term goals, as long term goals probably won’t require as much attention. However, it would be nice to have notes to remind yourself you’re still working towards that goal.  

// FIVE // Track and measure your success reaching your goals: Determine how you track your goals best, by either writing it down with pen and paper or digitally (I use evernote), write down your goals and look at them often; monthly or even bi-monthly should do the trick as well.

Why Being A Gold Digger Will Get You Closer To Success + Happiness #journal #lifelessons #opinion

Check back and see how many of the goals you actually accomplished. Were there any goals that you completely let fall to the wayside? Did you discover any hidden strengths or weaknesses within yourself that you didn’t recognize before? 

These types of exercises will force you to grow. Be present in your growth. Be transparent with yourself and not only will you accomplish your life’s goals, but you’ll get to know yourself a lot better in the process. 

// SIX // Learn how to quit more often. Yes, I said quit! I am no longer going to invest my time in people, situations or any endeavor that is not worth my time and as far as I’m concerned, you shouldn’t either!

As soon as you realize what you’re working on or a situation you’re in isn’t getting you closer to accomplishing your goals, put on our Chris Brown persona and start chuckin’ up the deuces. Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins said it best, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Instead of tying to get to at all the athletes in the vip section of the club, I’m stalking travel destinations on the net. Instead of worrying about how much money a potential suitor may have in his bank account, I’m worried about how much vacation time he has so he can backpack with me in Europe for a summer. 

I’m ok with labeling myself as a gold digger. I know a few of you are properly giving me the side eye, but again, it’s all in your definition of gold. It’s really a matter of perspective. So come on, let’s start digging for some gold, set some goals and get closer to success and happiness!

I’m not reinventing the wheel here by wanting to set and accomplish goals for myself. How are you getting the job done? How do you define success? 

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