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I’m not one of those bloggers who digitally portrays their life as being picture perfect online. Nope, not in the slightest. Shoot, I have just as many problems as the next person, I operate on 4 hours of sleep most nights and my rent is due on the 1st just like yours. 

We all go through our occasional “funk” here and there, but we have to try and maintain our personal sanity some kind of way, right? At lease for those of us who value living a full and meaningful life. 

Instead of logging into my Hulu account [ok fine, my friends Hulu account] and crying myself a river like I’ve been doing, I decided to venture out and force myself to smile this weekend.

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I read this quote the other day and it spoke to me: 



What started off as a fake smile, ended up to being an ear-to-ear Kool Aid smile, as I went out to support my best friend [Melly Mel] at her fiancé’s [Young Twaun] Pre Grammy Showcase at La Poubelle’s last Thursday.  

The Healing Powers of a Girls Night Out

It was hard at first, but when you’re helping/supporting someone else’s success, the shared euphoria in the air starts to rub off on you. Well, at least is does for me. Supporting others that are accomplishing their goals is therapeutic for the soul. Not to mention it can help get your mind right too.

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It was amazing to watch Young Twaun put the crowd, as well as myself, into a lyrical trance. In addition to letting my hair down, I got to do what I love to do most…take some super dope photographs of beautiful people!

So, the moral of this story is, continue living no matter what’s TEMPORARILY standing in your way. There’s always a bright side or a silver lining in every negative situation. Plus, you can only go so long sitting in your PJ’s, watching old re-runs of Martin and feeling sorry for yourself. 

Who would of thought, a good ol’ fashioned girls night out would be just what this millennial mommy needed to keep pressing on?!?! 

Girl, GET UP, GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING, then tweet me so we can get together and do something fun!

Lean more about Young Twaun here: TWITTER || FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || SOUNDCLOUD || YOUTUBE

How do you get off your butt, STOP feeling sorry for yourself and start LIVING?

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