Financial Dream Killers That Senior Should Know Of

Financial Dream Killers That Senior Should Know Of

You’ve had your dreams for a long time, and all you want is to achieve them no matter what. That is a great determination that everyone, including senior citizens should have. Concerning financial dreams, there are so many obstacles that seniors may face while trying to have their finances in order and working hard to achieve their dreams.

While some challenges are beyond our control, most of the things that stand in our way to realizing our financial dreams are normal, obvious and easy to deal with. These are what we call financial dream killers. Every age group is faced with different dream killers, and seniors too have their own. Without much ado, here are some of the most common things that kill financial dreams of older adults.

  1. TV

TV is a known dream killer. Most seniors, even those who still have the ability to build their finance and achieve financial success spend too much time watching TV. As an older adult, it goes without saying that you have many friends of your age. And I bet you have heard them time and again saying that they do not have enough time to achieve their financial goals. If seniors could only have their priorities right and reduce the time their spend on TV and focus more on achieving their financial dreams, then everyone would be surprised how easy it can be to achieve financial success.

  • Impulse spending

Impulse spending is another notorious financial dream killer. In case you don’t know what it is, impulse spending simply means spending money on things that are not important to your financial goals or to you, or simply spending money on things that you haven’t planned for. Most people who are 65 and older usually go to the shopping malls without having the list of the things they should buy. If you don’t drop such a habit, then you will always spend money on the things you really do not need. Impulse buying can sometimes lead to debts because you might end up spending more money that you earn.

  • Not having financial goals

Without clear financial goals, there is no way you will realize your financial dreams. Have clear financial goals and align them with your financial dreams. Without clear goals, you can’t really know where you are going, and you will definitely fail to know how to get there. Find 2019 medicare advantage plans here

  • Not doing what you love

Yes, you want to attain your financial dreams. However, you should not just take up a job after retirement simply because it pays handsomely. If you want to have true happiness, which will make you have clear financial dreams, then do what you love and money will follow.

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