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Cornrows ≠ Jail Time

May 7, 2015

Although folks still think that cornrows are nothing more than a jailhouse staple, I’m all the way down with the signature “gangsta braid” (as we called them back in the day) look and always have been. I’ve been rocking cornrows since my hair was long enough

to braid. Peep the steez:

Cornrows ≠ Jail Time

2001 – 11th grade

Yes, this photo was taken at the famous “Star Shots”. I don’t know about you east coasters, but growing up in Los Angeles, Star Shots was the place for every millennial to get some professional selfies taken. Never mind that dark brown lip liner… 

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Allow this post to serve as encouragement to head down to your local beauty supply and pick up a few packs of braiding hair to finish off Spring strong, with a signature braided look!

TIP: If you’re headed to your stylist to install this style, let me remind you of WHAT NOT TO DO. If you look at the inspirational photo’s above you notice anything similar with how the braid was constructed? No? Well, they’ve added hair in, but only after starting the braid with their own hair. PLEASE, do not start your braids with the fake hair! Walking around with those big ‘ol knots at the start of your braid is harsh on your hair line, and not to mention unattractive!

Are you rocking cornrows this Spring? Upload a photo in the comments section below. Don’t be shy!

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  • shay Lyn

    I have been following this stylist ‘lovehard_grindharder’ on instagram and I’m literally depressed that I live no where near her. She does BEAUTIFUL “glamour braids” in so many different styles. I have struggled with finding a stylist in my area who can do the braids sans huge knot in the front which is the only thing holding me back from some straight backs! If any of you fellow readers are in CT and know somebody, put me on PLEASE!

    • Marie Young

      I loveeee her! This would be the style I’d choose if I sat in her chair!


    This post is too cute! I remember rocking these braids in high school as well.

    • Marie Young

      I’m going to re-install soon. You should join me!

  • Jass

    I remember wearing these braids often, the larger ones..super easy to maintain & remove. They came in handy for the TWO cheerleading teams I was in at the same time lol. Great memories, sexy gansta style.

    • Marie Young

      As you see in my picture above, I only wore them small back in the day. I want to get them chunkier now though. Need to explore a lil these days.

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