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Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

Thank goodness for this fabulous pair of red Nike’s sitting beside me here. Thanks to these retro “there’s no place like home” tennis, my girl Kachet was able to win us two free tickets (fruits of this post she wrote) to Capitol Beer Fest for Sacramento Beer Week.

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I’m a beer novice, as I’d prefer a glass of Zinfindel before anything else, but I absolutely enjoyed trying some new brew’s this past weekend. If I’m choosing tap, I usually opt for a cider or an ale, but today all’s fair. Time to burst free out from those oh so comfy comfort zones.

Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

Sacramento’s fashion scene is low key, so it really works with my casualness. After yesterday’s shenanigans, I couldn’t do anything other than the “ol’ yee faithful” wash-n-go, some distressed denim and a non-form fitting tunic. Besides, beer and high-heels just don’t mix for me…

Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

Notice anything different in the head region? Yep, I got a hair cut! Special shot out to Chanel over at Strands Aveda Salon in Natomas. Chanel gave me my first cut with my hair wet. That was an experience. Can’t lie, I was super nervous.

I was in serious need of a trim, but that trim turned into a serious CUT! Let’s just say that I need to invest in a silk pillow. My ends were so angry with me. So, so angry.

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Back to the festival…You can’t have beer without food trucks, right?!?! And Capitol Beer Fest was food truck heaven. My stomach was set on a hot dog, so I went to Dog Town Food Truck and tried their Baja Hot dog with their signature mango sauce. To. Die. For.!!!!

Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

And that piece of bacon positioned oh so carefully beneath the dog was a beautiful surprise for my taste buds. My word was it delicious!

Don’t judge me but I’m a professional people watcher. I’m usually just watching for style inspiration and of course Sacramento didn’t let me down.

I have never in my natural life seen a septum ring with rhinestone’s in it! EVER! And I was completely here for it. If it wasn’t highly unsanitary, I would of snatched it right from her nose and wore it. After a little digging, I found a cute alternative here.

Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

It’s so important to have a style staple like a Nautical Shift Dress in your closet these days. They’re so universal and this girl definitely proved such, as she is completely rocking it at a place where jeans and a t-shirt is more of the status quo.

Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

You’ve got to love this guy. His shirt says it all. I may have to submit this tee to Tee’s In the Trap!

Capitol Beer Fest: Only Day Drunks Allowed

Lastly, as you’ve probably gathered by now, I wasn’t as focused on the beer, as much as I should have been. I sampled a slew of brew’s, but I will say my ultimate favorite [I must admit I had more samples than were due to me] was Pyramid Brewery’s Pyramid Apricot. It was sooooooo easy to drink and who doesn’t like Apricot?!?!?

What did you get into this weekend?

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