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// G O O D L O O K N O U T // | April 20, 2014

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Cafe Entourage: Good Friends, Good Food and Good Times! - // G O O D L O O K N O U T //

Cafe Entourage: Good Friends, Good Food and Good Times!
Marie Young

True friendship will always stand the test of time, space and anything else thrown at you at all times. No matter how far you go, when you get back to where you started your true friends will always be in your corner. These statements proved true for me today when all my closest girlfriends got together with me to celebrate my return to Los Angeles from DC and my 28th birthday.

For this celebration, we all spent this lovely Sunday afternoon having brunch at Cafe Entourage in Hollywood, where their motto aligns perfectly with my how I felt about  the energy and space I was currently sharing with my dear friends:


Cafe Entourage 
1600 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 467-4200

If you don’t like being in places that are absolutely “POPPIN” then Cafe Entourage is not the place for you. They have a full bar, which automatically draw out the crazy’s. There are plasmas everywhere, including a jumbo projector screen on the main room that that of course is playing football. Lastly, on they offered a live DJ playing some of the hottest hip hop, rap and R&B. Poppin was an understatement….it was CRAKKIN!

Let me not forget to mention that by 2pm the brunch was jammed packed. Every seat in the bar was full, every seat was full in the main dining room as well as the 2nd floor dining room and outside patio (where they served the brunch’s buffet) was full too. Of course we were in Hollywood, so there were no shortage of “low-key” celebrities in the house (John Singleton, Too Short, Shaunie O’Neal, etc).

The food was absolutely astonishing! I had the pulled pork sliders as well as the fried calamari. Ok, ok I was just super hungry and ate half of my girlfriends calamari.The pulled pork was tender, juicy and melted right in my mouth. The batter on the fried calamari was just right. For all you foodies, you already know the batter on calamari can make or break the dish. Cafe Entourage’s cook definitely made the batter-cut.

The ladies and I had so much fun together. Whenever you have good food, bottomless mimosa’s and some good music your destined to have a good time and this is exactly what took place.

BTW, thanks Desiree for my wonderful cake from Porto’s Bakery in Glendale!!!

I truly missed all my friends and they came together and showed that the feeling was surely mutual. Special thanks to Cafe Entourage for being our wonderful playground and showing us such a good time.

Last, but not least more thanks to my bestie Kandice for assembling this get together and helping it all come together!!!

Have you been to Cafe Entourage? If so, what did you think? Did you have as much fun as we did? If not, what did you get into this weekend?

  • Maj0r

    I definitely will have to try this spot when I go home .

    • MarieYoung

      Yes, it’s a must. It actually turns into a night club in the evenings too!

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    Love it. SO glad you had a great time for your birthday, and your best friend’s face is beat like an African drum. Fabulous.

    • MarieYoung

      Hahahah thanks girl. Wish you were there to help turn it up a notch!

  • Lance Adair

    Happy birthday sistuR and welcome home! You are right, Cafe Entourage was CRACK’N! We had so much fun that day, and I look forward to many more.


    • Marie Young

      As do I boo!

  • Nae

    It looks like you had a great time and the food looks/sounds amazing. Happy belated doll!

    • Marie Young

      We did Nae! Thanks my actual born date is Sept 21st but we did it a lil early.

  • Timmi

    Seems like a great time. Two of my favorite things: food and birthdays!

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for stopping by timmi!

  • Diamond

    I had a wonderful time as well Mona! Welcome Home…

    • Marie Young

      Thanks diamond!

  • Allison

    So glad ur home and tht was the perfect spot to welcome u back and celebrate ur birthday as well! I will definitely go back for the shrimp Alfredo pizza as well as the pulled pork sliders tht I ate from ur plate LOL! #goodtimes

    • Marie Young

      I’m glad I am too and yes, we will have to go back and SOON!

  • Zuleika

    Simona you are too cute for words!!! Love your dress and the food looks soooo good!!!

    • Marie Young

      Thanks a bunch Zuleika!

  • Shalonda Goodman

    This post was spot on. Good fiends, good food, and good times. Welcome home friend

    • Marie Young

      Yes it was Londa!