What’s The Big Deal With Traveling Alone Anyway?

Now that I’ve turned over a new leaf in my life, embarking on a life that’s more suited for me, I’ve been bitten with the travel bug tarantula. I’ve never been to the windy city, once I got word Colorado has some Morrocan-esque sand dunes I’ve been a fiend, and I haven’t been overseas in ages. My passport has been yearning for some new stamps. 

There’s only one problem. I’m afraid to travel alone! So much so, that I’ve resulting to tossing my travel plans to the wayside, thinking I need to schedule my plans around my friends and family members.

What’s The Big Deal With Traveling Alone Anyway?

Visiting My Homegirl In NYC for a Couple of Days

I keep having thoughts of the Mexican drug cartel snatching me up, dirty ‘ol men trying to take advantage of me, as I’m asking for some directions, or that cute boy that slips some crack-cocaine in my bag and I don’t make it through customs [spending a few months in a Thai jail like Bridget Jones]… I have an overactive imagination, don’t I?!?!

But is traveling alone that bad? I’ve been seeing more women, especially black women, continuing to add stamps to their passport, sans a traveling buddy. I want to be her! Get up when I want, eat when I want, get into whatever I want. Fear stops today! I’m going full throttle with my travel plans. Here’s the rule of thumb I’m going to allow to lead my future journeys:

GET THE HELL OVER IT: First, and foremost, I’ll have to keep reminding myself that the chances of something happening to me, while on vacation, aren’t any higher than something happening to me in my own neighborhood. Of course there’s the possibility, but as long as I stick to my basic instinct, I’m sure I’ll be fine!

START LOCAL: To prepare myself, with the travel tricks-of-the-trade, I’ll do a weekend getaway locally. I’m in Sacramento, so I’ll spend a weekend in Lake Tahoe or drive up the 101 and stop at a cute bed in breakfast joint.

What’s The Big Deal With Traveling Alone Anyway?

Surfing Some Baby Waves In Hawaii With My Girlfriends [Who Didn’t Want to get Their Hair Wet]!

WHEN GOING BIG, GO REALLY BIG: When I do start planning for bigger, out of the country trips, I’ll be sure to stick to big cities and leave the cute desolate destinations for another group trip. The bustle of the city is sure to keep me busy and will suppress my fears.

LEAVE BEHIND SOME BREADCRUMBS: At each destination, I’ll check in with a close family member who will step in and play detective if I go missing; a job that usually defaults to my mama!

NO PHONE DEPENDENCIES: Have you ever seen someone so deep into their phone, they’re about to get hit crossing the street?!?!? That was probably me! Sometimes social media has the tendency to suck you all the way in, but staying aware of your immediate surrounding while traveling is vital to having a safe and comfortable trip. So, I’ll keep my smartphone at a comfortable distance. Besides, social media will still be in the same place after the trip [or at least until there’s a wifi connection]!

REPOSITIONING MY ‘TUDE: Instead of always obsessing about the fact that I’m alone, when I’m feeling the slightest bit lonely, I’ll have to keep reminding myself that spending time alone is merely spending time with yourself. I’m sure the process will be therapeutic!

So, next up on my 2015 travel bucket list:

1) Tavertine Natural Hot Springs (Bridgeport, CA)


2) Drive up the 101 coastline with a brief stop at Redwood National Park for the day. 


3) Lastly, I’m headed to the Dominican Republic to lay like a bum on the beach… My reservations will be complete this week!


September has a lot in store for me. I’m turning 31 this month, plus I’m headed to the Las Vegas Jazz Festival with a few friends to blow off some much needed steam. Despite fear crashing my ‘invite only’ solo-travel party, I’ve a got a lot to be thankful for and I will not let myself or my travel bucket list down!

Where do you stand on traveling alone? Tell me your solo-travel stories! Also, what’s on your travel bucket list for the remainder of 2015?

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  • http://www.robincharmagne.com/blog robincharmagne

    Love this article! My first solo trip was to Chicago, had a blast and birthed my blog. Start small, in your own state!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      I’m late but I’m headed over to your site! Thanks for reading and sharing!

  • Bobbie

    Girl….I love this! Although, the only place I have traveled alone is back home to Mich. I’m not scared just hadn’t done it yet. Marie…these are some good tips.

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Thanks Bobbie. Hopefully I’ll catch you the next time I’m in ATL!

  • Un Edited

    Let me tell you that the Redwood National Park is EVERYTHING! I’ve never breathed air so fresh before or since hiking among the Redwoods. Like you, I’ve put my travel plans on the backburner, not wanting to travel with friends who isn’t as interested in the adventures of Costa Rica as I am. I still haven’t talked myself into travelling alone, but I will take your advice for travelling locally all by my damn self!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      I can’t wait to get there. Literally, can’t wait! Where are you located?

  • Rae Webb

    I don’t care anymore. I have so many butterflies when I step on the plane prepping for my next adventure and then when I get there, I meet so many people. And the funnest part is sharing your adventures with your loved ones when you get back. I have friends all over the world and it’s partially because my traveling alone!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Girl, you’re my total inspiration when it comes to traveling. You totally rev’d my engine with the Sand Dunes trip. We have to plan another one. I’m all for solo travel, but we have to have a real ‘girls’ trip!

  • terezbaskin

    I traveled to Australia last year all by my lonesome. I had a blast. I went to Fashion Week, I dined alone. I walked the city. Slept as long as I wanted. Sat at coffee shops for longer than necessary. I shopped and met people along the way. Many who seemed to never have seen a Black woman that far from the states alone. The first few hours of me landing I met a fellow American sister living there from ATL. We went to dinner and she took me to places I wouldn’t have found if I didn’t have a “local” with me. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I missed my kids, but other than that. The time was absolutely amazing. You do grow a little beyond what you could imagine. Don’t wait for others to get their ish together and go, just go!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Damn, Australia?!?!? That’s impressive! Sounds like it was an amazing trip! I hope to replicate such energy during my soon to be travels!

  • Mallory

    I was the same way up until last year – I was waiting for the “perfect” partner to travel with and then I just got tired of waiting. So for my birthday last year, at the last minute I booked a 4 day solo trip to Barcelona and had THE BEST TIME of my life. Soon as I landed I wondered why I wanted this long to do it. So I’ve decided to make it an annual thing and for my birthday this year, I embarked on an 11-day trip to Prague/Vienna/Budapest – words can’t explain how much fun it was. My thought is, I refuse for life to pass me by just because I’m waiting for someone to do the things I want to do. Sure, it’s terrifying the first time, but you grow in a way that’s indescribable. There’s something freeing about knowing you can trust yourself to be alone with yourself, to have nice meals in restaurants by yourself, to enjoy life and take care of yourself in a strange place :)

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Welp, looks like you’ve found you a new traveling buddy (moi). You’ve got some excellent tips here! Before 2015 is up, I’m headed somewhere solo, for sure. I’ll let you know how it goes!

      • Mallory

        Yay that’s awesome. I love reading the other experiences of all the women who’ve traveled solo :) So inspiring. Just do it!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

        • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

          Ohh, they’re coming! First installation, happens in Oct! #Staytuned #TravelPlansSet :) T

  • http://mykurves.blogspot.com/ Neti

    My advice, Go and Enjoy yoself. . .stay at an all included resort so you do not have to venture out if you do not want to. Life is for the Living!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      “All included” sounds about right to me!