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Do you want to be my Bae, or Nah?!?! Hahahaha. I love it when I hear someone say that.

Seriously though, Bae, Thot and Fleek are all reasons I know I’m getting old. What happened to “my girl”,  “she’s fast” or “thats HOT”?!?! Whatever the case, people will certainly continue to try and reinvent the wheel to find new(er), more interesting terms of endearment for one another. 

So, if we must refer to ourselves as this new and improved pet name, I guess you have to have the proper attire to match. Am I wrong?

1. Bae Sweatshirt, $28.25

5 "Bae Worthy" Etsy Finds #Style #Stylish #Sweater #Sweatshirt #Bae

StupidStyles Bae Sweatshirt is absolutely genius! Plus, it’s getting a little chilly out there in these boo’d up streets. Why wouldn’t you want to show off your bae status during cuffing season?!?!?

I love that it’s a minimalist look, so you can wear it with most casual outfits. I’m also digging StupidStyle’s You Can’t Twerk With Us Tee  and Two Dumb For New York Too Ugly For LA Sweater too. 


2. Her Bae, His Bae Couples Key Chain, $24

5 "Bae Worthy" Etsy Finds #Style #keychain #bae

They remind me of those BFF locket necklaces I wore in the 4th grade, but I still like them. If you could actually get your bae to put this couples key chain on his key ring, you’d be out here winning in these streets.

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I envision most men looking at this key chain and bursting out in laughter, but hey, anything is possible these days. Who thinks their man would wear the other half?


3. Bae Black Phone Case, $35 

5 "Bae Worthy"  Etsy Finds #Style #phonecase #bae #iphone

If I’m really the bae, my boo would certainly get me one of these Bae Black Phone Cases to remind me of him every time he calls or that he’ll be calling soon. I’m still waiting though…


4. Adjustable Bae Wire Ring, $13

5 "Bae Worthy"  Etsy Finds #Style #jewelry #bae #ring

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with wire rings in the past. Usually because people like to get a word that is entirely too long to put on that tiny ring. But the word bae is perfect! If my bae bought this Adjustable Bae Wired Ring for me, I’d wear it every single day. Wouldn’t you?


5. DNA Bae Berry DNA Semi Matte Lipstick, $8.50

5 "Bae Worthy"  Etsy Finds #Style #lipstick #bae #beauty

DNA’s Bae Berry Semi Matte Lipstick isn’t only just “Bae Worthy”, but it’s a healthy and more cost effective alternative to my usual Mac Cosmetics lipstick purchases. 

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I love a deep purple for a night on the town with the bae. DNA lipsticks are highly pigmented and is loaded with vitamin E and aloe vera to protect those soup coolers of yours. I especially love the other, highly pigmented colors DNA offers like Belize and Vixen

So what do you think of these bae-ish Etsy finds? Have you seen anything else that should be on this list? Drop me a link in the comments!

img courtesy: white velvet 

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