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Herbal Teas That Can Save Your Life? I'll Drink To That! #rhianna

Cheers to the freakin weekeeeeeeeeend! No, not because you’ll be raising your shot glasses in the club. This weekend I want you ladies to raise a different type of glass. I want you to toast to saving your health with a cup of herbal tea! 

Wait! Don’t close that window just yet. I promise, this is a post that you’re going to WANT to read, but you’ll be bookmark too. Promise.

Herbal Teas That Can Save Your Life? I'll Drink To That! #farmersmarket #fresh #herbs #natural

So while all of you lovely ladies are up early this morning (or Sunday morning), perusing your local farmers markets and grocery store for your weekly eats (for those of you who aren’t wailing in bed, recuperating from raising too many glasses last night in the club), make sure that you head to the area with all the fresh dried herbs to use for your tea. 

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Take a stab at these healing herbs:

Herbal Teas That Can Save Your Life? I'll Drink To That!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve suffered from at least one of these ailments above. You’re human right? So picking up a glass of these herbal delights a few times a week wouldn’t do you any harm. Trust and believe.

Wait, I bet your lazy butt is used to dropping a quick pre-made tea bag into your cup, aren’t you? You’re probably just staring at your fresh herbs looking like “DO I JUST THROW IT IN THE WATER, OR WHAT?!?!?” No silly! First you need one of these: 

Finally A Drink That Can Save Your Life? I'll Drink To That!
buy: ((1)) // ((2)) // ((3)) 

Simple huh? Yeah, and you’ll be surprised to know that even though it was very easy to buy and make at home naturally, it tastes far better than the prepackaged teas you’re probably used to buying at the grocery store. Far better! 

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I love me some Rhi Rhi, but I have a feeling what she’s raising her glass and toasting to won’t do much good for your body. Your choice, but either way, I’ll be raising my glass this weekend to some delicious healing herbal teas!

What’s your experience brewing homemade herbal teas? What’s your favorite blend?

source: samantha fitzgerald tumblr + @silkedewulf

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