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Two types of people I love are those who are die-hard for their own personal style and people who love DIY. I literally feed off these folks. I get especially giddy if these two types are somehow fused together. I swear, I see fireworks when they enter my life!

So it won’t be a surprise to learn that when I virtually met Mo of Who Is That Girl Mo?, it was like the 4th of July! Mo has the creative ability to make the androgynous look super HAWT. I can’t get enough of her, so I do what I usually do when I meet people I completely OD over, I share them with you!

So, without further adieu…

So tell me, who is that girl Mo (tee hee)?!?!?!

Mo is me. (tee hee) I’m a wife and mom to a teen son. I’m also a Personal Style blogger and Custom clothing DIYer.  I sew my own pieces of clothing and refashion pieces that I already have. I love to DIY because it’s unique and custom-made for me.

6 Personal Style Tips From A DIY Personal Style Blogger, Tomboy Edition #whosthatgirlmo

My style is constantly evolving and I’m having fun with it. I don’t like to spend a lot of money so I thrift shop when I can, at least once a month. There are always pieces that you can cut down and create an entirely new piece out of.

Tell us more about your signature style and why style has played such a significant role in your life.

My signature style is very versatile. I’m like a mixed bag of chips. I’m into preppy, feminine, edgy, boyish and classic styles. My main tip is you can be comfortable without sacrificing style and for me that means no heels or at least no heels over 2 inches. We all have favorites and my favorite style is the androgynous/tomboy look.

6 Personal Style Tips From A DIY Personal Style Blogger, Tomboy Edition #graphictee

I love longline blazers, oxfords, sneakers and mixing it with feminine pieces like pencil skirts or button ups Style has played a significant role for me because growing up my mother and aunties were/are very stylish and they were always dressed to the nines.My mother wore heels everywhere even to wash laundry. I honestly don’t know how she did it but she did play a big role for me getting into fashion.

Even though I was a tomboy, I didn’t really get into it until maybe my Junior year in HS but my style has always been all over the place.

Your custom DIY posts are what I love most about your blog. You’re so creative! Where do you draw your inspiration for your DIY projects?

Thank you! My inspiration comes from what’s trending at the moment and from Pinterest. I apply what I like and make it my own because Style is what YOU make it!

6 Personal Style Tips From A DIY Personal Style Blogger, Tomboy Edition #whitetee #graphictee #preppy #shirtdress

What was the hardest, but the most fun DIY project that you’ve done?

I would say that all of my projects were hard and fun. They’re hard because I’m always doing something for the first time and only become fun when I’ve completed the project and it turns out great. DIY studded timb_46_whoisthatgirlmo6 Personal Style Tips From A DIY Personal Style Blogger, Tomboy Edition #timberlands #timberlandboots

I would have to say that the studded Timberlands project was the most difficult because I tried so many different ways to get it right and it took about 2 months to complete. I had to put it aside and come back to it with a fresh perspective until I finally figured it out. 6 Personal Style Tips From A DIY Personal Style Blogger, Tomboy Edition #timberlands #timberlandboots


We all know that personal styling is a bit of a science, so share some of your most useful styling tips with us.

Here are 6 personal styling tips that I think are most useful:

  • to know your true size (I’ve been buying the wrong size for a while),
  • be confident in what you wear (a great outfit defeats its purpose if you don’t feel good in it),
  • embrace change (what you thought you would never wear could actually be REALLY flattering on you)
  • know your body shape and what works well for it (most looks are not made for every shape)
  • be comfortable (for me that’s not wearing BAD A** shoes that’s just BAD for your feet) 
  • and of course…Have Fun!

And there it is! Style tips from a certified DIY style specialist. I loved her graphic tee so much, I’ve been drafting the master plan to put it on canvas and use it as artwork above my master bed. She’s so inspiring!

Check out Mo’s DIY personal style tutorials (from pictures above) here:

To learn more about Who Is That Girl Mo, be sure to check out her online boutiques: 

MoMade Stylez // Poshmark

Also, check out her social media profiles: 

Blog // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Tumblr

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