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Simple Ways to Organically Grow Your Social Media Following #BloggerGoodz

GoodLooknOut has reached yet another milestone and has over 1,000 Facebook + Instagram followers and is working it’s way to 2,000 followers on Twitter

For some, you may give this news a “kanye shrug”, but any blogger will tell you honestly, building up an ORGANIC (meaning you didn’t pay for it through some marketing company) social following takes work. A lot of work. 

Here’s what I learned through my social journey: 

1) It’s really not all about you…

Nope, it’s not! Social media is 80% sharing other content + 10% sharing your own content + 10% sharing your own personal story

Why share other people’s content? Well, a lot of reasons. One, it’s a virtual way of saying “hello” to someone. Two, people may get tired of always reading your content. Three, it can give you a break of always having to come up with a super awesome updates! 

2) Engaging with your followers

Yes, actually talk to people you are friends with. Don’t be a ghost follower. Share other users content, just say hello and comment on some of their tweets you find funny or interesting. When they ask question on their timelines. 

When people take the time to comment on your timelines, respond back to their comment. I hate when I post a well thought out comment/question and the person blatantly ignores me. I understand that my comment may have slipped through the cracks, so I will give most at least a 2 out of 3 chance before I IGNORE that user! 

3) Follow users back

You’re not important because you have 10k followers on twitter or Instagram and you only follow 7 people. Not.at.all. It just means that you’re a narcissist. Plus, that’s just RUDE! Sorry, I had to say it. 

4) Single people out

Mmmmm hmmm, I said it, but you may have taken it out of context. I mean,  you should take note of people who frequently retweet you, comment on your Facebook fan page or #repost your content on Instagram. 

Return the favor by taking a few extra moments to see what they have going on on their accounts. Make sure you comment and share too. 

5) Don’t be afraid of hashtags

People search hashtags all day long. Well, I know I do. So use them to your advantage!

However, remember to keep your hashtags at a minimum. I get lost in updates that have a trillion hashtags. Keep it at a maximum of 4 hashtags and make sure the hashtag you choose really speaks to the content of the tweet.

There is nothing worse than someone clicking on a link from a tweet about #chocolate, has their eyes all ready to see some chocolate covered something, and they’re directed to an article about fishing. DO NOT TRY AND DECEIVE FOLKS, PLEASE!

I don’t know about you but being social feels really good. I’m just a few tweets away from becoming verified on twitter (don’t hate) hahahahaha. 

I’m no social media guru. However, I noticed that when I implemented these 5 simple and organic tips in my social media plan, I doubled my following in a matter of months! 

If you’re already implementing these social media strategies, you’re probably on your way up the social media ladder yourself. See you at the top!

If you’re not already following me connect with your big sis NOW!

What are some social media tips that you can add to this conversation? I know there some veteran bloggers out there. I like to think I know everything, but I know there are a million ways to skin a cat (do people even still say this?)! What did I miss? 

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