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5 Spring Beauty Trends That Need To Die Slow

April 24, 2015

When I say “die slow”, I mean the slowest, most agonizing death, ceasing to ever return to life as we know it. As we find ourselves entering into a new season, it’s inevitable to see new beauty trends arise and even resurface. Beauty, how it’s defined, as well as displayed will vary with all, but I can tell you, with certainty, there are a few beauty trends that shouldn’t be worn PERIOD.

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So lets get right into it:

1. White Eye Makeup

First, I’ve been seeing that gawd-awful white mascara trend emerging, having women looking like they just stepped out of a Tim Burton movie. I mean would you really step foot outside your house wearing this mascara? Tell the truth! I’m sure you’re shaking your head NO. Yeah, I thought so.

Secondly, you know that white eyeliner/highlighter that’s been popping up all over fashion week? Hmmmmm, I’m going to pass. Maybe on fair skin tones this trend may look good, but I’m over it all together. Plus, the only WOC (woman of color) that I’ve seen slay this look was Eva Marcille, and even she had to add a little black liner under the white to create some balance. 

2. Bushy Brows

I’m all for thick au natural brows, but there’s a line that must be drawn in the sand at some point. Ladies, you must be clear on when to ditch the bushy brow look and make an appointment with your nearest threader. No, I’m not saying everyone should opt the perfectly sculpted brow look and start reaching for your concealer, but I am saying maintain some type of order in that particular region of your face, geez!

3. Contouring

Everywhere I turn, folks are making video tutorials on how to perfectly contour your face. Ughhhh, I really can’t with this look! Way too much makeup for my taste. This is definitely a look that will go a long way for people on the big screen, but I have NO CLUE why the average around the way girl is looking to mimic this look?!?! NONE. If I had to have more coverage at any point, I’d opt for a natural, “colorless contouring” look.

So, what is colorless contouring? Pati Dubroff, explains to that colorless countering is simply “gentle contour, with shades that are harmonious with the natural skin tone.” Even explaining how to accomplish:

” I use two shades of foundation to give the face dimension. The lighter shade matches the neck—it’s never lighter than that—and goes through the center of the face to open and brighten. The second shade is slightly darker and matches the cheek. This shade frames the perimeter [of the face]. I then use a cream contour in a shade that exists on the skin, like a non-orange freckle shade for pale skin, or something in the bronze family for warmer skin. I use this under the cheekbones and around the jaw line and hairline if needed. This gets blended into foundation; I use a foundation brush to make sure there are no edges. Adding a sheer highlight cream on the tops of the cheekbones adds more dimension, as does cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, which is also important to keeping things natural-looking. Blending and more blending is key.”

4. Full (Matte-ish) Coverage

Don’t get me wrong, the fully covered, matte finish look will always work, but I’m honestly I need something new. Aren’t you? I want to someday get to the point where it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any coverage, hence the reason I’ve been attracted to a more natural, dewy skin texture lately. Besides, enhancing our natural God-given canvas should always be the ultimate goal, right?


Needless to say I switched up the routine and I’ve been using the Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation for my coverage, setting the foundation with Sephora’s MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder and illuminating my face with Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector. Check for me on social media, I’m sure I’ll be posting a selfie sporting this look sometime soon, but just know, this is the look I’m going for here:

Spring Beauty Trend - Natural + Dewey Look

5. Smudged Mascara Look 

Maybe for the runway, for an edgier look. But on these everyday streets, the smudged mascara look must positively die….twice!  I mean really, could you ever?!?!? I’ll stick to regular eyeliner.

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If you’re currently rocking one of these looks this spring and are certain that you’re “poppin” out here in these streets, my bad. This is just a beauty perspective through my [narrow] lens. Hahahaha. Carry on!


Have one you’d like to add/take away from the list?!?!?


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  • April B

    I can’t get with the heavy contouring at all. I was at Mac and the Mua that assisted me was so nice but I couldn’t stop focusing on the harsh obvious contour lines on his nose. It was just too much going on everywhere. I don’t get it at all. I love Cover FX by the way. You just reminded me I’m all out! NYX has a great tinted moisturizer I love using during the summer.

    • Marie Young

      I’ll have to look that NYX tinted moisturizer up! Thanks for commenting and sharing!

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