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5 Lessons On Friendship From Nikki + Bey’s Unexpected Union

May 25, 2015

I’m almost certain that by now you’ve feverishly downloaded the Tidal music streaming music app and have watched Nikki Minaj and Beyonce’s latest music video “Feeling Myself” over and over again. If not, at the very least you’ve watched any and every snippet or gif you could get your li’l fingertips on, to get a peak at this dynamic duo. 

Although I’m no stranger to “feeling myself,” I received a much deeper message from the music video, than simply realizing that I need to find a pair of fresh Doc Martins and a handmade NBA jersey bathing suit. Is anyone else putting any thought into the depth these broads are putting into their on-screen friendship?!?!? Their energy is really something!

Besties or not, “real recognizes real”, in every sense of the meaning! I love it when women embrace each other, even when they’re from seemingly “different” world. It wasn’t long ago that Nikki was thuggin’ in those NY streets and Bey was singing her heart out in her Houston church choir, but the two seamlessly came together and I’ve been here for every minute of it!

Here a few friendship realities that emerged after I stopped “feeling myself” and thought about how Yonce and Nikki really made me feel about my friendships: 


Most chicks immediately start turning their noses up when they encounter another woman who possesses similar levels of pizazz. For the life of me, I cant figure why? Just like scientists will capture and study the unexplainable, you should be doing the exact same when you encounter another baddie. Sometimes you’ve got to learn their science. 

Don’t be a simpleton either and assume that I’m only referring to females who look like they’re winning because of how beautiful they may seem. Gravitate to females who are progressive thinkers, females who are chasing their passions, making their mark in the world. Leave those other broads alone…

5 Lessons On Friendship From Nikki + Bey's Unexpected Union

Bey’s been on the top of the top of her game. Instead of throwing shade at newcomer Nikki, she’s taken her under her wing, exploited their differences and put a few coins in both of their pockets. 


Nikki can “sleep” on her own projects, but I’m sure she knows, messing with the likes of Mrs. Yonce , she has to be on her A-game. Why should it be any different between you and your girls? Some think of it as competition, I think of it as holding your homegirl accountable. Whether personally or professionally, your ace boon should be pushing you to surpass your own expectations. You should be pushing each other. 

If your bestie isn’t your “pusher,” so to speak, she’s either a certified hater or she’s not on your level…


I cannot even think about dealing with a female who always wants to be my bobbsey twin, wanting to do, wear and experience everything as I do. Ohh no, she must go! Who wants to surround themselves with a person who can’t take you out of your own perspective and realm? Nope, not me! Sure, me and my girls have things in common, but they’re creating their own story line. 


quote 1


Just like “real recognize real”, “queens recognize queens”! I have absolutely no problem watching, even helping one of my girls shine. When she wins, I win. Since birds of a feather will always block together, then my girlfriends will always be a reflection of me to some degree.

So, when my girl is getting acknowledged for her good deeds, I’ll be front row. When my bestie’s boo calls me asking me to help him plan his marriage proposal,  I’ll be front and center, doing the work! So what I’m not married and my not ever be! The energy you put into the universe, you most certainly get back…


I’m sorry, but I’ll never hold my girlfriends to some extremely unrealistic standard, that I couldn’t even hold myself to. We’re all human and whatever choices you make for yourself, aside from killing, robbing and being a pervert, I will more than likely not judge you…until you ask my opinion. 

Although Yonce has created an image for herself that doesn’t involve her talking about busting it wide open every five minutes, she’s formed a musical alliance with the not-so-squeaky-clean Nikki Minaj. Bey is certainly no saint, but I can’t lie, in my mind she’s carefully ministering to Minaj, giving her the super star cliff notes and the code of business conduct handbook. Either way, like this dynamic duo, besties must sign that figurative Non Disclosure agreement, with a promise to honor another. 



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  • Charlotte Betts

    Yesss to all of this boo! “queens recognize queens” love this so much!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Thanks for stopping by my love!

  • Karen Curtis

    This is too cute! Real definitely recognizes real!

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      hahahaha yes it does.

  • thebayarean

    Yes girl! #1 and #3. While it’s enjoyable to have like-minded friends, it’s even more refreshing to have friends with their own life, own interests and own personality. Differences allow us to grow and learn from one another.

    • http://www.goodlooknout.com/ Marie Young

      Yes they do! So many people are worried about banding together with folks to be just alike, than exploring what makes everyone unique!