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6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following

July 21, 2015
6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following

Instead of viewing social media as the bloodsucking, waste of time that it most certainly is, I’ve decided to take a more constructive approach to its existence and use it as a source of inspiration. In order for me to accomplish such, this mean I’d have to zero in on people that actually are worth being on my timeline. 

I realized that this attitude shift undoubtedly means that I have to cut [unfollow] all the junk in my timeline. Time to say so long to people trying to sell those silly body wraps, users who ONLY share pictures of their ass, face, or chest and those gawd-awful people pushing those get-rich-quick schemes.

Yep, I try to be apart of the #followback team, but enough is enough. Time is just way too valuable. No sense in letting folks waste what little time we do have left, right?

So here’s a few creative folks you should reserve some space for on your timeline: 


6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following
There’s something to be said about women with green thumbs. Rose gardens, succulents, or palms…I adore it all. To see women gravitating to the natural elements in the world makes me smile. 

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6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following
I’m tired of all the thot-tastic propaganda surfacing on social media lately, appreciating more of the ‘girls who look like me’ aesthetic. The curator (Christina) also infuses flora in her photo sets, but what I love most is the blatant imperfection – as most of her muses faces aren’t fully contoured up or rocking the latest Louboutin’s pumps – in her photos.

Christina blends the afro-urban aesthetic, infrastructure, and natural elements to create urban lifestyle masterpieces. I love the way her mind works…

additional link: website 


6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following
When Kamilah Benjamin travels, she has the ability to find color and form, and infuse an addicting amount of energy into her photos at every destination. If you’re a travel junkie, then you must get to know Miss. Benjamin. She’s my digital reminder to leave no leaf unturned while in your traveling spirit, however making sure to stop and capture the small delights when you can. Benjamin inspires me to make every mile marker count.

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6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following
I can get lost in Alijah Bey’s digital studio, Studio Art 77, all day. The photo set that first caught my attention from Bey was Lake Retba, and it was a slippery slope of good vibes from then on. What it really boils down to: I’m attracted to less perfection and more real. Bey’s creative vision is a reflection of what’s natural, something the media does its best to negate from at all times. Miss Bey, I’m here for it… 

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“Stay uncomfortable,” in Noemie’s words of course.  A statement I can truly stamp. Noemie does well catching those uncomfortable, even vulnerable moments through her photography. She captures reality, and the everyday emotions we tend to go through, all while adding her own creative flare.

My favorites from her collection: The Morning After Series [The Walk Home], identity and just about every candid she’s shot. 

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6 Instagram Users Every Creative Should Be Following

In my previous life I was a hippie, and the life before that, I was a gypsy. The Bazaar Bohemian is my silent reminder to keep living boldly, and as The Bazaar Bohemian subtly puts it, honoring the energies that created me. Bold prints, colors, travel and peaceful energy is what I’m most attracted to, so I have to keep @TheBazaarBohemian in close proximity as a casual reminder to continue living my own truths. 

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feat img courtesy: by afrique

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    Love these accounts! I can’t believe I didn’t know about some of them.

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