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Five Things My Mother Always Said That I Hated, But Needed To Hear!

For the first 20 years of life, most girls think their mom and everything she says is crazy! Moms try their hardest to put us “up on game”, but we fight it. We really do. 

My mom used to say things and I would try my hardest to actively ignore what she was rambling about. I thought she was just OLD. A generation removed from society today. That was, until, little stuff she used to say to me growing up started manifesting themselves as true. 

My mother would always say…

“Just don’t marry an ugly man! God don’t like ugly”

I childishly thought she was telling me to get the cutest guy I could find. So as I began dating, looks were very important to me. 

As reality set in and after kissing a few beautiful frogs, I started realizing what my mother was talking about. Beauty is only skin deep and “the ugly” she always warned me about was the condition of my special someone’s heart.

The devil finds many ways to make a person unattractive. It’s not always in the physical appearance. When you’re ugly on the inside, good GAWD it shows more than that beautiful face of yours.

“You’ve Got To Learn HOW To Politely Curse Folks Out + You Have To Do It Without Raising Your Voice Or Using Curse Words.” 

Although my mom is the sweetest person ever, she is a complete FORCE (come on, where do you think I got it from LOL).  She had a way with people and it shows. She makes Phaedra’s “read” with Kenya Moore look like mere child’s play. 

Don’t be misled, my mothers deep Christian roots prompted her to always defer in troubling situations with others, but she warned me that there would always be those times when you have to politely CHECK folks so that they don’t continue to walk all over you. 

Five Things My Mother Always Said That I Hated, But Needed To Hear!

She encouraged me to cultivate my voice and that a sharp tongue should be used as a tool for your success. Never allow it to become your worst enemy.

“Give it to God.”

I, like most people, tend to think I can handle my life better than anyone. In tough situations my mother hated seeing me being the worry-wart and often guided me to stop trying to manage things that were simply outside of my control.

I still struggle with worry, but every time I start feeling like my life is crumbling, her words are as clear as ever passing through my thoughts. When I allowed life to run its course, HE definitely put things back together without me having to lift a finger.

Five Things My Mother Always Said That I Hated...But Desperately Needed To Hear!

“By The Time You Die, You’ll Be Lucky To Have ONE Good Friend By Your Side.”

Friendship these days is like survival of the fittest. I foolishly thought the friends I grew up with would be the same friends I would grow old with. Now, I see how my relationships with all my girlfriends have changed. As we started to grow up, most of us unfortunately grew apart. 

Mom dukes always reminded me that true friends may seem to drift at times, but they will always be there when you need them most. Whether down the street or across the globe. Friends may not call you everyday or come to every single event that you have, but your true friends always separate themselves from your associates by always being physically + emotionally present when needed.

“The End Is Drawing Near…”

Any child raised in a God-fearing household would more than likely agree with me when I say that  I couldn’t stand hearing this growing up.

In your younger years, life is so fresh and new to you and you want to explore it all. The last thing you want to hear is folks always reminding you that Jesus is on his way back. Sounds bad, but I really did feel this way.

Five Things My Mother Always Said That I Hated...But Desperately Needed To Hear!

As I grew older and became firmer in my faith, I realized the beauty in her warnings. 

I now know that through this constant reminder she wanted me to not only to walk in faith at all times, but she wanted me to appreciate everything, live a full life, cultivate meaningful relationships and maintain a strong personal relationship with God. This life we’re living is only temporary.

Although she said a lot, there’s one thing she SHOWED me that I’ll never forget…

Mona was a woman of many wonderful actions, but there is one example that she set for me that stands out the most. She taught me to always maintain balance within my life.

When life gave my mom lemons, she made some BANGING lemonade. She had fun, she laughed, she worked hard she was able to EXPERIENCE what was real. I love her for that!

I watched my mother work hard to balance love + relationships + family + work + her spirituality + her own personal sanity. While she was simply trying to live the best life she could, all along she was providing me the essential tools I would need to live a happy and successful life. 

Thank you Mona Maria Houston aka MOM and Happy Mothers Day! I love you more than you’d ever know. Thank you for my chance at this thing we call LIFE.

What are some things that your mother said that you hated when you were growing up, but desperately needed to hear?


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