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If you’re anything like me [or the person I used to be], you’ve already started, and regretfully stopped whatever New Years Resolution you THOUGHT you set your mind to this year. You’re not the only one who is, well…let’s face it, human!

For years I didn’t even bother with New Years Resolutions. I always felt defeated at the top of the new year. After years of failed resolution attempts I decided not to make any new resolutions January 1st . I took a stab at tackling my old, uncompleted resolutions, but that didn’t yield much either. 

There’s no ONE way to get and keep your life these days, but committing to your own self is always a good place to start. Besides, New Years Resolutions are no more than a commercial trap to get you to spend more money immediately after spending way too much from the holiday season.

Big business: YOU PLAY TOO MUCH!

Here’s a list of Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2014:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Getting Organized
  3. Spend Less, Save More
  4. Enjoying Life to the Fullest
  5. Staying Fit and Healthy
  6. Learning Something Exciting
  7. Quit Smoking
  8. Helping Others in Their Dreams
  9. Fall In Love
  10. Spending More Time With Family

Here are 43 guides to help get you all the way right this year:


1. The Busy Girl’s Secret Guide to Actually Working Out

2. No More Games | What To Really Do To Get Toned

3. The BAUCE Booty Boost Guide

4. How To Get Started With Your First Aqua Aerobics Class

5. 5 Fitness Promises You Should Keep During the Holidays 

6. Slow Down, Get Yourself Some Sleep, Avoid The Burn Out 


7. The Multi-Hued Beauty’s Beach Guide

8. The Dry-Skinned-Girl’s Guide to Lush / Shea Moisture’s Lemongrass & Ginger Body Scrub

9. 20 Ways to Save Your Skin in Your 20’s

10. A Few Tips For Fighting Aging

11. KL Guide | Standing Out at The Social 


12. The Get to Know You Guide: A Weekly Journaling Project for Resetting & Reclaiming Your Life Before 2015

13. Simple Morning Rituals to Boost Well-Being

14. How other girls are landing corporate jobs and leaving you behind

15. The Modern Girl’s Guide to The First Year of College

16. Inspirational Ted talks Every Woman Should Bookmark

17. The single girl’s guide to being friends with a new wife

18. How Being A Gold Digger Will Get You Closer to Happiness

19. How Leading A Simple Life Will Always Keep You Smiling, I Promise!

20. Inspirational Female Bloggers That Will Help You Navigate Through This Crazy World

21. {Inspiration Dose} Thank You Yonce…

22. How Truthful Can You Be…With Yourself?

23.10 Bad Habits You Have To Dump Before You Turn 30

24. The Sure Proof Guide To “CLEAN UP” The Negativity You Speak + Think

25. Operation #GetYourLife: A “Zen” Checklist For The Modern Woman

26. 6 Conversations to Have With Yourself By the Time You Turn 30


27. Reconnect With Old Friends Using These 4 Ideas

28. Reasons Why It’s Hard For Women To Accept A Compliment

29. It’s Never Too Late To Make Things Right // Girlfriends Edition


30. Beautiful Soundtrack For A Beautiful Life {2}

31. The Freelancer’s Guide to Health Over Wealth: The Not So Pretty Side of Being Your Own Boss

32. Step-By-Step Guide To Organizing Your Blog

33. Mental Sleepiness | Kicking The Unmotivated Lifestyle

34. Career Woes | Practicality Princess vs. Passionate Peasant

35. Getting Started On Etsy: The Crafty Entrepreneur’s Quick Guide to Building a Successful Shop 

36. Top 15 Creative Business Tools I Use As An Infopreneur

37. Workplace Politics

38. 4 Resources for Taking Better Pictures and Writing Really Good Short Stories

39. 5 Things Every Creative Solopreneur Should Have


40. 5 Easy “Stay-Sane” Tips For The Millennial Mommy

41. Five Things My Mother Always Said That I Hated, But Desperately Needed To Hear!

42. Ladies Get Your Vag Snatched Before You’re Set To Deliver + Other Non-Negotiable “Womanly” Courtesies

43. 10 Tips To Keep Mommy Sane When New Baby Gets Home


From the 45% of people who do make New Years Resolutions, a whopping 24% never succeed AND fail in completing their resolutions. Crazy isn’t it?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t push to better your life, I am saying work on yourself all year around. Cramming major lifestyle changes into one month of the year (face it you know you’re apart of that 24% just like me) is a lot of pressure. Too much pressure.

Take this list, peruse and hopefully a few headlines will strike some chords with you. Identify what themes are speaking to you, contemplate it and slowly start implementing some change into your lifestyle. 

I mean, let’s be real, you’re probably NOT going to lose 50 lbs this month and you KNOW that paleo diet you’ve been on is absolutely wrecking your mental. Let’s not even get on that new Brazilian booty that you’ve been talking about. Girl, KNOCK IT OFF!

So what do you say to kicking the DOG MESS [figure of speech – back up PETA] out of 2015?!?!?

What lifestyle changes are you working on this year? Me? Ohhh I’m trying to curb bread. Yes, I’m a “yeast fiend”…



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