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3 Reasons I Don’t Like #MarleyTwists

July 4, 2013
3 Reasons I Don't Like #MarleyTwists

3 Reasons I Don't Like #MarleyTwists

I’ve been seeing Marley Twists buzzing all over the Internet and I LOVE them! I got bored of my curly fro, so I decided to install some Marley twists in my hair and see how I liked them. After putting them in I fell in love with them all over again, because this time they were on ME! I know, I know…a bit narcissistic eh! They reminded me of having locks in my head and I really liked how this looked. However, after wearing them for a week I discovered three things.

Number one, they’re hard to style. They’re so heavy on my head and I needed to find a style that didn’t resemble wearing a mop. Number two, my hair is way too fine for these braids. I found myself re-braiding my hair almost everyday. That is a big NO BUENO for me! Number three, the larger the plats are the looser the braid will be at the root. I’m used to the root being super tight, as with box braids. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get them tighter. <~~~ Don’t be afraid to chime in here ladies!!!!

Here are the four styles that I did manage to come up with though:

3 Reasons I Don't Like #MarleyTwists

Do you like them gals? I really liked them when my hair wasn’t seeping out the braids, but I probably won’t be installing them anytime soon after this round. I just can’t deal with that fuzzy look. I can’t walk around looking like I have bed head everyday.

You know I’m always trying to look out for my #GloGirls (aka YOU) so here are a few resources for how to install Marley twists:

Even as a skilled braider, I found that installing these twists came with a bit of a learning curve. It took me a minute to get the hang of it. But I did after a few tries!

Here are some resources on how to style them too:

If you noticed, this is the style (above referenced video) I posted in my pictures (first picture) above. I got RAVE REVIEWS on this style, but it felt like I was wearing a helmet on my head. LOL.

Did you like your Marley twists once you put them in? Did you experience what I did? If not, what did you experience?

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  • Worried

    The lady who did my hair used wayyy too much gel :(

  • Linda Knight

    Hi. . I just had my hair done in Marley twists for 3 days now. I did this because i am going on vacation and didn’t want to stress over hairstyles everyday. I have had enough of them already and want to remove them! At first it was the dislike on the texture, then it was i can’t do anything with a style. I really thought I would enjoy them and maybe i just need to give it more time. When they are not tied back they are so heavy and unattractive that i have to keep them pulled back. But I’m getting bored with them already! What’s a girl to do?

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  • Laura

    I’m sorry about that, I didn’t know that the pictures would post that big!

    • Marie Young

      No need to be sorry. It’s all love here!

  • Laura

    My hair is very fine as well, and whenever I install my twists I’m re-doing a few every day! I thought I was the only one!
    Have you figured out any tips for keeping them in better? Mine are also loose at the root no matter how many times I tighten and redo just the root. The hair I bought just slides off of mine too easily. :(

    • Marie Young

      Girl, I’ve got NOTHING new to report to you as far as things to use to make our hair stay in the twist longer. I did notice that the smaller the twist the better the long term maintenance (meaning less slippage or “fly aways”).

    • Marie Young

      BTW, you look so cute! Love the pic. Sharing :)

  • Tanya

    The fourth style is nice. Such a good post. I have never worn these braids before but they do look quite thick and heavy.

    • Marie Young

      Thank you Tanya! They weren’t any heavier than regular braids. I would even venture off and say they were a tad bit lighter as, the marley hair is fluffier!

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  • Moe

    I know the old school way of doing twists with synthetic hair is starting off with a very short braid at the root (only braiding it down until the hair is secure, and it isn’t noticeable that it is started with a braid.

    My aunt had her Senegalese twists done that way, and you really couldn’t tell unless you were all in her head.

    • Marie Young

      I just saw a girl yesterday and she did hers that way. It was cute too!!!!

  • Eat.Style.Play

    I finally figured out how to grip my hair with these. I love them but mine have never been that full. It’s interesting to see the pros and cons. I’ve heard they are itchy for a lot of people. I still think they look amazing on your hair, but maybe you have to do something extra for the finer hair. You still look stunning with them.

    • Marie Young

      Ivwant to try mine bigger like yours! I loved your parts too!!!

    • Moe

      I’ve read that if you soak the hair in distilled white vinegar for 20 minutes, it will remove whatever chemical on the hair, that causes the itching.

      • Marie Young

        I read that too. Too lazy to do it though lmbo. Mine weren’t too ichy though.

  • Miss Foodie Fab

    As you know, I love mine. I think you did a great job on your own, for your first time doing them. I loved they look like locs too. I didn’t think I would like them on my, but I loved them. I think cutting them shorter made a difference, too!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you. I loved yours on you too! Girl you are poppin with this style!

  • NaturalHairRules

    Hi Marie,

    I totally get where you’re coming from. My hair is finer in the front so I was re-twisting until I just decided to do large sections in the front. I will probably do my head in large sections for my re-install which could solves the weight problem. Although, I did not find my hair very heavy my suggestion to you is to do less twist. I think that will make the difference.

    Its okay that your aren’t braid tight. Twist are by nature looser which is good for your hair line. You can install with gel or another styling product that will help the twist stay the way you twisted them. Also use a clip to help them stay in place.

    Creating more of a rope twist also helps with loose hair.

    • Marie Young

      Maybe I’m not that experienced of a twister as I thought but the bigger the plat the looser the root of the twist. IDK. Maybe I just need more Marley hair?!?!? I have to keep trying!

  • Dom

    This was helpful and informative. I was all about the Senegalese twists last year, and seriously considered the Marley twists. I’m looking for a braided style but I’m not trying to have the same look as everyone else. After this write up, I’ll def be waiting until I find something with a bit more longevity.

    • Marie Young

      Well it may be different with your hair. Each head has it’s own experiences. Still try them if you really want to!

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