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20 Fun Ways To Rock Faux Locs

April 7, 2015
20 Fun Ways To Rock Faux Locs

Dreadlocks, the natural hair direction my heart is headed, but my fearful mind won’t allow me to go. First, let me say how much hair envy spews out of my pores when I look at the following hashtags: #fauxlocs #locextensions #protectivestyles #dreadlocks.

I get all ahead of myself, searching Youtube for video tutorials, then that broad “fear” starts taking over my mind, and I start asking myself questions like: 

“Do these girls have jobs, because I’m sure some Giuliana Rancic type foggie wrote their COBC Handbook?”

“How badly will I scare off the other moms at my children’s daycare?”

“Will people think I smell like or sell marijuana?”

Then, I slowly put the Marley hair down…

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I know I can’t continue to allow myself be afraid to try new styles because of the threat of potential negative societal opinion, but that’s another blog post for another day. I think I’ll rest in warmer waters with some faux locs until I decide.  

1. Reggae Grey

The #GrannyGrey look isn't widely accepted by generation x, but millennials all over are gravitating to this age old, salt and pepper look. Either way, it looks good to me. I'm rollin'!

source: @SlayedByMelB

2. Ombre 

Pick a color of your choice and go with it. I'd use Marley hair for the extension and use a yarn of your choice for the desired ombre effect. What color would you opt for?

3. Super-Duper Long 

Long always works for extensions. Grab a few extra packs of hair ladies and try this one out!

source: dope liberian girl

4. Shaved (Side)

I didn't think the shaved head trend would last long, but thanks to Cassie, it's hear for much longer than I anticipated. And I must admit, the faux loc installment of the shaved head looks great.

source: beaubianca 

5. Blonde 

For those of you who like to channel you're inner and opt for the blonde look, this would be a great style for you to try too, especially as the weather starts to warm up.

source: @africancreature

6. Half Up, Half Down

Since I've run across The Mind of Mutiny, I've never been let down.  How she managed to accomplish the half up, half down with such large locs behooves me. It's absolutely beautiful on her. 

Source: @themindofmutiny

7. Bantu Knots

This style is actually a bantu knot/mohawk. It's likely that you'd have to wear small or medium sized locs for this style to work, but I've been proven wrong before. What do you think? Isn't it cute?!?!?! I'd probably rock this during a workout or somewhere I feel comfortable being a bit more on the playful side. 

8. Classic Updo

The updo is a classic for a reason. An updo has proved to work on any hair type, including real and faux locs. I'd assume that wearing faux locs would be heavier most styles, so there will be those days you need those locs off your back!

9. Rhianna Red

This look was likely accomplished via yarn, but I appreciate that with the bold, statement color this beauty decided to rock smaller locs. Her curls are perfection!

source: @krishtun

10. Loc Mohawk

Another classic edgy look, the mohawk connects your edgy state of mind with a hairstyle that is sure to turn heads. I know I keep staring. Are you bold enough to rock this?

11. Spiral Curls

I love when I see someone with curled dread locs, I'm not sure why I didn't think it wouldn't be the same with faux locs. Then, she had the nerve to add a streak of color in there...LAWD! Looks great!


12. Bottoms Off

First, let me start off by saying I haven't seen someone rock the bottoms off hair style since the mid '90s. Back then, they just shaved the it off, now folks are getting bold with the designs. So cute!

source: @mary_jiwana

13. Pastel

Pick a pastel and go hard for spring. Lavendar is a risky choice, but homegirl succeeded for sure!

14. Chunky 

It seems like the chunkier the loc extensions are, the more natural they look. No, not the neatest looks, but I like it. 

15. Jumbo

The larger the better. Not sure if you were a smaller frame or stature that this would look any better or worse, but it's worth a try I would say.

source: @stacyomoyoruba

16. Top Knot

I'm digging how her bun looks like a perfectly wrapped present. The locs aren't perfectly straight and are even curling up towards the end. Genius! Her top knot bun looks fantastic. Let me not forget to mention them eyebrows are most definitely #OnFleek too!

17. The Bob 

The classic bob reigns victor in yet another hair style. No matter what, a Bob is going to take your hair to the next level. Maybe it's the glare of this photo, but I'm envisioning these in reggae grey too. 

source: @chefyumlove

18. Tiny Locs

Smaller size locs give your locs, real or faux, creative a beautiful aesthetic. This dainty look is worthy of replicating any day!

source: smiles make my day

19. Pixy Cut

The shortest I've ever seen locs has been Bob length, so to see this rebel rocking this faux loc pixy cut was interesting to say the least. Not sure if I'm bold enough to take it there, but I know one of you reading will be. 

source: godly by air

20. Perfectly Neat

Some go for the au natural look with their twists, locs and braids, however some prefer a more "refined" [used loosely] loc extension. Either way,  to each it's own. "Perfectly Neat" will always be a look desired by many...

source: sistagirlswithcurls

Which is your favorite faux loc style? 

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