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100 Black Fashion and Style Bloggers Paving The Way

March 13, 2014
100 Black Fashion and Style Bloggers Paving The Way

Let’s just lay the cards right on the table ladies. Brown bloggers get no internet love these days. I sure did say it! There are your occasional tidbits featuring bloggers of color in Essence and Lucky Fabb, but listen, black bloggers need more exposure. Point. Blank. Period.

I’ve created this post to help my beautiful brown stylista’s, providing them with an alternative platform to be who they are, which is GREAT.

Allow this list to serve as a quick and easy guide for you to have the best brown style and fashion bloggers the blogosphere has to offer right at your fingertips! So get to BOOKMARKING folks!

100 Black Fashion and Style Bloggers Paving The Way A – F 

A Fraction of Fashion (beauty and inspiration)
A Sassy Woman
 (fashion, health, beauty)

Baby Shopaholic (beauty, fashion, parenting) 
Bambies Armoire (beauty, decor, edibles)
Be Loud Be You
Black White Frames (fashion and beauty)

Cha Cha The Fashion Genius
Chanel Wears
Channing In The City (beauty and personal style)
Chioma’s Evolution of Style 
Closet Fix
Comme Coco
Consider Me Lovely (beauty, inspiration, DIY)
Curves and Confidence 

Diamond Janae
Diaries of a Wanna Be Rich Kid
Diary of a Chic Mommy (fashion and kids fashion) 

Eat Style Play (fashion, foodie, health)
Economy of Style (fashion and bargain shopping)
Emijaa Jaeemil 

Fab Ellis (fashion and beauty)
Faith Family Fashion
Fashion and Fun After Fifty (foodie and events)
Fashion Du Jour (inspiration and beauty)
Fashion Was Here (foodie and lifestyle)
Follow Me In 5 Inch Heels
From The Rez to The City (inspiration)
Frugal, Flirty and Fab
Frugal-Nomics (DIY, beauty, inspiration, thrifting)

G – L

Gabi Fresh (health and beauty)
Garner Style (fatshion, beauty, travel)
Girls Off Fifth 
Glamazons (baby, lifestyle, beauty, travel)
Glasses and Glitter (beauty, inspiration, techie)
God’s Favorite Shoes
Grown and Curvy Woman 

Heart. Print. Style.

100 Black Fashion and Style Bloggers Paving The Way

Inny Vinny 
Irony of Ashi
Island Chic 77 
It’s My Taste (beauty and foodie)
Ivory Jinelle

J’Adore Fashion 
Jazzi mcg
Joy and Sunshine Blog (foodie, lifestyle and events)
Joy Loves Fashion
Jeimy’s Fashion Love Affair 
Joy Loves Fashion
Just Patience

Kela’s Kloset 
Kendra’s Closet Confections (travel and recipes)
Kenya L Fashion 
Kimberly Luxe (beauty and lifestyle) 

Ladi Like (beauty and hair)
Le Glam Princess of Curves
Lifestyle of the Thrifty and Shameless
Lipgloss and Binky (beauty, family, photograhy)
Lisa A La Mode (motherhood, beauty, fashion)
Looking Fly on a Dime (thrifting)
Love Brown Sugar (beauty and lifestyle)

M – R 

Major Must Haves (diy and inspiration)
Mama Fashion Files 

Marley Simone
Meek n’ Mild (beauty, inspiration, diy)
Milk N Honee (foodie and motherhood)
Minister of Style 
Miss Foodie Fab
Miss Lucy’s Blog
Miss Kris Turner (beauty, lifestyle, diy)
Moy’s Fashion Life: Classic & Chic 

100 Black Fashion and Style Bloggers Paving The Way

Naja Diamond
Naturally Fashionable
No Luxe Lost (beauty and lifestyle)

Oh Nikka (events, art, entertainment, beauty)
Omo Writes
One Woman’s Style (food, books, tech, beauty)

Personal Bravery 
Pretty Pink Living (lifestyle and entertainment)

River City Chic 
Rhymes With Fashion 

S – Z 

Shoe Closzet (shoes)
Skinny HIpster
Style Is She
Style is Style
Style Pantry (beauty, lifestyle, men)
Stylish Thought

The Curvy Fashionista (lifestyle, celebrity, beauty, hair)
The Fashionista Next Door 
The Lipstick Giraffe

The Style and Beauty Doctor (fitness, travel, beauty)
To B Natural (beauty, hair, interviews)
Trendy Cheapo (beauty and personal finance)

Versicolor Closet (inspiration and shopping guides)
Vintage Virgin

What’s More Important Than Fashion?
Where Did U Get That
Who is That Girl Mo? (diy and inspiration)
Whitney Nic James (lifestyle, events, entertainment, thrifting, healthy living)

Your Stylist Karen 

Zelden + Festus 

After you’ve checked out all these lovely ladies, be sure to follow them, comment on their posts and share them on all your social media networks. Increase awareness that black fashion and style does exist and YES, it is POPPIN!

Special thanks to all these lovely ladies for paving the way for fashion lovers everywhere. WE SEE YOU!

Your blog not listed? Your favorite blog not listed? Tell me by CLICKING HERE. There’s always room for PART TWO!

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  • Q

    I literally googled ‘black bloggers’ and found you!!! I wanted an audience that could totally identify with my blog and me with theirs………. its a really good list, thanks for posting!!….perhaps next time
    my blog would be part of it?…. x

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for sharing your link. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you! I’m checking your link now!

  • kimair

    hi marie! i found this blog via another blog and this list is wonderful! i would love for you to consider my blog for the next list, it’s called j’adore couture and the address is thank you for putting this together!!

    • Marie Young

      No problem! Thanks for sharing your link :)

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    Thank you so much for this post! As a new black style blogger myself I have found it very alarming as to how difficult it is to find other black bloggers. It sadly seems to reflect the lack of blacks in the overall fashion industry :/ Please check out my blog as well!

    • Marie Young

      I sure will. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We WILL change that though. We just need to all be on one accord with this mission!

  • jenaidominique

    How can one be featured on the list. I am a stylist and fashion blogger. Check out my blog!

    • Marie Young

      Well part duex is coming real soon. Thanks for sharing your link for my next round! #StayTuned!

  • ThomaFplan

    Glad I found your blog today! I intend on visiting everyone on this list. I agree, we get very little love! Also, black bloggers are kind of hard to find. Glad to have a list now! Hope you stop by my blog too if you can!

    • Marie Young

      I’m happy to connect! You know the link you left was to purchase a movie on Amazon. Mistake????

  • Kimberly ☥

    Thanks so much for featuring me Marie! You always know how to rock my socks! I think is totally bookmark worthy! Love her style + grace =)!

    • Marie Young

      Ohhh, thanks for sharing Kimberly! YOu know you’ve been my ultimate ACE since day one! xoxo call you soon!

  • garnerstyle

    Thank you for including me!!!

    • Marie Young

      You’re very welcome!

  • Robin Hardeman

    Awesome list! Finding some great bloggers! Would love to be on list two!

    • Marie Young

      Thx for sharing. I’m bookmarking you now!

  • Damalia Jewels

    You are such an inspiration to myself and so many others I see by reading the beautiful comments here! I am in awe of the movement you are creating! I would love for you to be a guest feature on the blog I am starting on my website Although I am the owner of a jewelry and accessories company I am branding my company to be known for uplifting young women and inspiring them while allowing them to look good as well. You are such a breath of fresh air. My email address is! Look forward to speaking with you soon!

    • Marie Young

      I will definitely email you! Thanks for reaching out and stopping by! :)

  • Queen in Heels

    Lisa a la Mode has said it all. I do a blogger spotlight however, it is open to all races but, I definitely want to support women of color (yes, I am brown as well). My project for the day is to go through this entire list one blogger at a time.

    • Marie Young

      I hope you’ve made some connections!

  • Antionette Blake

    Congrats to all!

    • Marie Young

      Thanks girl!

  • Tyshia Shante

    Yay! This is amazing! Absolutely love it and the support you give to brown bloggers! I have some blog loving to do ;). Thanks love! <3

    • Marie Young

      Hahahah, RIGHT!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • tiffanyima

    Glad I found your blog today! I intend on visiting everyone on this list. I agree, we get very little love! Also, black bloggers are kind of hard to find. Glad to have a list now! Hope you stop by my blog too if you can!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

    • Marie Young

      I sure will! Thanks for sharing your links too!

  • ivoryjinelle

    I am honored! It’s amazing to see that ppl outside of your friends notice the blog. Thank you!

    • Marie Young

      Ohh yes, ME NOTICE!

  • ZFSowho

    Thank You so much for featuring my blog, amongst all these fabulous brown bloggers!! I am definitely honoured!!! Def

    • Marie Young

      YW! Thanks for stopping by too!

  • Charnele Michel

    Wow! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I am so honored and blessed to be among such lovely brown blogger gals :)

    • Marie Young

      You are so very welcome! Great connecting with you too!

  • ClosetConfections

    Awww… thanks so much for the love. Looks like I have a bunch of new blogs to add to my reader!

    • Marie Young

      Yes, make sure you show some blogger love as much as you can!

  • Natasha B

    Great list. Glad that someone is taken notice of all of the fabulous brown fashionistas out here. Peace, Love & Blessings.
    Natasha B|Fashionably Fabulous

    • Marie Young

      :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Style4Curves

    Oh and my favorite blogger Brittany of she is amazing!

    • Marie Young

      I hope you’ve nominated her on my FB fanpage. You can win some $$$$

  • Style4Curves

    Great list!!!! Check out my plus size fashion blog at

    • Marie Young

      Sure will!

  • Reiko (GFS)

    Thank you so much for including God’s Favorite Shoes! I am honored! And I am in such great company. We so needed this list!

    • Marie Young

      Yes, I can’t WAIT for part 2!

  • Lynn

    This is simply AWESOMENESS!!!! Some of my FAVES… Thanks for sharing!

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for stopping by mamas!

  • Aracely

    Thank you so much for including me on this list! I’m so honored to be among such fab bloggers. I will certainly check them all out.

    • Marie Young

      Great! Let’s show our beautiful brown sista’s some LOVE!

  • shay Lyn

    Thank you SO much for featuring on this list! I can’t wait to sit down this weekend and explore the rest of the roundup!!!

    • Marie Young

      Enjoy!!!!! Don’t be a stranger!

  • Looking Fly on a Dime

    Thanks so much for the mention and congrats to the other ladies on the list (I’m in some great company!)

    • Marie Young

      Yes, you surely are!

  • Alisha

    Love this list! One of my favs is Jana’s of Naturally Curly Kinky. She always looks awesome! I’ll have to check out this list and see if I can find someone that is not petite, not quite plus and 5’2″! LOL I’m stuck right smack dab in the middle…hahaha

    • Marie Young

      Thanks for sharing. Make sure you leave your nominations for part two on the FB fan page so you can enter for a chance to win some $$$$

  • Trisha

    Would love to see on this list.

    • Marie Young

      Ohhh, I think I’ve heard of this one. Will be adding to part two!

  • Rocquelle P.

    Whoa!!! I’m on this list!! What an honor to read my name and see my picture among these amazing ladies!! This list is so necessary. Thank you for taking the time culminate this list! (On another note, do I still owe you an interview…my memory is horrible).

    • Marie Young

      Hahahahah it’s quite alright! I was going to send you a friendly reminder. This thing called LIFE is no joke! No worries!

      • Rocquelle P.

        Yes! Please do send me a friendly reminder, because my memory is a mess! Lol I need to get an intern or something. Thank you again for including me on this list!
        Rocquelle P.

        Clutch Cover Creator/Designer
        Clutched & Covered

        Style Inspirer/Creator
        Consider Me Lovely

        Please pardon grammatical errors and/or brevity…sent from my iPhone

        • Marie Young

          I sure will!

  • L.

    Great list. I’m ALWAYS looking for more black fashion bloggers to follow. Now I’m going to have to spend the remainder of the week checking out everyone’s blogs! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Marie Young

      GOOD! I hope you enjoy all the girls blog! You will find your name on a few future lists on the blog too. I’m taking this whole #blackexcellence thing to the next level!

  • thebayarean

    Really loving this list! I see all of my fave bloggers above. Good work!

    • Marie Young

      Thanks mama!

  • Baby Shopaholic

    Thanks for including me in this list! I plan on visiting every site!

    • Marie Young

      Good! I hope you get some good hits from this posts to your page too!

  • chelsea

    Very inspiring list! It’s great to see so many fashionistas doing what they love! Looks like I have a lot of blogs to catch up on! If you are still doing part 2 of this list, I would love to be considered.

    • Marie Young

      Yes I am! Please go to the FB fanpage and nominate yourself for a chance to win $25!

      • chelsea

        Done! Thanks for the opportunity!

        • Marie Young

          You’re MORE than welcome!

  • Vivi N

    Came back to add ‘Amarachi Ukachu’ to the list.

    • Marie Young

      Nominate her on the FB page too. Get a chance to win $25!

  • Alisha B.

    This is a great list! I had no idea there were this many!! I cant wait to go through it and check out their blogs

    • Marie Young

      Good, good! I hope you enjoy yourself! Thanks for stopping by!

  • StylePoise

    This was a great list! Some of the ladies I already follow and others, I never heard of. Thanks for compiling such a great list! I def. have bookmarked it, to catch up on some weekend reading :-) I would love to be included on part II of this list. :-)

    • Marie Young

      Yasssss! Don’t you just love blog reading on the weekends?!?!? I get such a high off of it!

  • Taliah

    Thanks a bunch for including my blog on the list! This is great for our community and it shows a great sense of support. I have already started checking out some of the other fab ladies! Love your site too! You ROCK girl! :)

    • Marie Young

      I agree with you. I love blasting the work of great bloggers on my site. I absolutely adore you all!

  • FabEllis

    Wow! Thank you so much! I was looking through the list and didn’t expect to see my name at all. I appreciate you Simona! Love this entire list! I see some of my favorites and new ones to look at!

    • Marie Young

      Awww, I appreciate you too @FabEllis. I hate I didn’t get the chance to see you last summer when I was in your hood, but I’ll be back!

  • SupersizemyFashion

    Great list! So many blogs and so little time! Since you asked for more names, I’m currently missing some of my favorite blogs like Beauticurve, Stylish Curves and Everything Curvy and Chic to name a few. I would also love to be added to the list, my blog: Supersize My Fashion Thanks a lot!

    • Marie Young

      Ohhhhhhhhh, thanks girl! Thanks for sharing. Be sure to head on over to the FB fan page and nominate each girl SEPERATELY for a chance to win some $$$$. The more entries the more chances you will win!

  • S. Em Martin

    Hey can I be added! :-)

    • Marie Young

      You sure can! You can be added and you can win some $$ by adding your link to the FB fan page!

  • Tori | Glasses and Glitter

    Great list. You have been working so hard and it shows. We appreciate this!

    • Marie Young

      Thank you so much. Feels good to hear that!

  • Karen Curtis

    Muah! Going to spend my evening going through the list and adding folks to my Bloglovin’. I shared on Twitter as well and will keep pumping it. Thanks for putting me on the list. Also, check out Mama Fashion Files.

    • Marie Young

      Ohhh, another link for my part two list. Thanks for sharing. You KNOW I had to put you on the list. The list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t!

    • Aracely

      Thanks for the love Karen!! :)

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    I can’t thank you enough for this. BOOKMARKING cause I want my spring to be stylish and beautiful!

    • Marie Young

      Yasssss, I need my spring to be all the way OG too! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kurves

    As usual Big Sis Lookin’ Out for Us! Thanks for this list and I will take some time this weekend to visit all those that I have not met yet. Thanks Dear.

    • Marie Young

      Good! Definitely adding you to part duex too.

  • Dionna

    This list is awesome, some of my favorite fellow blogger boos are on here! And we just don’t get enough play! I thought I’d share my style blog with you, even if there’s isn’t a part two:-) Thanks for pulling this list together!

    • Marie Young

      NO we do NOT get enough play and yall work HARD. Always staying ON, picture taking, blogging and keep up with the latest trends and making new ones. Thats hard work!

      • Dionna

        It is hard work & esp when you’re starting out support is so needed. That’s why I love this post- thank you! xo

  • Carmesha

    Thanks for including lil’ old me :) This is an AMAZING list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together, I’m bookmarking now!

    • Marie Young

      Great! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kim Jackson

    Fabulous list, Marie! Who’s gonna support us if not us?! xx

    • Marie Young

      RIGHTTTTTTT?!?!?!? We need to be SEEN!

  • Sheila

    Please check out my blog Thanks!

    • Marie Young

      Sure will!

  • afroniquely | shae

    Fantabulous round up listing Marie!! My many new blogs to add to my links list now! Thank you sis!! I am also looking to do a linky-party type posting, and I really hope you’d get to connect. I agree in the black hemisphere it’s so limited the shout outs and attention, and we all have to change that!

    • Marie Young

      Add them ALL too! I think a linky party wold be great. Let me know how I can help!

  • Monique

    Thanks for sharing this list! I don’t follow enough brown bloggers because I don’t know about them! :-) Thanks for adding me to the list as well.

    Who is that girl Mo?

    • Marie Young

      Well BAM! You know em all now! I hope this list will always be useful to you!

  • Charlotte Betts

    This is great! I’m excited to read the blogs listed! I’m so humbled to be part of such a great list! You should check out one of my faves!

    • Marie Young

      She is EVERYTHING! I just looked at her link. I will add her to part two!

  • Lisa a la Mode

    This is soooooo awesome of you!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much this meant to me! And trust me when I i HEAR YOU re: the we get NO LOVE!! I’ve been meaning to start a weekly segment featuring black style and beauty bloggers on my blog and you just gave me the inspiration to get off my a$$ and do it!! Hope you’ll be my first feature! Also, black bloggers need to do more linkups! I see many of my blonde and beautiful bloggers doing these massive linkups weekly, but we don’t seem to do the same. anyhoo, thanks a million and off i go to sub these blogs! xoxo,

    • Marie Young

      Nope, no love. We’ve got to change that. I thinking of more ways to get all y’all linked up so stay tuned!!!

  • Cherrie J.

    I’m a reader of many of these ladies blogs! They are awesome! I hope to make the list next time! Thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa a la Mode

      yes!! this blog is great and has a great segment called “dark skin girls rock”!! she’s a part 2 must!

      • Cherrie J.

        Thanks so much doll for the love!!! I appreciate it xoxo :)

    • Marie Young

      You sure will make the list. Stay tuned!

      • Cherrie J.

        Thank you!! Im so excited!

  • Khadijah Red

    Yes! I would love for you to check out my blog called Fab Finds in a Beat! The site is: Would love to hear what you you think!

    • Marie Young

      I sure will! I will be sure to add to you to the part two list for sure. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger!

  • Marie Young

    Hahahah yes, support all these lovely ladies! I’m going all out sharing every blogger & business woman of color on the site. You’re up next too!

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