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Mexican Food

I brought in my 30th birthday, a few weeks ago, in a small town in Mexico. It was quiet and impactful. 29 proved to be the most challenging year of my life, so a quiet weekend doing whatever hell I wanted to do was not only a treat, but a requirement to preserve my sanity. We’ve all been there, I’m sure you could tell me all about it.

Nice view, huh? 


For most of us, at 30, you’re settling in to what you know to be your life, and that ish is scary, isn’t it?  After paying all your bills, wiping baby asses all day (and then your own) and dealing with all those “despicable me’s” in the workplace, people simply don’t have time for, in the famous words of Mr. West, “all the jazz”.

If you’re entering into your 30’s, here’s a list of things to work on before you hit the big 3-0. If you’ve already made it, then take a deep breathe, pull out your journal and get your mind prepared for some soul searching and self examination!

1. Body Shaming All The Time

By now you should love the beautifulness God (or your plastic surgeon) blessed you with. A lil over weight? Who cares. Eyes spread too far apart on your face? You better be loving it by now. 

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2. Overspending + Overdrafting

If you’re not a bizzillionaire by now, chances are you won’t ever won’t be. However, a thousand-aire may not be out the question. The point is, if you haven’t started to live within your means by now, girrrrrrrl…slowly put down the Gucci purse, you already know that check isn’t going to clear.

3. Being “The Selfie Addict”

If you’re a follower of GLO, you KNOW I’m not any stranger to a good ol’ selfie, but there is a certain point I have to draw that imaginary line in the sand. That point is when I look at a persons timeline and all I see is picture after picture of your face with 52 versions of a duck lips. Uh unhh, not ok. 


Start showing the world more of your beautiful personality, instead of your beautiful face. I’m not saying to stop it all together, after all, I think we ALL must provide the world with an occasional SERVE. 

4. Not Chasing Your Dreams

By the time you hit the big 3-0, one of the following three things will more than likely be happening in your life:

1. Either you’ve hit the glass corporate ceiling
2. You’ve been thrown out on your bum (fired or laid off)
3. Or you’re just bored as hell at your job. 

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So, in a nutshell, why waste your time and efforts doing a job, day in and day out, that isn’t personally fulfilling. I’m not saying go out and quit your 9-5, but I am saying that it would be beneficial to take some time out and determine what your passions are and how to start engaging in them.  

5. Eating Like You’re Still 19

Those frequent trips to McDonalds should have ceased by now and you should be getting used to the whole “pooping after every meal” concept. If it takes you a week to do a #2, there’s a real life problem.

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Eat to live and start putting more thought into what you put into your body. Up your water, vegetable and fruit intake and put down the fried food boo.

6. Not Having A Dentist On Payroll

My dad used to always remind me that “a nice smile will take you a long way in life.” Although I partially feel his comments were tinged with just a bit of misogyny, the old man wasn’t too far off. The first things people see is your smile, so it’s important to do all that you can to maintain proper oral care. 

It’s not just about the beauty of some pearly whites either. The condition of your teeth and your mouth can also effect the quality of your life too. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies suggest that oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with periodontitis (severe gum disease) play a role in some diseases, such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Improper oral care can also lower the body’s resistance to infection, making oral health problems more severe. Please make it a point to always schedule your dentist appointments. 

7. Fighting With Your Man’s Other Boo

If she’s got him, he wasn’t yours in the first place. Do your ex (well he better be by now), and his new boo a favor and let them live in peace…


8. The Bouncer Knows You By First Name

I get sleepy just thinking about getting all dressed up to go to the club. Now, when I get a few extra moments to myself, I mostly want to do something more productive than popping bottles. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then it’s fun to occasionally cut a rug and turn up, but the club mostly gets on my last nerve. 

9. Having No Desire To See Other Zip Codes

It really bothers me when I meet people who’ve lived in he same city their whole lives and have barely been out the county or the state. When circumstances is what’s preventing someone traveling more, my side eye isn’t as cut throat, but when it’s intentional, I worry. 

Traveling is more than just getting your vacation and changing up your scenery, it cultures you as an individual.

Travel is one of the great teachers of life. You learn how small your world really is, compared to the life outside of it. It teaches you tolerance, compassion and gratefulness. Go forth, please…  

10. Submitting Yourself, To Yourself!

We go through life preparing ourselves to submit to someone else, in a relationship, but we forget all about ourselves in the process.

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It may sound a bit narcissistic, but I’m the most important person in my life (next to God of course). If I’m not happy, no one in my life will be, so I put a lot of emphasis on knowing my inner workings and doing what I have to do keep me in a happy place.

What’s funny, it’s easier to keep others happier than it is to keep myself. I’m up for task though, are you?

What are some bad habits that you either had to dump at 30 or plan to dump by your 30th birthday?


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